Simple 4 Step Daily Plan To Fire Your Boss & Go Full Time Online

Would you like to fire your boss and go full time online building your profitable home business? Well today I’ll share simple 4 steps plan you can do on a daily basis to do just that and the cool part is you don’t need to do any super whiz bang marketing tricks, you really can do this.

I just want to let you know that you you are worthy of your dream.

The only thing that separates you from your dream, that stands between you and the leaders that you admire and have the results you want, is that you just need to AMPLIFY more of yourself inside on a daily basis, demand more of yourself and show up more as your higher self.

We all have the same tools and the same time. But they are on the leader boards and you are not because  they chose to just amplify the fire inside! 

You have a voice, you have something to share, you are valuable, you have a story and it’s time to step up. With this simple 4 step plan, you can fire your boss and live the internet lifestyle:

Step 1: Work On Your Personal Development Daily

I always told that your mindset, your attitude, the way you think accounts for 90% of the results. You absolutely must work on your mindset daily if you want to achieve top status recognition.  

I suggest doing it first thing in the morning, and sprinkle it throughout the day. I’ve kept doing it consistently for many months and it’s like a habit now. 

I always invest in courses, training and I hire coaches and mentors to go to the next level. That’s what it takes. 

One of the things I do to work on my mindset is plugging in to MLSP morning wake up calls, where top leaders in the home business industry inspire and motivate me to keep going 🙂

Step 2: Create value based piece of content every day and share it with people

In the video it’s step 3, but chronologically you want to do it first thing in the morning after your personal development. 

It’s all about providing value, this is how you are going to attract people to you. 

Choose something and commit to it. It can be a daily video, a daily podcast, a daily blog post, updates on your Facebook Fan page, posting images on Instagram, daily hangout or a combination of the above.

For example I’m creating a video and blog post every day and I’m also sending out email every day, updating my Facebook fan page and posting images and video on Instagram. It takes me 3 hours a day to do all of that, including promoting it. 

Content is king. Even people who are hard core paid advertisement guys and girls, they STILL create valuable content consistently 🙂

How do I come up with so much content you ask? Big part of the secret is I just plugging in to MyLeadSystemPro training every day. They have so much training it’s ridiculous you will never run out of content ideas ever again.

It’s all about consistency. You will get better and better at it. And then make sure people see it. 

Simple 4 Step Daily Plan To Fire Your Boss & Go Full Time Online

Step 3: Connect with 10 new people every day and get them subscribed to your personal email list

We are in the relationships business, and what would it mean to your business when you meet 10 new friends and have 10 new leads for your business? It’s so simple to do. 

Find a targeted group of people, go to places where they are congregating, and build relationships, provide value, connect on a personal level, find out where they are at in their business, how you can help, what they are doing to generate leads and be of value and service. 

That’s it, nothing complicated, set up a simple capture page for your personal newsletter or create one on your blog. 

Step 4: Follow Up 

Now you need to just follow properly with your leads, prospects and people you meet online. 

It means you are going to be sending them emails and schedule appointments to talk on the phone.

Remember that all the fortune is in the follow up and if you understand how much value you hold inside of you, you will have no problem connecting with people and helping them out.

It’s so much easier to follow up with people when you have the CRM that MLSP provides it’s members for free… There are so many things that you can do with it. 

Whether you generate a lead or you get a business card at a networking event, you can add them to your CRM and start creating the relationship that will make you money.
CRM is an essential million dollar tool that will make or break your business, find out for yourself why. 
So that’s it, that’s the simple 4 steps plan that if you follow it, you can fire your boss and go full time online. 

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  • Robb Corbett

    April 3, 2015

    Great tips… you nailed them man. Do this and no question people will be a success! thanks!

  • Dereco Cherry

    April 3, 2015

    Awesome tips! You are correct on tip 4 the money is in the follow up!

  • Ron Deering

    April 3, 2015

    Great Post… Working on yourself… so very important… Thanks for sharing and handing out some great value!!!

  • Krista Hill

    April 2, 2015

    Great tips and training! I really like your section on followup! It really is that important!