Top 4 Reasons Why Most People Don’t Have Success In Their Home Business

Will you be in 5% who succeed?

Most people will never see the kind of results that they were looking for when they started their home business. Technically speaking the only way to fail in this business is to quit, and still too many people are struggling to make money online, they are grinding day in and day out and nothing seems to work. 

Here is the reality, I don’t care that 95% of the people in this industry fail to reach their goals, it’s how life works. 95% of the people die broke and sick. I want you to be in the 5% that’s what I care about! 

And here are the top 4 reasons that I believe WHY most people don’t have success in their home business:

Reason #1 – Not Being Consistent Enough To See The Results 

Consistency is key. A lot of times what happens is that people see an opportunity, they are excited that it’s going to change their life and make them a lot of money, but when they finally realize that it’s going to take real work, effort, dedication to get there, they start searching for an easy way out. They may jump from deal to deal, looking for the next “shiny object”, they may search for newest and latest traffic strategy, they may buy course after course after course in search for the magical pill, even though it has been in front of their noses all the time…it’s called “roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-to-work”…

I’m telling you right now, honestly, there is no secret formula, there is no magic pill that you can swallow and money fly from the sky, there is no reward without effort. Stop searching for an easy way out, and instead master THE FUNDAMENTALS, all it takes is 1 really good strategy that is executed over and over again to make you rich. 

If you are applying a strategy for 1 week and don’t see the results, don’t quit! If the strategy works for other people it will work for you too, but you need to stick with it long enough to tweak it, to get momentum going.  In most cases magic happens when you stay consistent for 90 days. 

That’s why there are 90 day challenges. Here is what you need to realize – your results today is the reflection of the actions you took 90 days ago. Stay consistent with what you do and you’ll get better at it. 

You don’t need to do million different things. Strive to do fewer things that truly matter, more consistently, and you’ll get better at it each day. 

Reason #2 – Not Being Focused Enough 

Most people are too distracted, they can’t focus long enough to get few key things done. They spend too much time on Facebook, reading other people’s emails, blog posts, watching YouTube videos and doing all sorts of unproductive work. Reading my blog and watching my videos are not a waste of time of course, just to clear things out, LOL.

Seriously, you need to take a hard look on yourself and honestly appreciate if what you are doing is productive or you are trying to creatively avoid doing the necessary things to grow your business – to get outside of your comfort zone, to do what truly matters – creating content, marketing, connecting with key people etc. 

Here in this video I’m sharing a couple of tips on productivity:


Reason #3 – Not Investing Enough In YOU

Investment in yourself always brings you the highest ROI. I will keep saying it because it’s true. Every $1 you out in yourself will bring you back $30, that’s not me who said that, that’s Brian Tracy. Look, your business is going to grow in direct proportion as you grow. 

You will get paid in proportion to the value that you provide to the marketplace and the only way to increase your value is to work on yourself and to invest in yourself. 

90% of success is mental, it’s how you think, it’s how you operate, it’s you rituals and habits, it’s your attitude. Don’t be cheap on investing in yourself! 

This is YOU. Your Life! The biggest reward for you is not the money, but the kind of person you need to become to earn this kind of money! 

I’m constantly investing in myself, in courses, reading books, masterminds and going to Live Events. Just next week I’m flying all the way from Israel to Austin Texas to Live the Dream 5 annual event to meet a lot of top earners in this industry and mastermind with them. You have to go to live events, you can’t hide behind the computer and make a lot of money, not in this industry anyway.

Reason #4 – Not Taking Daily Massive Action On Few Things That Matter

Action is the only thing that will bring you the result. Period. Not watching videos or webinars. But Applying daily massive purposeful inspired action. You will never truly “get” something, understand and master something until you practice it a lot. 

Mastery is where it’s at. And here is the key. Strive to do fewer things that make the biggest difference, the biggest leverage in your business, and do them first, do them more often, get better at doing them! 

You will be surprised at how low amount of time you spend on doing the activities that truly matter. So your goal is to increase the amount of time daily that you do the few things that truly matter. 

In the home business industry those few activities may be sending an email to your list, talking with a hot prospect, shooting a video, writing a blog post, doing a webinar, buying traffic and advertising, stuff like that. You need to figure out for yourself.

Here is a summary of why most people fail in the home business industry:


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