Rare Interview – How 21 y/o Ex-Construction Worker Shaqir Hussyin Went From 0$ To $300,000 Per Month ( Part 2 of 2 )

Yesterday I’ve shared with you how Shaqir is thinking, his mindset that allowed him to go from being 21 y/o broke punk kid, working at construction job, to making more than $300,000 per month, and if you haven’t read it yet click here to read it right now.

IMG_5825As Tony Robbins always says 80% is mindset and only 20% is a strategy, so we covered mindset and it’s time to move into the practical, hands-down strategy that really allowed Shaqir to grow so fast and live this lifestyle.

To create a real long term successful business, you need to think from an elevated place, and really your business comes down to 5 components – YOU, YOUR MARKET, YOUR MARKETING, YOUR PEOPLE and YOUR SYSTEMS.

Let’s start with YOU – you have to know what your highest leveraged tasks are, you have to consistently work on your mindset every single day, because people are going to do business with you because they believe that you are the leader that is going to help them and solve their problems.

Make a list of all the skills that you have. Then think about all the relationships that you have with other marketers and think about all of THEIR skills. Even write it down. Now realize that you have an unlimited amount of resources to tap into. That’s the shift that is going to take you from $100/month to $10,000/month.

Your target market – these are the people that you serve and create value for, you need to know what are their fears, their frustrations, what keeps them awake at night, what are their challenges, their pain.

It’s crucial that you refine who is your ideal customer and know even better than themselves what are their problems, so you can address it in your marketing.

Now here is the million dollar idea, are you ready? 

Go and find people who already attracted, nurtured and built the customer database that you’re looking for, develop relationships with them and negotiate to put your offer in front of those hungry buyers.

Let me say it again. There are people who already have a list of buyers in your target market. Those people are already pre-disqualified, pre-motivated, pre-sold on home business offer, or whatever it is that you’re marketing.

Now what you need to do is put YOUR marketing message in front of those hungry buyers and you’re golden.   More on that later.

YOUR PEOPLE – this is your team that you work with, that help you automate your procedures, systematize everything. Shaqir has a team of 4-5 people who are doing a lot of work for him.

You’re not starting at this place, at the beginning you’re doing all the work, but then gradually you should take your profits and reinvest 10-20% in outsourcing, hiring and building a team of people around you, so that you can focus on the highest leveraged activities that make you money right now.

When you do that, now instead of working say 8 hours a day, you and your team combined are working 40 hours per day, and that’s a big difference, that’s leverage.

If you want to hire more people, you can go to peopleperhour.com, Onlinejobs.phvirtualstafffinder.com – phillipinos by the way are some of the best people to outsource to.

YOUR SYSTEMS – it’s what gives you the money even if you don’t do XYZ. If you don’t do any work how much money will you make? You need to put systems in place. Here are some questions to consider:

Where is my traffic coming from? How much is my traffic costing me? How many leads am I getting per day, how many sales am I making per day? What kind of conversions am I getting every day?

You’ve gotta know your numbers, and track everything, it’s super important. For example if you know that you get 50% conversions on your landing page, now you try to beat this number and make it higher. He creates his landing pages with leadpages.

Basically the whole model of making money on the internet is getting targeted traffic, then building your email list, then converting those leads into buyers through email marketing, social media, and phone follow up. The fortune is in the follow up.

There are three ways to grow a business – get more customers, increase the average value of each transaction and getting your customers to buy more frequently.

Shaqir has a variety of different income sources, affiliate marketing, done for you traffic packages, personal coaching and products, so adding those different products to the mix that’s what allowed him to go from $3,000/day to $10,000/day.

Shaqir mastered the art and science of conversions. If you can be in the customers shoes and really understand them and create value for them that solves their problems, that’s what will grow your business.

Master the art of getting attention, then influencing people, coming from a place of leadership and authority, and conversions will become much much easier.

It all starts usually with you giving a free report, like 7 mistakes to X, then once they come through your funnel they see you personal, they read your stories and they relate to you.

IMG_5827Here is another golden nugget – operate from a place of transparency, being real and being yourself, and that is what wins the heart of people over.

If somebody asks you what site you are advertising on, tell them. It will cause you to elevate your game, raise your standards, and find more.

So from any email that you write, any marketing communication, it should scream to your leads that this guy is transparent, he is not playing around.

This is abundance.People are naturally attracted to that. When people see it and know that you’re different, you won their attention for the next year 🙂

Let’s talk about a marketing mindset for a sec. Everything in marketing is a test. You need to test things all the time, tweak, test and then scale what’s working.

Shaqir found great success buying solo ads, if you don’t know what it is click here to read.  He once bought a solo ad and paid $5,000 for it, it returned $5,500 net profits the very same day plus gave him many leads and over the next 3 months he made $72,000 from those leads. You see why Shaqir decided to master solo ads right?

Let me break down solo ads for you.

1) You find people who has an email list in your niche, especially list of buyers.

2) You negotiate with the publisher a deal to send an email on your behalf to his entire list of people, endorsing you.

3) Rinse and repeat

That’s how you get traffic fast to your landing page, and from there you just follow up with your leads, engaging them in your personality, your stories, your videos, giving them value, sharing case studies, testimonials giving strategy sessions, providing fast action bonuses and using scarcity.

Writing your follow up emails and daily broadcasts is one of your highest leveraged activities.

Developing relationships with publishers and negotiating deals is another high leveraged activity.

Here is another million dollar idea:

Go to a marketplace like clickbank, find owners of the products that affiliates are promoting there, contact them and ask them to mail out your marketing message to their buyer list. Ask for lower prices. Ask to put banners on their site and membership area of the product. BOOM. You do that and you’ll see a huge ROI on your money spent.

You can go to JVZOO, clicksure and warrior forum, there are endless traffic sources and this method is battle tested and proven to work.

If they have a product to sell you can integrate your advertisement in their marketing funnel…

So here you have it, that’s how Shaqir went from zero to $300,000/month, solo ads are not the only source of traffic for Shaqir but he mastered it. I can’t go into full details of how to do solo ads A to Z cause this post would take forever to write 🙂

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