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If you are building any type of online business today, you know that you’ve gotta put free content out there on a consistent basis, creating blog posts, videos, podcasts, periscopes or Facebook LIVE streams. There are a couple of reasons for that, but not many people know how to MONETIZE their content so they see immediate money coming in. 

You’ve probably realized that today you gotta be willing to pay to play, meaning that you are going to spend money for people to see your FREE valuable training! Now what if you could build your audience for FREE by monetizing your content? That’s the idea behind self liquidating content that’ll share with you in today’s 6-Figures Show #359:

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You don’t have to do everything, blogging AND videos AND periscopes AND podcast, but pick at least one channel of communication and grow your audience there. 

There are a couple of reasons to creating content regularly: 

1. You Build Trust, Credibility And Create Good Will In The Marketplace 

So first of all business is based on trust. People are going to TRUST you if they got VALUE from you, if they are going to see you as the credible expert that is creating goodwill in the marketplace. 

The most expensive activity for any business is getting a new customer in the first place. Providing free content allows you to win people’s trust and show people that you are worthy of following.

2. Learn Your Voice 

It doesn’t matter if nobody’s reading your blog posts or watching your videos yet. You are doing it for yourself as well to help YOU become BETTER at teaching and communicating. 

You will find your voice and unique style of communication. 

You will get more and more clear about your messaging and your target audience. 

Every time you put content out there, you become more comfortable

3. Learn What Your Audience Digs

Not all of your content will be a hit. Sometimes you will do a periscope and no one will show up and at other times there will be full engagement and interaction. By consistently providing content you will know what your audience loves the best.

4. Build Your Audience For FREE – MOST IMPORTANT REASON

Now the most important reason why to create content consistently is that you can grow your audience! 

Imagine having 1,000,000 people have downloaded your podcast, or 100,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel, or 1,000,000 people visit your blog regularly.. 

Now when you have an engaged audience and you won people’s TIME and ATTENTION, they are going to listen to you. Whatever the next chapter for you, the next product you create or promote, people are going to buy because they trust your advice. 

I got this advice from Russell Brunson, who is arguably the best online marketer in the world, I’ve got all of his training. 

Now as I was watching Russell Brunson training inside FUNNEL UNIVERSITY, which is a membership where Russell teaching you about how to build funnels and how to make them super profitable, with amazing internet marketing training, including a magazine printed to your door. 

And Russell talked about Mike Dillard who built multi million dollar businesses, and his recent project Self-Made Man. 

Now what Mike does is goes and interviews really awesome people who have HUGE following online. Then he records it and taps into those people audiences and advertise to them this free interview. 

What happens is all of those people then subscribe to his podcast, got to his blog and then many of them become members of Self-Made Man society for $47/month. 

So this way Mike is breaking even on his ad cost and he builds his audience for FREE! How cool is that 🙂 

So now use this idea and go and create content and focus on building your audience – email subscribers, YouTube subscribers, Facebook fans, twitter and Instagram followers..

Then you need to have some sort of a membership site that either you create yourself or you promote to help you build your audience for free. I like to refer people to MLSP membership site because it’s a place where I learned so many of my online marketing skills to succeed as a home business entrepreneur. They provide a ton of value, 8 years of online marketing training and all the tools people need to succeed like your own hosted Blog for example, creating your own funnels and CRM. 

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  • Lynn Brown

    May 11, 2016

    You are a great example of providing valuable content Vitaliy! Love the information that you share here, the tips and strategies are important to building any business. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kenny Santos

    May 10, 2016

    What a great video and great tips. Content creation is a great way to build credibility and an audience. Thank you for sharing.

  • everydaylifeofthewitch

    May 10, 2016

    Trust, time and expections are the keywords for sure.
    Thank you

  • Kay Somji

    May 9, 2016

    Great advice for anyone looking to build their audience. It really is all in the value!