7 Secrets Of The Top 2% Of Online Entrepreneurs And Leaders In The Industry

For a couple years now I’ve been obsessed about finding what are the secrets, strategies, habits, disciplines and life practices of the world’s top 2% of high achievers, leaders and online entrepreneurs.  Make no mistake, running a profitable 6-figure online business and is like preparing for an Olympics game, it requires a lot of mental focus, discipline, productivity and thinking and behaving practices if you really want to join the ranks of the top 2% of online entrepreneurs. 

It’s not just about being wealthy, it’s how you can live your life so that you make the most difference and become the most influential in a positive way and also be happy and fulfilled! 
Let’s start by just having an intention of being a great leader and a role model and really rise through the ranks and become one of the most influential people in the home business space.

7 Secrets Of The Top 2% Of Online Entrepreneurs And Leaders In The Industry 

Secret #1 – Master The Critical Skills

To become one of the top leaders online you need to learn and master the critical skills that are required for the success of your business. 
We are living in a culture today that encourages entrepreneurs to outsource everything. Outsource your video marketing and editing, outsource  your blog setup, outsource your Facebook marketing, outsource your whole online marketing, outsource email writing, outsource talking to people….Just focus on this one thing and outsource the rest. 

But how you are going to even manage something that you don’t understand to a high degree if you outsource everything? 

If there are critical areas in your business that are vital to the long term growth of your business then MASTER THOSE areas and skill sets! 

Think about your goals and dreams right now. What are the skills you need to learn and master?

For me those are the critical skill sets: 
Videos: Shooting videos, being authentic, influential and caring in my videos, editing videos, creating promotional and marketing videos. If you really want to build a long term career and join the ranks of the top 2% you need to master videos, period. 
Webinars: All top leaders online are doing webinars because it’s the best way to market anything online, build your list and authority, and have people trust you and follow you online. There is just so much that you can convey in 60-90 minutes of running a webinar! 
Copywriting: Designing and writing words that gets our attention. Whatever you are doing, you are going to be communicating online and this is the skill that you must have. From writing compelling emails to crafting high converting landing pages and attention-grabbing headline, to webinar registration pages, to your blog posts and content, it bleeds into EVERYTHING you are doing. 
Online Lead generation: Leads are the lifeblood of your online business. You need to learn and master how to drive the traffic to your capture pages and to convert this traffic into leads so you can increase your influence, grow your audience and being able to follow up with them and build a relationships and turn them your leads into raving fans. 
Sponsoring: If you are in network marketing and you are building teams, one of the fundamentals skills is the ability to prospect and sponsor people into your business! Once I’ve master this skill I’ve been able to sponsor over 130 people in 6 months. I give a special course on sponsoring for my team. You can get access to it here
Blogging: All top leaders have blogs and they produce and distribute content on a regular basis. Blog is your main hub online where you will keep invite people back to learn from you and  read your story. Having an awesome well designed blog with a lot of useful awesome content is what stands you apart from your competition among other things. 
Traffic and Funnel Creation: You need to be able to drive a lot of traffic (people) to the funnels that you create to join the ranks of the top 2%. Funnel creation is the art of designing a series of pages that take visitors through an experience where they become your customers and fans. It’s starting with your capture page, thank you page, follow up pages etc. 
Team Building: If you are in network marketing, then it’s not just about recruiting, it’s about creating a culture around you and building big teams of people so you can enjoy true residual income through the efforts of other people. 
Those are the main skills, we can break those down into sub-skills but you get the point. Understand what you need to master and start learning the craft, take the time to learn and master it! That’s how you’ll also develop the confidence that you need because you will be competent in those areas. 

Secret #2 – Model Only The Leaders 

If you really want to join the ranks of the top 2% you have got to model, hire and learn from the top leaders in your space! In every area of your life and every skill set that is important to you, you need to find the the best mentors, because if not you are cheating yourself. 
Don’t just settle for finding the first answers in Google or work with the guy that is recommended by your friend, or bump into someone and decide to learn from him. Really do your research! 
Who are the top 10 leaders in the online home business space? Do you know them? Are you following them and modeling them? Are you buying their courses? Are you hiring some of them as your mentors?  If not, don’t think that you can get to top 2% of online leaders. 
When you are following someone online, ask who is this person following and working with? Who is this guy’s coach? Then ask who is that person’s coach and mentor? 
Try to get the top person that everyone seem to be learning from… Get to the source! Model the leaders in you’ll become a leader. One great place I use to come back to over and over again to model the leaders is MLSP and I suggest that you too if you want to become the top 2%!

Secret #3 – Learn At 10X Effectiveness 

To join the ranks of the top 2% you need to learn much more effectively. How can you learn things at a deeper level that will really stick over time not necessarily in the quickest way possible, but yes it helps when you learn much FASTER as well, but really master it. 
You may need to get a coach and ask for immediate feedback when you do things, you need to immerse yourself into learning, you need to ask those top leaders how would they learn it at 10 times the effectiveness. 
I’m always buying new courses and then go over them usually with 1.5 – 1.7 speed and I’m writing crazy notes. Then I’m going over my notes and see how can I teach it to other people. 
I then go and write blog posts about it, I create videos about it, I teach it to my network marketing team internally, I create social media updates about it. 
The best way to learn something is NUMBER 1) Apply it in your life so you have the experience and not just theory NUMBER 2) Teach it to other people! 
It’s the whole concept of Invest, Learn, Do And Teach as I’ve been talking about it in my previous posts. 

Secret #4 – Always Follow Your Daily Rituals 

All the top leaders are very disciplines and obsessive about their daily habits, practices and rituals. 

You have got to develop a set of daily practices and rituals you will not deviate from that will automatically propel you achieve your goals and dreams! 

One of the most important rituals you can have is your MORNING RITUAL – what you do in the first 2-3 hours of waking up sets up your day either to massive success and productivity OR to a day of distractions and reactions. 

I now began to wake up at 5 – 5:30 am in the morning and I don’t deviate from it! It’s sacred! I wake up, drink lots of water, stretch my body, and then I listen for at least 30-60 minutes of high level personal development training to get my day started already growing and stretching my mind! 

I usually do it while eating a healthy breakfast, and then I meditate for 10 minutes to find the inner piece and strentgth, I visualize how my day is going to unfold, how productive I’ll be, I visualize my future and how awesome it is and all the things that have happened in my life, I affirm who I am and say some affirmations, I read for 30 minutes and I prepare for the day for 10-20 minutes of what I need to get done this day, and only then I start my day with the hardest thing on my tasks list! 

I’m telling you that having a morning ritual changed everything for me. Also I have a learning ritual of constantly learning and developing my skills! 

What are some of the rituals and habits you need to put in place to reach the top 2%? 

The Power Of Habits To Create The Results That You Want In Your Home Business

Secret #5 – Schedule Block Time 

You have got to find time where there will be absolutely NO distractions and it’s only you and what you need to get done! 
If you are advanced you can schedule ENTIRE days to focus on only ONE THING! And on this day nothing happens apart from this one thing. For example writing an eBook or designing your follow up videos. 
But on a regular basis have a couple of hours of blocked time where you focus only on one specific thing and the outer world of distractions don’t exist during this time. 

Secret #6 – Visualize Completion Benefits 

If you want to join the ranks of the top 2% then you need to have a visualization ritual set in place, but don’t only visualize your goals and dreams, visualize all the benefits to your life that will flow from realizing your goal! 

Yes you need to have a clear VISION in your life and focus on it regularly. See in your mind the kind of person you need to become and how you are going to live your life. 

Completion benefits can be that you are being invited to speak on wide industry webinars and your phone rings off the hooks with new clients that want to work with you. Visualize how you are going to speak on stages and how you are going to take your sweety to a nice vacation together! 

Visualize the end of the project done,  celebrate the wins in our mind

Secret #7 – Develop The Service Mindset 

Ultimately to join the ranks of the top 2% you need to develop a service mindset and decide that you are going to make a lot of difference in the world and you are going to serve your family and your community and the world to your highest ability. 

When was it for you that you realized that it’s not only about you on this planet?

What inspired you in your heart to make a difference? Where this story of making a difference came from? 

For me personally I first got inspired 7 years ago by listening to Tony Robbins speak, I learned that the secret to living is giving. 

But later I started studying Brendon Burchard’s work and he inspired me to think bigger and leave my legacy and become a thought leader, that was back in 2013! Since then I was inspired by countless of people to really make a difference in other people’s lives. 

Does your family and your team know about your story of how you developed a service mindset? 

How can you design a life changing experiences for your customers? 

How can you serve people in your marketplace better, how can you serve your team better? Those are the types of questions you should be asking yourself! 

Hope it was very helpful to you my friend and you are going to put those 7 secrets into place! 








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  • Amanda Ashton-booth

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    These steps are awesome.. Keeping structure is so important!

    Love your blog.. I will be back..

    Thank you for sharing 😉

  • Leticia Brown

    January 4, 2016

    Awesome post Vitaliy and I loved the layout of the steps it takes to be in the top 2%. Modeling people who have already achieved it is important.

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    Great post Vitaliy…. had to bookmark this one… thanks for sharing this

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    Awesome post Vitaliy! I think I need to re-visit a few steps I’m missing. Lots of value here! Thank you

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    Such an AWESOME post Vitaliy!! Talk about bringing a TON of value wow thank you for everything you shared today I’m definitely bookmarking this page!!

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

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      Awesome Lynette time to be among the top 2%!

  • Peter Reginald

    January 3, 2016

    Thanks for a great post Vitaliy. I like to learn from the best in their field. I’m currently learning copywriting.

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      January 6, 2016

      Awesome Peter copywriting is a very important skill!

  • Dr. Lisa Thompson

    January 3, 2016

    Great post Vitaliy!

    It’s very important to develop a success ritual and stay consistent with your results. If you’re results aren’t there yet, keep going and invest in coaching to compress your time and accelerate your learning curve

    Dr. Lisa

  • Keith Everett

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    Those are some incredible steps. Modelling successful people is a great way to become successful. Thanks for sharing such a great post..

  • Jelena Ostrovska

    January 3, 2016

    Awesome post Vitaliy! Definitely agree with those skills that we as entrepreneurs have to develop.

    And getting around the right people and learning form the best will take you where you wanna be a lot faster!

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      January 6, 2016

      Absolutely Jelena! Cheers to a prosperous 2016 and in the top 2%!