How Many Times Do You Need To Create Content On Your Blog On A Weekly Basis?

You’ve probably heard that content is KING online but how much content you should really create? Is it necessary to put so much pressure on yourself to produce content on a daily basis? That’s what this post and video is all about.

You probably understand very well that if you want to brand yourself online and position yourself as the authority in your niche, if you want to educate people and create awareness about you and what you are doing and you want to build a list and attract the right people into your business and create a following, then you need to create content.

Right? Yes you do. The question is HOW MUCH free content to produce?

This is where a lot of people put so much pressure on themselves to create content all the time and they are burning out. Suddenly it all feels like a chore, like a job and not fun and exciting anymore but something they HAVE to do. 

You Are Not A Publishing Company, You Are A Solo Entrepreneur 

So people forget that they are not a publishing media company like Huffing-ton post or the daily news of the country. You don’t need to produce amazing, fresh, sensational content on a day to day basis. 

You are probably a one man show, you are a solo entrepreneur.

You are the guy who is taking the trash and cleaning the toilet, you are the one that is responsible for lead generation, marketing, customer support, sales, emails, content creation, you are responsible for everything!!!

If so, why you are putting so much pressure on yourself to produce everyday fresh amazing content? 

DIS #306: How Many Times Do You Need To Create Content On Your Blog On A Weekly Basis? 

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So How Much Content To Produce? 

Well just creating the content for the sake of creating it and putting a check mark that you have done it, will not get you very far. 

You need to be very strategic with your content. 

I would rather that you create 2 amazing and valuable pieces of content per week consistently on your blog than to create 5 that are mediocre. 

I’m talking about video content and heavy duty blog content, not social media. On social media you need to post DAILY multiple times per day. But on with your blog. 

Because think about it, if people arrive and see it’s just a mediocre piece of content, that you put it together under a deadline just to get it off,  they are going to remember that and associate that with your name and probably not come back to visit your blog again. It hurts you more than it helps you. 

So should you create content every single day? NO! Get this pressure out of yourself. Start living life, because you have SO many other things that you can do with your time rather then create a free content on your blog.  

  • You can spend more time with your family, hobbies and whatever you like doing
  • You can create training for your team and your customer to educate them how they can succeed better
  • You can creating a funnel and tweaking your emails
  • You can have real conversations with people on Facebook, skype or the phone 
  • You can educate yourself on how to improve your skills. 

You know for me I wanted to challenge myself to grow and become a better communicator on video. I wanted to learn how to communicate a message because I wan’t good at it at all. 

So I publish more than 2 pieces of content a day because I want to master the skills faster. But you know you don’t have to do that. 

Consistency is the name of the game here and if you produce 2-3 pieces of content a week and you learn how to promote it and how to optimize your website than you are good. 

Hope that you are going to use lifestyle marketing in your business! If you got value feel free to comment below and share with your friends. 








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