The #1 Mistake People Make With Their Blogs And Content Marketing Strategy [DIS #171]

Most people who set up their blogs make no money and that’s a fact. Just blogging and creating content by itself will not make you money, and even though you want to be an expert and share great value if you are making this #1 critical mistake with your blog, you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table and missing out on the whole point of marketing. 

So let me ask you a question, what is the main reason for creating online content?

The answer is very simple: to BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST and to grow your audience. 


Because your list is your ticket to your freedom in life, it’s your #1 online asset, the relationships that you build with your email subscribers. 

Yet most people when they set up their blog completely ignore it or not being thorough and thoughtful about it. 


You shouldn’t even bother to create your content IF you don’t have in place a free giveaway, a lead magnet to generate leads. 

Because that’s the major point of your blog is to GET LEADS. 
Facebook fans are nice, twitter followers and instagram followers are all nice, but we want actual person who enters their name and email to get on your list.  

So how do you do it?

You need to have an opt-in form on your blog, preferably in as many strategic places as possible, and connect it to your autoresponder.

I personally use Aweber for my email autoresponder, and it’s one of those things that you just have to have it, no questions about it.

So for your free giveaway you want to give them something that your target market really wants.

A lot of bloggers have very weak opt-in form offers that doesn’t work. They say something along the lines of JOIN MY NEWSLETTER, or get a FREE GIFT from me…  

Nobody wants to join your newsletter, we have enough emails to get bombarded with every day, we don’t want more email… 

But if you give them value, give them what they want, solving a problem, a pain that they have, then they will gladly get on your list. 

And if you are going to be so VAGUE in your offers, nobody will pay attention to you. 

So what are the problems of your target market? What really bothers them? What do they really struggle with? 
What can you offer that would make your target market toss and turns at night if they didn’t opt in?

What is really bothering them that you can help?

The #1 Mistake People Make With Their Blogs And Content Marketing Strategy [DIS #171]

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EXAMPLES – For Home Business Niche

So if you are in the home business, direct sales or network marketing niche, something that will always work for your lead magnet is some sort of LEAD GENERATION training. 
If you can help people to generate leads for their business, it will always work because everyone needs more leads, it’s the lifeblood of your business.
So what if you can teach them 3 secrets to generate 25 leads per day on Facebook? 
Or how about getting 17 leads per day on Instagram using your smartphone for 30 minutes per day. 
Or your case study how you got 129 leads in the last 24 hours. 
Or 29 sources to get leads now, like Ray Higdon has on his blog, and gets 3,000 to 4,000 leads per week with it. 
By the way Ray is teaching how to monetize your blog and become an expert in his 3-Minute Expert course he is launching right now. 
The window of opportunity to get this course and $4,200 worth of bonuses from Ray plus additional $400 bonus from me is closing in a couple days. 
So check it out, I’ve hosted a webinar recently with Ray teaching the 5 Steps to becoming an authority online, you can watch it here you’ll absolutely love it. 

I’m going to do a whole rebranding and creating new lead magnet for my blog very soon. 

I’m going to create 3 part video training course teaching people how to get to 25 leads per day from social media and video marketing so stay tuned 🙂

And video is the best way to create a lead magnet. If you can show up and watch people directly in the eye through the camera lens and they can feel you, you are going to create a tribe of people and fans who will follow you and buy from you. 

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  • Jelena Ostrovska

    May 27, 2015

    Exactly, Vitaliy!
    Having a blog without a lead magnet, without an opt-in form is pointless!
    Thank you!

  • Ron Deering

    May 27, 2015

    You hit the nail on the head Vitaliy… thanks for sharing…