The Magnificent Art Of Story Telling (Part 1)

Today I’m going to share with you the secret sauce of all great internet marketers that will allow you to sell anything you want like magic, this is literally going to change your entire internet marketing career when you learn this and I mean it.  

You’re going to learn the magnificent art of story telling, and after you are done with these video series that I’m putting up for you, you will never see any marketing videos, any sales pages, any promotions messages with the same eyes again, you are going to say “AHA, now I understand what’s going on here…”

Have you ever been entranced by a listening to a good story and then you were so engaged in it so next thing you knew you pulled out your credit card and bought something?

Yeah, it happened to me all the times and I’m still buying stuff and I love to buy, but now I understand why I buy 🙂

I want you to become a master story teller because this skill will give you super powers to really craft your message in a way that people want what you are promoting.  

We all love stories, we are conditioned since childhood to listen to stories, they engage us, they are fun and interesting, we get a sneak peek into someone’s lives, and they are not threatening.

Most people don’t realize it but we are being sold through the power of story telling in a very subtle way, and we never feel like we are sold on something, it feels all natural when you do it in the right way. 

People not always remember the product and its benefits, but we always remember the story behind it and the character that stands behind the product.

There is a night and day difference between telling about all the benefits and features of the product and telling a good story.

In the first case people know they are being sold to and they put up their natural defense mechanism and scrutinize the information. 

But in the second case people are engaged in the story and they get to the conclusion themselves that they want it, it’s their idea to buy and not yours. 

You can use story telling in any mode of communication, whether you are shooting videos, doing webinars and hangouts, writing emails, creating blog posts and even writing status updates on Facebook. 

The Magnificent Art Of Story Telling (Part 1)

Let’s start with exploring the different characters that you can adopt when you are telling a story and in part 2 of the training series I’m going to be revealing to you the 6 most popular story lines that you can use over and over again to craft awesome stories.  

You will typically adopt one of those identities for yourself, and you also can mix and match and use different characters in different situations. 

1. Leader/Alpha

A Leader always gives people next steps and instructions what to do. You know what’s best because you are a leader and people need to follow you. 

Leaders often draw a line in the sand and they distinguish people based on whether they are doing what they told them to do or not. It’s almost like your way is the best way because you are the leader and if someone don’t take action then put them into “not so smart” club. 

They have a powerful backstory and they are very good at telling a story of how they were losers before and now they figured out what works. 

and they are taking care of people who follow the 

2. The Adventurer/ BraveHeart

The adventurer is on a mission to conquer the world, to fight the forces of evil, and he is calling people to join forces with him, to lock arms and together fulfill the mission, to go on a journey with him.

This adventure is going to have a lot of fun, and the mission is more important than anything.

Maybe you are too on a mission to help home business entrepreneurs fire their bosses, to spend more times with their family, to achieve financial freedom, to be able to do life on your terms and not be stuck in a job you hate. 

3. Reporter/Evangilist

The Evangilist is doing a research to find out what really works and what doesn’t work. He is telling that something is good because he has done his research and this is what he discovered. 

The reporter is setting up interviews with other successful people and marketers and drawing from their expertise to share with his audience. 

You just to bring relevant and helpful information and share with people what works and you are doing a lot of research trying to figure everything out.

Interviews are a great way by the way to create a lot of valuable training, get associated with the best marketers and tap into their audiences, and pick up their brain for free. 

4. Reluctant Hero

Reluctant hero never really intends to become a guru or a leader, he just discovered something along the journey, almost by accident, and he is passionate about it so much that he feels the need to share it with other people. 

He will not be able to live with himself if he didn’t share. So although kind of reluctantly but with full passion he shares with his audience what he discovered along the journey. 

This is the character that I adopt the most, although I’m playing the leader, braveheart and reporter roles as well. 

This is the type of character that probably people relate to the most, because they see you as their next door neighbor, just like them but there is something about you that you are willing to openly share with others what you discover along the journey that opens people up to you. 

Now tomorrow I’m going to be sharing with you the 6 most important and frequently used story lines that will allow you to create awesome stories and sell whatever you want.

If you want to dive deeper into the art of story telling, I learned a lot by going through Attraction Marketing Intensive course put together by Diane Hochman, it's an 8 week course and there is a specific 90 minute workshop that Diane did about story telling and she is one of the best masters at this. 

This course will not only teach you the art of story telling but also how to be attractive in the marketing, how to create a funded proposal, write copy and be effective on social media. 

Also, you can learn a lot about the art of storytelling by studying the work of Russell Brunson. He recently launched his DotComSecrets book that you can still get for free here, and in this book and also in his training he teaches about this stuff in more depth. 

So keep an eye on tomorrow’s video and blog post and let me know in the comments below what you got out of today’s video and how are you using stories perhaps in your business.

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  • Joan Harrington

    April 15, 2015

    Fantastic post Vitaliy! Yes there is magic to using story telling in your marketing 🙂 These tips are easily implemented, thank you!

  • Tommy Olsson

    April 14, 2015

    Yes storytelling is very powerful when wanting get the readers interest and attention 🙂

  • Ron Deering

    April 14, 2015

    I’m probably number 2 braveheart….. what a great post…. thanks for sharing Vitaliy

  • Ron McLean

    April 14, 2015

    Good subject Vitaliy, facts tell and stories sell. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s message.

  • Dr.Lisa Thompson

    April 13, 2015

    Hi Vitaliy!

    Loved those 4 types of storylines you’ve mentioned…

    Another great storyteller is Frank Kern. I learned from him in his Mass Control Course two other storylines – local boy does good and us vs.them…

    All of them have one thing in common – they hook people in and keep coming back for more…

    My favorite teachers and leaders in my life always told stories…we learn best through stories

    Fabulous post!

    Dr. Lisa