How You Show Up In Your Home Business & What It Takes To Create Success [6-Fig #368]

You know how people when they start a new project, a new business from home they are all fired up and super excited and talk big that they are going to make it happen? Well then the reality sets in about what it actually takes to create success and they don’t want to do it.. 

Suddenly they start to blame something external of themselves, like because of this person, or because of the product or because of this new opportunity they are not successful…

And they go and join something else, a new deal, a new opportunity where the grass seems greener, and it sounds good and they are all fired up again, but then the reality kicks in again.. 

They realize that they actually need to work and learn the skills. Because wherever you are here you go, you take you with you. 


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In any business opportunity there are people who are totally crushing it. Why?

Because they have mastered a certain skill set.

I could say that I failed in 5 different network marketing companies, but did I fail? Or maybe I wasn’t showing up every day, or I didn’t take the right actions consistently or I didn’t have the skills? Probably all of the above.  

People are waiting for the step by step instructions on exactly what to do.. 

But what allowed me to create success is consistency. I’ve created over 343 blog posts. I shot over 600 videos. I was showing up day in and day out. I was talking to people and getting on the phone and helping people. I was doing weekly webinars consistently. 

But people don’t want to hear that. It’s more then step-by-step.

It’s your heart, it’s your passion. 

You gotta have a compelling vision! Why you are doing it? Why do you want success so badly?

Because in many cases you know what to do and you still don’t do it! 

For me I have a vision to help people WIN, to help people become FREE. To help people make income from home, quit their jobs and travel the world, that excites me! 

I’m not doing it just for myself and my family. I’m doing it to help people.

That’s why I created my 6-Figures Mastermind to help people learn the skills to succeed. 

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