Top 5 Lessons I Learned Attending $16,000,000+ Mastermind In A Luxurious Mansion In Miami That Will Help You Grow Your Business Fast

How big of a transformation you would have in your online network marketing business if you spent 4 days masterminding with top million dollars income earners in a private $16,000,000 mansion?   

On January 27th 2016 I took off from Israel where I live to Miami, Florida to attend one of the most transformational events I ever had in my entire life and today I want to share with you some of the big lessons that I learned that will help you breakthrough to the next level.  

Imagine a 12,000 square foot 2-floor mansion with huge warm pool, Jacuzzi and perfect view on Miami beaches, it was magical.  It cost about $100,000 a week to rent this place. 

I earned the right to be there as one of the top leaders in the company, it was a private leadership retreat organized by David Wood and the combined income of the 71 entrepreneurs who were there is into tens of millions of dollars. 

Setting Your Intentions In The Morning 

One of the exercises we were doing at the start of each day is to set a very clear and precise intention of what you are going to accomplish today and what actions you are going to take. 

I’ve witnessed a powerful phenomenon that everyone who set their intention actually got what they intended to achieve! 

For example, on January 31st I was over $1,100 behind on my goal to earn over $5,000 this month in the company. This is the exact amount that I needed to make that day in order to qualify for the rank in my company. 

So I set an intention that I’ll do anything necessary to earn over $1,100 that day whatever it takes. My intention guided my actions. 

Guess what, by the end of that day I made over $1,219.05 and the following day because of the momentum I made an additional $968.25. So that’s $2,187 for just 2 days. That’s also because of the system I’ve been using that allow you to generate big commissions

I learned the lesson. I need to set a very clear intention each day of what I want to accomplish during the day! 

It’s not only happened to me, my business partner Mike was short of around  $4,200 to qualify for the next rank of $20,000+ a month. It was the last day. He said you know what I’ll make it happen, and by setting an intention, and then sending 1 email, just 1 email he did it. He made $4,400 that day. Unbelievable how predictably it works. 

Walking On Fire With Bare Feet and Breaking Wood With Bare Hands  

I have never walked on fire before to be honest. It was scary a little bit. I mean who in their sanity and sober mind would walk on red hot coals with bare feet? 

They brought in a person Dave who has been facilitating Fire-Walks at Tony Robbins events for the last 20 years. 

At first we broke woods with our bare hands. I’m not a karate person, and it was a thick piece of wood. How did it happen? 

It’s all in the power of your intention, your belief that you can do it and a little bit of a technique. 

The wood represented something that you don’t longer want in your life, something you are no longer willing to tolerate. It can also represent something that you are afraid of and want to break through. 

I saw little women brake those heavy woods after 1-2 attempts. It was incredible. 

I did it after the first try, because I set all of my intention and power into doing it right the first time. 

Then we walked outside and the road of hot coals was paved to us. We watched the video how Oprah Winfrey did it. Dave explained how you need to stand and move in order to not get hurt. 

We started screaming YES YES YES and encouraging the people to walk on hot coals. 

Dave told us to look up and have your chin high, not to look on the hot coals. To help get into the right state we would scream from the top of our lungs YES, YES, YES! And then just walked…

That’s a metaphor in your life that anything that you are afraid of, don’t focus on what you are afraid of, focus on where you want to GO! 

It was a breakthrough, because I didn’t know that I can walk on fire and not get burnt. It all proves the power of our minds! 

From -100 To +100 – Your Business Growth Is 100% Dependent On Your Level Of Energy and Attitude!

Your level of energy plays a HUGE KEY in your success. Everything is energy. If your level of energy is down you are actually repelling people, money and opportunities. If your level of energy is high you are attracting people, money and opportunities. 

Imagine an energy scale. On one side of the spectrum you have -100 energy, that’s when you are down, depressed and the world crushed on you, you have no energy.

On the other side is +100, that when you are totally optimistic, enthusiastic, on top of the world, ready to kick butt and conquer the world and take massive action. 

Where are you on this scale? 

You can’t hide your level of energy. If you are down and your level of energy is low, your attitude sucks, try to write a blog post. Try to record a video. Try to speak. Try to talk to your prospects. 

They will FEEL IT. It’s transparent without you opening your lips. You can’t hide the thoughts. 

It actually HURTS you to do business in this state! Why? Because people will run away. 

On the other hand if your energy is super high, you will bust through your action steps like a breeze and everything will be so easy. 

How fast you can raise your level of energy? In a minute. 

What can you do to raise your level of energy? 

  • Move Your Body – One of the quickest way to raise your energy is to do something physical, change your body state and you will change your emotions as well. Start walking in nature, breathe, move, run, do hula hoop,  do jumping jacks, ride a bike. Anything counts! You will be amazed how different you feel and your negative thought will fade away. 
  • Breathe Deeply – Put a lot of oxygen in your body by breathing from your belly, breathe deeply, meditate. 
  • Drink Lots Of Water – It’s very important to stay hydrated all the time to perform at the best levels
  • Read An Inspiring Book – Reading something great and inspirational will change your attitude, lift you up and raise your energy levels. 
  • Listen To Inspiring Music – There is nothing like the favorite music to uplift you and if you combine that with moving your body and drinking water you’ll immediately feel your energy rise
  • Do A King Speech – This is a powerful way to boldly declare exactly what you want and who you are, I’ll share with you in a moment.  

There Are 3 Levels Of Creation 

To create anything that you want in your business and your life, you need to create on all 3 levels, like I learned from William Wood, world renown NLP trainer and hypnotherapist. While the majority of people create only on 1 level and that’s why they don’t get the results that they want.

First Level Of Creation – Creating Through Your Mind

That’s when you have a VISION. When you quiet your mind and ask yourself what is it that you truly want?  Then you start visualizing in your mind all the different things that you want in your life. Then you write it down on paper. 

When you are thinking a thought and you are backing it up with strong feeling you are actually creating your reality. I don’t want to go deep into the law of attraction here but it works. 

Everything that you see around you was created first inside the mind. Everything. I challenge you on that one. 

So your mind is very powerful. You can create images in your mind and picture exactly how your life is going to unfold.

But it’s not enough to just have a vision. It’s not enough to just write it down. You need to move also to the second level of creation

Second Level Of Creation – Creating Through Your Words

Now you need to SPEAK your creation into existence. You need to TALK to people about your vision. You need to shoot VIDEOS talking about your vision. You need to tell your friends and family about your vision and creation. 

Your words have POWER. 

When you boldly declare to other people, to the universe, to the marketplace, to your friends, that this is what you want, you are creating.

Third Level Of Creation – Creating Through Your ACTIONS

Now, all of the earlier 2 steps doesn’t matter much if you don’t take action on your vision, on your intuition, on the information you are going to receive when you speak your vision into existence. 

This is where the rubber meets the road, this is where you need to take massive action even before there is a clear path on how to make this dream of yours a reality. 

This is what separate people who just wish, dream and talk, to people who get real world results. 


Kings Speech 

Now this is probably one of the most profound and important exercises that you can do. 

Basically you put a very inspiring music like Audiomachine – Ice Of Phoenix, and then you pretend that you are a king or a queen for you ladies and then you just SPEAK your power out loud! 

You say everything from a place of POWER, from a place of ABUNDANCE, from a place of HEART, from a place of You are the King and the Leader. 

You may say something like: “I’m an inspirational leader of leaders, I’m a generational hero, I transform thousands of people’s lives, I’m here standing in front of you and declaring my truth, I’m a powerful communicator, I speak my words into existence, I create results easily, I lead my team well, I believe in you” Etc. Etc.

This exercise will transform your life if you commit to doing it every morning, every day for the next 90 days.  

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave me a comment and share with your friends!








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