REVEALED: 5 Uncensored Story Telling Secrets That Will Bring A Lot Of Profits In Your Business

As I was staring at the university textbooks I started to cry. I spent 4 years of my life following the passionless path that was dictated for me by my mother, friends, family and society. Go finish a degree and find a job they told me. I was a broke student in debt 16 months ago, so sick and tired of working at low-paying, boring and soul-crushing jobs, punching the clock and slaving away, living on a government welfare and barely had enough money to put on the table for my 2 small kids.

I said no more. Not another day, not another moment! I’m going to fight for my freedom, I’m going to become an entrepreneur and inspire tens of thousands of people. Then I went online, struggled like hell for months spending 10+ hour days in front of the computer going even deeper into debt, earning nothing, until finally I started making a steady 6-figure income.

Now that’s my story in a VERY little nutshell. Now I’m writing this post not to tell my whole story. I want to give you 5 story telling secrets that will bring a lot of profits in your business. 

Why you want to become a masterful story teller?

Because it’s your story that will help other people to connect with you, resonate with you, join you, buy from you and become your loyal fans.

That’s what builds TRUST. People need to hear  your story of where have you been, what have you learned, what challenges have you overcome and where you are going.

People are not going to remember what you said, but they will always remember your story and how you made them feel. 

Your story is what will help them identify with you and say to themselves “He is reading my mind, those are the same challenges and obstacles I’m experiencing that he has overcome. If he can get from here to there, I CAN TOO.” 

Your story is the glue that holds it all together. Every leader in our home business industry is really good at telling stories and connecting on an emotional level. 

REVEALED: 5 Uncensored Story Telling Secrets That Will Bring A Lot Of Profits In Your Business 


HUGE TIP #1: Be Real

You don’t need to be someone you are not. You just need to be your authentic self, for real. Tell the truth. People want your raw self and hear what you stand for and passionately believe in. You can tell your story in a mesmerizing way, there is an art and science to that.

HUGE TIP #2: Be The Messenger, It’s NOT About You. You don’t have to have results.

People are always hung up on this because they think they need to have a massive result or any result before they actually can help people transform their life. It’s not the case.

It’s not about YOU man, or woman. It’s all about THEM.  It’s about the transformation you can help bring in their life.

You can tell stories of other people and leverage the results of other people.

Remember you are just the messenger, not the message. Allow your full presence, and passion and vibrancy to come. Feel ALIVE and share your story for God’s sakes. Believe in yourself.  

What is the framework of a good story? 

A good story has a hero, a villain, the turning point, the crisis, the naysayer, the unlikely helper, the moral of the story. 

Story Telling Secret #1 – Setting Of the Stage

This is where you will establish the credibility, the context and the meaning of your story. 

Ask yourself:

  • What was the biggest problem for you in your life before you started your business? What did you want to change? 
  • What was the more out of life that you wanted? 
  • Why you started your online business?

For me I was so sick and tired of being broke, of not living up to my potential, not doing what I’m not passionate about. I suffered when I was an employee, all those little corporate games, all of those suffocating rules, I was not being myself. It was boring and I was a slave. I remember working as a bank teller and punching the clock, looking at the ceiling and saying where will this end. Working for peanuts, knocking door to door to sell people a vacuum cleaner, or to tell people they need to separate organic waste from not organic, or washing cars and waiting tables, and tutoring English in high school. 

I wanted to be an entrepreneur and inspire thousands of people, I knew somehow it was possible and some people were doing it, but I had all of those mental blocks that I don’t have the skills, my English is not good enough, who will listen to me, I don’t have this and that, blah blah blah. So I had to totally reprogram myself and instill new beliefs and habits.

I wanted FREEDOM you know, to do what you want, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, travel around the world to seminars and be who I am and pursue the dreams that are meaningful to me, living life on MY terms, and not society’s terms.

Story Telling Secret #2 – Share The Story Of Struggles And Challenges

This is the most important element of your story, when you share your story of struggle and challenges, you are connecting on an emotional level and building trust.

Ask yourself:

  • Was there ever a major point or event in your life that was either a crisis or a catalyst for you to make the decision to change?
  • What major challenges and roadblocks did you face in overcoming that?   
  • Did you have doubters and naysayers in your life? What did they tell you?

For me when I made the decision to make full time income on the internet I had a ton of challenges facing me. I didn’t have a mentor, I didn’t have a list, I didn’t know what traffic is and how to drive it, or how to create a landing page or what it was. I didn’t know how to set up my blog, I never done internet marketing. I didn’t know to build my brand and online presence. I had no money to spend on advertising other than going into more debt. 

I never made videos before, I didn’t know how to edit them, I was not that sure of my English abilities cause it’s not my first language. I didn’t know who to trust. I had failed in a couple of MLM’s 7 years ago, never sponsored anyone. Never made money online. So back in March 2014 I started from scratch.

Story Telling Secret #3 – Share Your Journey Of Discovery

This is where you will share how you discovered the secret and the solution.

Ask yourself:

  • What happened on this journey?
  • Who showed you the solution?
  • What did you learn?
  • What myths were shattered?

For me I found a high-ticket program and invested $2,000 in it because I saw other people made money with it, and I soon realized that I can’t just hide behind my computer, and drive traffic and sales will pop up. Because I tried that and I was losing money all the time.


So I learned that I need to provide real value and build my brand online and my presence online, and start doing blogging and videos and attract people to me.   

Later I learned that it’s not only me, hundreds of people who were in the same deal had the same problem. They were going broke, with no support and making no money. 

I learned that I didn’t need to have a big list to make 6 figure income, I need a responsive list. I learned how to build an audience and drive traffic to my blog and capture pages. I learned that I need to brand myself and then the company. 

So I found MyLeadSystemPro back in May 2014, and I learned all of this stuff there, how to actually do it, how to generate leads and build my brand. This allowed me to create my first $5K/mo in residual income, and win first place in big affiliate contests. This is what helped me create the breakthrough. I leaTotal_personal_teamrned from a lot of mentors there. 

Then I found another mentor who showed me how to actually sponsor people into the business. I found a great team of multiple 6-figure marketers, called pipeline prosperity alliance, and I joined a new business and within my first 30 days I sponsored 28 people personally, from June 12th that I just joined, June 17th I sponsored my first person – until July 12th. 28 people in 25 days. I figured out the sponsoring people was not that hard. Generating $3,479 in 1 week. 

1207_proof Story Telling Secret #4 – Tell The Revelation

Ask yourself:

  • What was your breakthrough and AHA moment?
  • What was the old way of doing thins and what is the New way that you are exposing?

For me the AHA moment came when I realized that this business is all about how good of a leader you are to other people. I realized if it’s to be it’s up to me. There is no back up plan! 

I started to listening EXACTLY to what my mentors were telling me I need to do and I took massive action. That’s it. 

Story Telling Secret #5 – Give Call To Action 

Finally you are going to give a call to action and set the expectation for the next exposure. You are going to say the reason why you are giving this to them and revealing this opportunity.

You are going to introduce to the sales message and the person of authority who is going to show up on the next page. 

And you are going to give a call to action in a clear way. 

So bottom line you gotta become a master at telling stories and sharing your truth and hopefully you got a lot of value out of this post today!

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    Thanks for the post, I took away a lot of value from it. I am actually in the middle of creating a powerpoint video and I will use some of these things. Like telling about my struggle


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    Awesome post, I need to work on my story now thanks

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    Simply outstanding post Vitaliy! These 5 story telling secrets that bring in lots of profits for business are vital to know. Love the first one especially because having the freedom to be your true, authentic self is what freedom is all about, right?! We can definitely relate to the past in doing jobs we hated because of all the rules and corporate politics, especially when I worked at the bank. So happy that back in 2009, we made a decision to step out in faith and create our freedom as well. There IS a better way and it’s in the entrepreneurial way! Thank you for breaking it down for all to understand and start implementing today. You ROCK!

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      Hey Brian that’s awesome, entrepreneurial way is a better way, so glad that you FREE!

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