How To Write Attention-Grabbing Ads That Compel Prospects To Click ( Part 1 )

Compelling adsYou can sum up everything that you do as an internet marketer in 3 words – Writing Compelling Ads. If you want to drive a lot of traffic to your websites, to your offers and marketing funnels, you need to become very good at advertising and copywriting.

We live in over communicated, over saturated, over anxious society and we can’t afford anymore to get our advertising wrong. You only have a very brief moment to GRAB YOUR PROSPECTS’ ATTENTION and compel them to click on your link, because there are so many things that are competing for their attention.  

To get more customers you must write compelling ads. Your ad is the first thing that your prospects see, hear and experience before they get to know, like and trust you. They don’t know yet who you are, if they can trust you and what solutions you have. So this first point of contact with your brand is very crucial.

Getting really good at writing compelling ads will reduce your cost per click and increase your ROI on advertising cost.

Let me give you an example. If you’re marketing on Facebook you have a couple of seconds to grab their attention when they are scrolling their newsfeed to check their friends updates. If you put up a banner on a high trafficked website it competes for attention with million different things. Even on video you have 1 to 2 minutes before your viewers start to zone out.

You need to be very pricise in your words and get to the heart of what matters to your prospects quickly so that when they see your ad, they will immediately feel that it speaks directly to them and that you have the exact solution that they want.

If you break down the skills required to write compelling ads, you need to be very good at:

1) Identifying the emotional hot buttons of your prospects

2) Crafting headlines that turn those emotional hot buttons

3) Turning those into ads and content that compel people to act

4) Desiging those ads so that they draw the eye and capture attention

5) Getting those ads published in various marketing channels at as low cost as possible.  

To start the process of writing compelling ads you need first to know your customer, get into his shoes, imagine what it’s like to be in his place. What are his fears, what frustrates him the most, what pisses him off, what is he worrying about, what are his biggest problems, and on the positive side what does he want, what drives him. By the way it’s been proven that we usually are driven to get away from pain twice as much as to gain what we want.

I know that my customers are afraid to continue working at dead-end low paying jobs, to miss out on life, to not become the best they can be, do and have in life. They are afraid to not pay off the debt, to never be there to see their kids grow. They are frustrated that they bought into many different programs and courses, and haven’t earned any significant amount of money, everybody thinks that they are crazy and they are pissed off at being overpromised and underdelivered. They are worried that this life of limited options will never end. They want freedom in any way, they want to spend more time with their loved ones, to travel and to spend money however they want.

Specificity is the #1 most important rule in advertising     

Specific, concrete, tangible, measurable things grab our attention and motivate us much more than the intangibles and the abstract ideas. Hang in there, I’m going to explain one of the most imprortant principles in advertising.

The more abstract the words that you use in your advertising, the less likely it is that your visitors will understand what you’re talking about, what you mean and there is going to be a disconnect.

I’ll give you an example. If I say “let’s eat bananas” you know exactly what I’m talking about. If I say “let’s eat some fruit” you kind of get what I mean but you can think about oranges, dates and apples and I might think about mangos and grapes. There is some disconnect here because the word FRUIT is more abstract than the word BANANA. Now if somebody says to you in Africa “let’s eat some food” – you can think about your favourite dish and this person might be thinking about eating dried termites. You see the disconnect?

When people write “MAKE MORE MONEY” – it’s a VERY abstract idea. How much is it more money – $5, $50, $1000? Instead if you write “make $21,394 in a month deposited into your banck account” it’s much more specific and compelling. 

Here is another example – “lose weight” – Abstract. “lose 7 pounds of belly fat in 10 days” – concrete, tangible, measurable, specific. 

That’s why specific numbers in your ads work so well – 7 steps, 3-part formula, 10-page eBook, 44 minute interview, 54 leads per day from Facebook.

When writing your ads you want to be as much specific as possible about what do they get, what is the solution, how it will benefit them.

Think about what your prospects really want, what drives them, how would they know if they really got it, and then write about it in your ads in a way that they will conjure up a tangible image in their mind and they will instantly understand that it’s for them.

Most likely the solution that you have and that they really need is complex, it involves many steps, it has a new lingo and vocabulary attached to it with abstract ideas, it has some sort of transformational work  going on, BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT YOUR PROSPECTS NEED TO HEAR IN YOUR ADS!

They are in pain, they are looking for a solution badly, they are focused on their end results and the benefits of it all, they want concrete, tangible results right now. As I say in internet marketing people want to have “easy fast money now”. Unfortunately it doesn’t work this way, but you can tell about it later to your prospects. You need to draw them in first. 

Give them as close to the quick fix solution as possible, real world tangible result that they need right now. People are looking for the magic pill, the magic solution that will solve their problems, so give it to them.

Most people are not as sophisticated as you are, they don’t know what they don’t know. You need to communicate with them in a way that there could be no misunderstanding, YOU HAVE WHAT THEY WANT.

Talk about the tangible benefits, the hidden benefits, the benefits within benefits, use compeling power words, be specific, invoke as much curiosity as possible, and once you get them to your website, to your funnel, you get their attention and you can have more time to communicate to them what they really need to succeed and develop relationships of trust and authority with them.

This is just the beginning. I’m going to dive much deep into this so important topic in the next post. 

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