The Freemium Model – How To Build A Brand That Lasts And Attracts The Best Customers To You

trustA lot of internet marketers and home business owners struggle to turn a profit because they are trying to become an overnight success, they are chasing the sale today and hoping that people will just buy from them because the product is good or the marketing message is compelling and they don’t think  about creating a brand that lasts in the long term and focusing on creating customers for life, that will buy from you over and over again because they trust you and got so much value from you. In this post I’m going to share with you why it’s critical that you adopt the FREEMIUM model, what it is and how you can apply this information to create a loyal following and repeat customers. 

I first heard about this concept from my mentor Eben Pagan, who is a big internet marketer and generated tens of millions of dollars online, and he teaches this concept “Moving the free line” and basically it’s all about HOW YOU CREATE YOUR BEST STUFF and give it away FOR FREE, so that your visitors, followers, subscribers, think that you are crazy for giving it all away for free, feeling that it’s a steal, that you could have charged money for this information easily. 

The reason it works so well is because of the law of reciprocity. When people feel that they get a lot of value from you, when you give, give, give, they are almost compelled to give back in some way, and usually it means becoming your customer. Kind of like the great book of Gary Vaynerchuk “Jab,Jab,Jab, Right Hook”, if you haven’t read it yet, read it, it’s about giving value FIRST, a lot of value, before you ask for anything back. jab

When you build your email list of people who are looking for solutions you are providing, what you want to do is start the relationships on the right path, you want to give away your BEST stuff right away, so your followers and subscribers are impressed and think to themselves “Wow, if this is what I get for free, I wonder what it’s like to work with this person or to buy his products and services”. Do you see the power in this? Instead of trying to shove the products down people’s throats before BUILDING A RELATIONSHIPS OF TRUST with them, what you want to do is EARN THE TRUST, and you do it by providing VALUE. 

I know my friend who made much more money with a list of 10,000 people in the same niche than other marketers a list of 90,000 subscribers, because they focused on building relationships, creating value, rather then focus on shady tactics to get people to buy more. Demonstrate that you actually CARE about their success. 

Don’t look at people as a 1 time sale, transactionally. Change your perspective to you want to create lifetime customers, you want to build a tribe of people who will follow you and listen to your every word.

That’s why the FREEMIUM MODEL says that you want to lead with value in everything you do. You want to consistently post great content on yor blog, on your social media channels, like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and writing emails daily. 

Why do you think Ray Higdon has a blog that generates 100,000 unique visitors a month? Because the guy posted valuable content on his blog EVERY DAY for 4 years! 

Building Your Email List With A Freemium

The best way to build your email list and give away valuable training that you know your core customers will love. So first you need to know who is your customer, who are you targeting with your marketing and messaging, who do you want as your customers and who you don’t want, so you can repel in your messaging the customers you don’t want. Because if you just bring everybody in as a customer, you’ll end up building a business that you won’t enjoy. 

It’s important to get clear on that, because if you market to everyone you market to no one. In the other post I did you can learn how to get clear on who your customer is, what are their needs, their desires, their problems and challenges and frustrations, etc. It will help you also with advertising and driving traffic because you’ll know who to target and where those people hang around.


A lot of my audience is kind of like I am, they are not into get-rich-quick schemes, they understand the important ogetrichquickf building a real business, they are not desperate with a lottery ticket mentality, they are not looking for loopholes, they treat their business seriously. A lot of times it’s best to kind of target people who are like you, have the same values, beliefs,  and they are just a couple of steps behind you on the journey of their success. 

Now it’s all about what JOURNEY you take your customers through, how do you MAKE THEM FEEL when they come across your content, letting them get to know you and see the value you have to offer first. You want them to feel they need to continue learning from you. 

Now is the time to put your best foot forward. Think about what are the milestones that your customers need to overcome, information that they need to consume first, beliefs that needs to be changed,  and how you can SIMPLIFY what you are teaching to help them understand that it’s not that hard and they can do it too. 

What Do Your Customers Want To Learn?

What are they searching for? What are they talking about on forums? What do they share to you in private consultations? What they are talking about in social media? What would you be happy to learn once you got started? Is it something you can lay out in simple actionable steps?

Forums is a good place to do your market research and see what kind of problems people are struggling with. Every single day people are searching for information online on how to solve their problems and you can be the one helping them discover what you learned by yourself. 

Best Ways To Deliver The Freemium 

The #1 way in my opinion to deliver your freemium is VIDEOS. It’s also the easiest to create and digest. For the most part people are rather watch a video then ready an ebook. Videos are more engaging and they allow you to connecvideot and bond much better with your customers. 

I use Camtasia Studio for creating videos where I record the screen live or presentations and for editing the videos. If you are a Mac user, screenflow is good software to use. If you don’t have money to buy Camtasia, than you can use Screencast-omatic. 

So you are going to create your videos and then post them to your blog pages or to an external hosting and using templates like leadpages. You can use leadpages for creating landing pages too. 

Another thing you can do is to write a short ebook if that is easier for you. It doesn’t need to be long, 10-20 pages is goo, and you can write it in Microsoft Word or even Open Office which is a free software, or Pages for Mac, and then save the file as PDF, upload it to your server and you are good to go. 

And I want to leave you with this. Create a freemium that you feel that you are giving away too much value, and this is just the right amount.

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  • Ron Kaye

    December 12, 2014

    Great blog, Vitally . . . excellent information and thanks for the tip about “Screenflow” . . . it’s on today’s “to do list.”

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      December 13, 2014

      Awesome Ron, I’m glad it’s been helpful to you!