How To Start Shooting Videos Like A Total Marketing Rockstar

Have you started doing videos in your business? Maybe you see others are shooting videos but you don’t quite fully understand why it’s critical for your online success to do videos? Or maybe fears come up on the inside that prevent you from doing videos? Well it’s ok, in today’s 6-Figures Show #370 you will learn how to overcome it.

One of the big reasons why I started to generate a 6-Figure income online is because I made a decision to shoot videos on a daily basis.  

I’ve shot well over 600 videos already and don’t plan to stop doing it. 

Last week I created a special video marketing workshop where I taught “how to start shooting videos like a total marketing rockstar” and it’s 70 minutes of pure awesomeness where I shared a lot of very cool secrets that you may find only in paid courses, click on the link above to get the replay.

My first videos sucked badly. I did 15 takes.. I mumbled and stumbled upon words.. Your first videos are going to suck too most probably and you need to be ok with it. 

You will look back and think they are horrible! It’s never going to be perfect you just need to get started. 


Here are some of the reasons why you should be shooting videos: 

  • It’s The Fastest & Best Way To Build Your Brand Online And Become An Authority
  • Build Trust & Relationships (This business is all about relationships and trust you build)
  • You are bridging the gap between virtual reality and actuality reality. 
  • You become mini celebrity in your prospects eyes
  • It’s The Best Way To Generate Leads Online (The most quality leads come from video marketing)
  • Create Leverage & Make A Difference 
  • Provide Value & Generate Goodwill
  • It will challenge you to GROW and contribute
  • 24/7 rapport builder with every video you create
  • Build a following
  • Allows you to tell your story like no other medium.. 
  • Automation & Residual Income + residual leads
  • You Become 100X Better Communicator & Leader & Marketer

There are many more reasons why you should start shooting videos. 

Get into the habit of shooting videos every day. 

In fact I’ll challenge you for the next 90 days to do a video every day. No excuses and no exceptions. Just go for it. 

You will see a ton of exposure and engagement for your brand. You will reap the benefits I promise you. 

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