Why Webinars Is The Best Way To Market Your Business Online And How To Run Your Entire Business On Autopilot With Webinars

If you are not running webinars to promote your business you are missing the holy grail of online marketing. All of the successful online entrepreneurs and business I know of, and I mean ALL of them are doing webinars. In this post I’ll share with you WHY webinars is really the superior way to build your online business and how you can create a real LIFESTYLE business and automate 90% of the things with just focusing on webinars. 
A lot of internet marketers believe that in order to succeed online you need to have a complicated funnel in place. I’m talking about a landing page with a FREEMIUM giveaway like a Free report or video series, than you need to have a sales page with a low cost product for $7 to acquire customers, then another sales page with $47 product and another sales page with $497, $997, high ticket, upsells, downsells, etc. 
Well there is a place for funnels like these, especially when YOU don’t need to create them, as you can be an affiliate of a system that does the selling for you. However what is the problem with this? 
It takes forever to build a funnel like this and if it flops you are screwed! You need to have a really good copy on every page.
But the biggest problem is that you are not building trust and your brand. You are not really educating people.  All you are doing is selling and pitching and coming across as sleazy salesperson! 
Ohh yeah, you can be sophisticated and have a short BRIDGE PAGE with a video where you pre-frame the sales video on the next page.  
But that’s NOT building a following. That doesn’t create loyal followers for you. 
Here is the thing, when those sales videos are playing, people feel TRAPPED. They don’t know if it’s going to be a 20 minute video or an hour long video. They can’t fast forward. They know it’s a sales video, most people don’t like to be watching a sales video (I’m an exception, I love to watch a sales video most of the time), they don’t like to be sold to. 

DIS #313 – Why Webinars Is The Best Way To Market Your Business Online


Why Webinars Are The Best Way To Market Online

1. They Are The Best Way To Build A List 

What’s even better then having a FREEMIUM like a PDF report or video series to collect email addresses? It’s having people to REGISTER for your upcoming webinar. 
What you promise to teach them on the webinar IS your FREEMIUM, did you catch that? The cool thing is with the technology available today, you can turn your webinar into an EVERGREEN webinar and funnel working for you 24/7. 
People see you instantly as an authority on the topic because you are doing a LIVE event, and people place much more VALUE on live events, than on canned information, because they can actually engage and interact with you! 

2. They Have The Highest Conversion % Of Any Other Sales Medium

Because you are showing up LIVE and engaging with people, the conversions of your webinars will always trump any sales video. If you don’t get 10-15% conversions on your webinars, you are doing something wrong. 
While with sales videos typically the conversions are 1%-3%. 
People perceive webinars as educational events and not sales videos, and your job is to provide to much value on the webinar so people whether they buy or not will get out of the webinar feeling it was so worth their time and attention because their learned so much. 

3. They Are Great Not Only For Product Promotions

Apart from making product sales and affiliate promotions webinars are great for:
  • Training
  • Product Creation
  • Engaging With Your Customers
  • Continuity Programs
You can pretty much run your entire online business with webinars. 

4. The Best Way To Get JV Partners

When you have a converting webinar, it’s so easy to find partners to promote your product. Your JV partners would love to send their audience to watch a training webinar! 

5. You Can Be Up And Running Fast, Improve As You Go, No Need For Complicated Funnels 

There is very little risk involved here. If you don’t like your conversions, you change slides, you improve with every webinar you do, and you can be up and running fast as oppose to setting up a complicated funnel with a sales video or building up a video series. It takes so much less work to just change the slides and redo the webinar. 

6. You Have The Best Opportunity To Teach And Transform Them

You get to actually train people on the webinar how to solve their problem, you build TRUST, CREDIBILITY and AUTHORITY and establish yourself as the EXPERT in your space. 
There is nothing like webinars to build your brand online…

What Webinar Platform Do You Recommend Vitaliy?

I’ve been doing many webinars in my business but in 2016 I’m going to have a major focus on mastering webinars and running LOTS of webinars.  
For a long time I’ve been using Webinars On Air and GoToWebinar those 2 platforms to run my webinars and I’ve been paying $79/mo for GoToWebinar and $60/mo for Webinars On Air. 
Those 2 are decent platforms, but the technology is outdated. A lot of marketers use them and I’m not bashing them as they can be a good way for you to start your experimenting with webinars. Webinars On Air is the simplest of them all.
However they had plenty limitations. Like for example limited amount of attendees on the webinar, very limited analytics of the webinar and so forth. With GoToWebinar it didn’t record YOUR FACE and you had to remember to record the webinars and people needed to download a special software…so frustrating. 
When I heard about Webinar Jam Studio and Ever Webinar and started digging into this, I immediately fell in love with this webinar platform so much that I bought the LIFETIME ACCESS to it!!! It means that I will not pay for a webinar software monthly fees ever again. I cancelled my 2 other subscriptions of course.
Turns out that all the online gurus and experts are using it, people like Brendon Burchard, Russell Brunson, Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Jeff Johnson, Shaqir Hussyin, Eben Pagan and so many more it got my attention, over 30,000+ users. 
I knew about Mike Filsaime and Andy Jenkins for a long time that they have made millions and millions of dollars online and I trusted them. 
I was completely blown away by the amount of things that you can do with this. There is unlimited amount of attendees, there is so much automation and customization it’s crazy. 
What’s so cool is that you can literally turn your webinar into an EVERGREEN webinar that people will not be able to distinguish if it’s LIVE or it’s automated. 
This way you can automate your entire online business and set it to run on autopilot while you are relaxing at the beach. Take your winning webinars and turn them into EverGreen funnels! 
I’m not going to go into detail on how to do this, but if you are serious about your online business and you want to start doing webinars, they provide a TON of really awesome training on how you can crush it with webinars, like Webinar Genesis, Webinar Control and Webinar University are AMAZING training programs to become a webinar PRO. You gotta check out Webinar Jam Studio and Ever Webinar I highly recommend it. Webinar jam is the LIVE portion and Ever Webinar is the automated portion. 
Alright hope you enjoyed this episode and if so leave me a comment below and feel free to share with your friends. Let me know if you have any questions about running webinars. 








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  • Mark Nelson

    December 26, 2015

    I have not done webinars yet. Thanks for giving me the motivation to start doing them.

  • Coach Jamie

    December 22, 2015

    Cool… I have kind of dismissed webinars as I haven’t felt ready for them… but it seems that I need to overcome that mindset and start using the training we have to implements webinars. Thanks for the post and inspiring me to do something new in the coming month.


  • Nuno

    December 21, 2015

    Great post Vitaliy, it’s always a pleasure to read them as you share so valuable tips. Thanks

  • Ron Deering

    December 21, 2015

    What a great post Vitaliy… totally agree webinars are the way to go… just getting started myself and I think I’m going to love this….thanks for sharing this

  • Alex

    December 21, 2015

    Awesome tips Vitaliy! I’ve only just started doing webinars too and they ROCK! Quite addictive too haha

  • Steve Krivda

    December 21, 2015

    Webinars rock bro! Love the tip on JV Partners!