Most internet marketers who are trying to build a profitable business from home are focused on superficial stuff and that’s why they will never create true financial freedom and lasting success. They are learning new traffic strategies, new ways to build a list and new ways to market and they think this alone will be enough for them to make a lot of money and live their dream. 

And although this stuff is important (traffic, how-to stuff), it’s not as nearly as important as to build a real foundation to your success. What I’m going to share with you right now in this post is what’s going on behind the curtains, on a deep level, when you see someone who is tremendously successful online. What makes a great leader who is there for many years, who has a stable and growing business?

1. You must be very clear of exactly what you want, have a vision and COMMUNICATE that vision to yourself and others every day

Leaders have a big vision. They have a clear picture in their mind how they want to live their life, what kind of lifestyle they want, what kind of results they are going to achieve, how much money they want to earn per month, how big of a difference they want to make in people’s lives. 

You want to be so convinced in your vision that you’re going to create it that no one can stop you. The way you talk to yourself and others, the way you think, says a lot about how much you believe in your vision and whether you have a vision at all. 

First person you need to persuade with your vision in yourself. Leaders first of all can lead themselves. You need to be so enthusiastic about your vision, so convinced in your mind that you communicate to others with conviction with the kind of certainty that it’s already true. 

Now once you get to this level of clarity, conviction in your vision, you need to then communicate about your vision to others all the time. Talk about your vision with your family, talk about it in your videos, in your blog posts, in your emails you write, in the webinars you do, in Facebook status updates, in personal conversations. 

People don’t buy your products or business opportunities, they buy you and your vision. My vision is I want to inspire people all over the world to live their dream and create freedom for themselves, financially and otherwise, and become change-agents in the world. I want to help 100 people in the next 100 days to reach $10,000/month income level, I’m going to build a team of people around me who I will lift up and inspire to create breakthroughs in their life. I’m going to speak on stages and create raving fans of people who can’t wait to hear more from me. I want to make a big difference in the lives of many people. That’s a short version of my vision. 

2. You must commit to the process of never-ending improvement and continuously saturate your mind with good information

Your business will always be in direct proportion to who you are as a person. If you want to create lasting business success, there is no way around it, you must invest in yourself and constantly learn new things. 

Habits are what makes us, and one the habits that is consistent to all leaders is reading books. Leaders are readers. What if you just committed for the next couple of years to every day read for 1 hour a book that can change your life? Just 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening? 

If you did that your life will transform in magical ways. You’ll begin thinking differently, have wiser perspective on life and you’ll have so many ideas to apply in everyday situations. You’ll become unstoppable just by reading good high-quality books. 

I challenge you to read everyday. Also, you want to listen to great leaders while you are doing other things, like driving a car. My car will not move before I turn on something great to listen that will inspire me with new ideas. You want to invest in the best courses you can find, learn from the best leaders, and saturate your mind with ideas that can change your life. 

Sacrifice watching stupid shows on TV, sacrifice on hanging out with your so-called friends who aren’t going far in life. Find the time to work hard on yourself, read, listen, watch, engage, surround yourself with mentors, coaches, leaders, big thinkers and visionaries. 

If you do that, everything will change. Your marketing, your communication, how you drive traffic, how you do business, everything will change. 

Remember that you build your brand, YOU INC. The way you think, the way you communicate, the way you talk to yourself, the way you manage your time, the way you believe in your vision, that’s what is going on below the surface, that’s what will bring you lasting success. 

Sure traffic, list building, marketing tactics it’s all very important to your success. But the main thing is to work on YOURSELF AS A LEADER, to change your mindset and think like a successful person, it’s changing your beliefs about yourself, changing the way you communicate silently and out loud. If you consistently do that and put your traffic, marketing and all of that stuff ON TOP of your personal development and growth, your business will EXPLODE!  

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– Vitaliy Dubinin