Your Social Media Strategy To Get More Fans, Followers & Engagement [6-Fig #364]

Over the next couple 6-Figures Shows let’s talk about your overall Social Media Strategy, what to do on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and what to post to get more fans, more followers, more engagement, more people sharing your stuff and of course how to monetize your social media posts.

There is a reason for example why Brendon Burchard has over 4.4 Million fans and over 50 Million views on YouTube, there is a strategy behind it and I learned a lot in his Experts Academy 2016 online course that I want to share with you. 

The average person starting their business from home trying to leverage the Internet doesn’t even think about a strategy on Social Media. He just wants to promote his product, system, business opportunity or service and it’s the fastest way to kill all engagement and have no results. 

So in today’s 6-Figures Show #364 I’ll share with you the fundamental strategy and purpose of social media and things you absolutely must know to succeed: 

1. See It As An Art

You gotta see your posts as an art, a way for you to express yourself and who you are being, your beliefs, your points of view, it’s like a game. 

Every single day you get to LEARN SOMETHING NEW about yourself and about what you do, you get to GROW and CONTRIBUTE, and DISCOVER YOURSELF. It’s about self mastery.

When you see it as an art and you merry the process and not the outcome, you will LOVE it and ENJOY it.

If you are going to see it as a business thing or a marketing thing, something you have to do to promote your business, you are not going to be consistent and stick with it, you’ll bail! 

It doesn’t matter how many views you have on your videos, it’s not about an EGO. It’s not about fame. 

In the beginning you maybe seeing only 5 views on your video – your friend, your mom and you refreshing the video in 3 different browsers 🙂 

So what if it inspires even one person you’ve done your job. Don’t look at the counts, but see it as a process of self mastery. 

2. Focus on Inspiring & Teaching 

Your social media should be focused primarily on how you can inspire people and what you can share that can teach them something useful and valuable. What are the takeaways from your post or video. What people can take notes on. What is worthy of sharing? 

What is your audience really wants to know? 

What can you teach them? 

Even if it’s a quote, then share life truths and then give them a directive what to do.

For example: We all struggle in life. So be patient with the people you love.

People are going to resonate with that and share this post.

When you are shooting a video, then inspire them and give them 3-5 tips on how they can overcome this issue, or answer the question.

If you can inspire one person, you have done your job remember that.  

If you wonder what should I teach about, well there are a lot of sources of content creation. I teach it inside my 6-Figures Mastermind in detail how to do it. There are unlimited sources of content, a lot of the times I just grab a training inside of this system and take notes and then share it on my videos. 

3. Monetize Your Social Media 

This is where you need to understand how to turn your fans and followers into buyers. 

It’s not enough for me to say ok, post 4 times on Facebook fan page every day and 4 times on Instagram every day and once a week put up a video on YouTube. 

I’ll cover the monetization strategies of social media in another video, but basically what you want is drive your fans and followers to your lead magnet or webinar registration page so that you can collect the email, build relationships and provide value to this person delivering results in advance and they will buy from you. 

I covered a lot how to do it in my 6-Figures Mastermind workshop on “How To Create Your Own Lead Magnets and High Converting Landing Pages

4. Put More Energy 

Every video you create especially put enthusiasm, energy and passion into it! 
Put more energy into your videos, engage in the moment. 
People will associate your energy to your brand.
Create this flow, presence, mindfulness, awareness, consciousness in the moment. 
Express yourself more then you usually do. When you are on video, you are serving and inspiring. 
Enthusiasm sells. Demand more from yourself! Push yourself! 
Find the energy, summon your enthusiasm, speak with passion! 

5. Consistency is Key 

This is my episode #364 as you can see I’ve been doing those for a while now. Without consistency it’s not going to work. You will have to start all over again. 

You gotta show up day in and day out and inspire people, provide value and educate people! 

Let me know below you got value out of this post and what you further like to learn. Feel free to share on Facebook and Twitter! 







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