How To Generate 20+ Leads Per Day On Twitter For FREE Spending Only 15 Minutes A Day And Automating 99% Of The Process

Would you like to learn how to consistently generate 20-30 quality leads every day to your online business from twitter without spending any money on ads and doing it in just 15 minutes a day? Yeah sounds crazy, but when my eyes opened up to this strategy, my jaws dropped and I immediately took massive action and got stunning results after just 24 hours. 

Granted, it’ll take a little time and effort to set things up initially but once it’s done, you can spend 15 minutes a day and automate 99% of the process and still generate a ton of quality leads for free. Well it’s not going to be totally free, in about $0.763 per day or $22.89 per month you can generate 600 quality leads for $0.038 per lead, which is unheard of in our space because on Facebook ads you can spend $3-$5 per lead if you are not a Facebook ninja.

Now what 600 leads per month worth to your home business? For me personally it’s at least $5,000 in profits per month because I know how to turn leads into buyers and buyers into raving fans and long term customers and I have high ticket commissions on the back end.  I know how to follow up and work with the leads. 

I initially shied away from Twitter for a long time, but it really can be a massive traffic and lead generator for your business.  I went from 110 impressions per day to 6,508 impressions in a day literally overnight in less than 24 hours after implementing this strategy. My engagement skyrocketed. 

With this strategy you can have 4 million people seeing your tweets every month, how awesome is that!? Now I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how to make it all happen. On autopilot 🙂

Twitter is so much less restrictive than other platforms like Facebook. You can do whatever you want. 

Here is the strategy in a nutshell – 1) Build an Audience (Twitter Followers) 2) Provide Value To That Audience & Engage 3) Generate Leads 

So let’s start with setting the foundation right with providing massive value to your twitter audience on 99% autopilot. I love automation because it saves precious and valuable time. Would you rather spend your time prospecting for business all day long or talk to qualified leads and buyers who WANT to hear from you and do what you do? Exactly. 
I was watching 61 minute Twitter training that my buddy Adam Chandler has done the other day where he shared the exact strategies that allowed him to gain 52,000+ followers and 157,829 impressions on his tweets in 24 hours. I decided to take massive action on this strategy right away. 
That’s like imagine 4 million people watching at your tweets every month! If you want to see this priceless training for free and generate leads for life, all you need to do is click on this link and watch it 🙂 
It was sooo good that I decided to share those strategies on a private webinar with my personal team and break everything down step-by-step. Now I’m opening access to this training for you below: 
So for content distribution we are going to use TWEET JUKEBOX 
With Tweet JukeBox you can predetermine the tweets you are going to post, tweet categories and their schedule.  
Those are the categories of tweets, they call it My Juke Bokes: 


1) Success Quotes – People in our home business and network marketing space LOVE personal development and success quotes. They eat it up. We love to GROW, to be motivated and inspired to accomplish our goals and dreams. 
So what you can do is search the Internet for success quotes, personal development quotes, inspirational quotes, motivational quotes and you can find a TON of them. Then just upload the tweets.   
2) Image Quotes – The same as success quotes but on the image. You can use the quotes of the gurus in the online marketing and personal development space or you can create your own quotes. 
People like Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Brendon Burchard, T. Harv Eker, Dan Kennedy come to mind.
The key is that you want to brand YOURSELF. So make sure that you have your own pictures with transparent background and also put the URL of your website on each image. 
You can either design your images yourself by using CANVA, or you can inexpensively hire a graphic designer for like $1 per image on UpWork and completely outsource the image creation, that’s what I’ve done to save myself time. 
3) My Blog Posts – Your Blog Posts are a main source of providing massive value to your Twitter audience. Your blog BRANDS you as the expert, the value provider and you should be providing 90% VALUE on your tweets before you ask anything in return as a good rule of thumb. 
I’ve written over 310 blog posts, so it’ll take me some time to load all of them up into the Tweet Jukebox but it’s going to be repeated over and over again to my NEW FOLLOWERS and get free traffic to my blog posts. 
It’s easy these days to set up a blog and brand yourself if you follow simple tutorials, I highly recommend that you watch this video right now and on the inside you will see how to easily set up your blog with MLSP Sites. It’s like having a BMW blog and all the training and support and lead generation built-in that will make you look like you hired a $3,000 web developer. 
4) Social Proof – Those are the type of posts that show that you have results under your belt. The amount of leads that you are generating, how many people have you sponsored, how big is your team, how awesome your engagement is, how big is your list, how many people like your stuff and yes, how much money you earned. 
How much income you have earned is the ultimate social proof, because people want to see the bottom line of what your activities results in. Here is an example of a social proof tweet, and here is the tweet: “Love the Freedom my online business provides. Just 1 income stream, over $64K in 8 months.” 
It goes to show people that what I’m doing is working and I’m getting results. This is an image I’ve shot being in a $30,000,000 luxury mansion in Miami as part of the mastermind and then I screenshot my back office stats with a program called JING and put the image together. 
5) Capture Pages – Another cool category of tweets is the direct capture pages that you are providing. You can giveaway free training, PDF reports, vidoe series or whatever lead magnets that you have, those are assets of yours. 
6) MLSP Blog Posts – What’s cool about the MLSP platform is that 5-6 times every week leaders and top income earners are contributing awesome lead generation content for home business entrepreneurs and guess what, you can LEVERAGE their work. 
That’s right, when someone clicks on your link and goes to the MLSP blog post that is already written, and when they become a lead or buys MLSP, you referred them and not the leader that has written the blog post! Each sign up is worth at least $100/month or $1,200 a year of residual income. How cool is that!? 🙂 
7) MLSP Capture Pages – One of the awesome benefits of being MLSP member is that you get to use the latest and greatest lead generation campaigns that are already DONE FOR YOU, and you can start generating leads RIGHT AWAY by providing massive value. 
For example you can giveaway free training teaching how to generate 20-30 leads per day for FREE on Twitter and get 4 million people seeing your tweets a month by giving away this capture page.
You can share with people how they can DOWNLOAD FOR FREE FACEBOOK LIVE “15-PAGE PDF + 82 MINUTE TUTORIAL” and discover the #1 fastest way to get ‘Likes’ on your fan page, create content for your blog, and engage your fans in 15 minutes per day ALL with FaceBook LIVE by  giving away this capture page. 
There are literally like 40 different campaigns that you can giveaway to people to educate them how they can make more money and generate more leads: 
What you see on the picture is 19 system campaigns you can use right away to generate leads for your business. Pretty sweet. 
The way that you add links I recommend using Bit.Ly  and shorten all of your links and monitor your clicks. 
Now regarding Tweet JukeBox I recommend you get started with Advanced members plan. 

How To Get More Followers On Twitter – Using StatusBrew

Alright now the question is how do you grow your audience on twitter? How do you get more followers, new eyeballs to look at your stuff? And how you make sure that this audience is RELEVANT to you and what you are promoting? 

Well good question. With StatusBrew you can monitor all of your tweeter activity, you can add followers and unfollow people and stuff like that. 

You start by adding 2 sources from which you are going to add followers on Twitter. 

I chose right now Marc Lalonde, who is in the home business space and has over $158,000 followers and the other source is the Network Marketing Company called ItWorksGlobal. No matter what the source, make sure it’s relevant and people that are following this twitter account are in YOUR niche. I can switch the sources at any time.  


Then what you see below is Marc Lalonde twitter account and I clicked on all of his followers and I applied smart filters like people who tweeted in the last 2 months, and I can do some more smart filtering to make sure that I’m following quality people. You can see all the possible filters on the right side and you can save the filters. 


Then all you need to do is just click follow when you choose a fast follow mode and in a minute or 2 you will be following 200 people! Then rest for a couple minutes and repeat the process, until you follow 1,000 people. I think that’s the limit, at least initially you can’t follow more then 1,000 people in a day. 

Then after you followed, you unfollow people who haven’t been following you back in the last 10 days. This way you ensure more room for people who will going to follow you back and you maintain the ratio of people who you are following and who you are following your back. 

Because if you want to grow and have 10,000 followers and 50,000 followers then you need to have a good followers/following ratio. 



Then here is the automation part kicks in. When someone becomes your new followers, you can send them immediately a direct welcome message and also a welcome tweet.

Here is how it looks like: 


You can say in your Direct message whatever you want. Here is what I have currently: “Hey {first_name} thanks for the follow!  Would love to learn more about you, what do you do? I’m helping people leverage the Internet to generate 6-figure income from home and live a life of freedom. I have a 6-Figure Builders Video show where I share a lot of training for FREE on my blog  I’d love to connect on Facebook and learn more about what you do, here is my FB profile:   I’m a dad of 2 kids living in Israel and it’s my passion to help people be free :)”

Then there are a couple of variations of the welcome tweet like: 

Whats up {users}! I Appreciate you following me! Hit me up anytime!

Hey now! Thanks so much for following me {users}! It’s greatly appreciated!

{users} Just wanted to say thanks for the follow!

Hey there {users} thanks so much for following me! It’s greatly appreciated!

Whew hew! Thanks {users} for the follow. I appreciate you!

Hey {users} thanks for the follow! Am I following you? If not send me an @ mention so I can follow back! Talk soon!

And so forth. 

That’s it, so those are the twitter tools that I use – Tweet JukeBox and StatusBrew.

Tweet JukeBox I use to engage people and provide value. 

Status Brew I use to follow people, unfollow people, manage twitter activity and send people direct messages and welcome tweets. 

Pretty simple Huh!? 🙂 

Once you set it up, the only thing you need to maintain it is to add image quotes and blog posts and campaigns, and to follow/unfollow people which can take 15 minutes a day! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave me a comment and share with your friends!








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