How To Quickly Build Trust With Your Leads And Deliver Results In Advance

How do you build trust in your prospects eyes? How do you generate so much goodwill in your prospects mind that they are eager to do business with you and buy from you? How do you genuinely provide value and help people before they even buy from you? 

Well I’ll share with you how to do it by delivering RESULTS in ADVANCE. It’s something I learned from 8-Figures Internet Marketer Frank Kern and it will help you attract the right leads to you, and it has everything to do with creating your own lead magnet.

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A lead magnet is a piece of value that solves a SPECIFIC problem for a SPECIFIC market that is offered in exchange of an opt in. Basically you give them something of value in exchange for their e-mail address.

Why To Create Your Own Lead Magnet?

  • It brands YOU and positions you as the expert & authority in your prospects eyes.
  • You stand out from all the other affiliates who are promoting the same landing page. 
  • It’s super important that you have your own custom landing page, all pros are doing it.
  • Allows you to deliver value in advance and build TRUST with your prospects.
  • Allows you to attract that people you want and filter out people you don’t want to work with

6-Fig Show #363 – Results In Advance, How Does It Work? 

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So you have a prospect, and he has his goals and dreams and pains and struggles. He is at certain point on his journey. 

He has a desired goal, let’s say it’s to make 6-Figure income with his home business, how do you help him? 

Well you create results in advance, you ask yourself: “What are the main milestones that they will have to overcome and learn in order to get to the desired result?”

And you come up with 4 steps that they can take to move closer to their goal and teach them each step, it’s that simple!

Because the #1 emotion you can create in your prospects mind is positive expectancy.

It’s when they say to themselves “I can see how I can do that, it’s simple enough, I believe I can do this” and now they believe and have faith because you explained it to them in easy to understand way. 

When they can see themselves actually achieving the result of what you just showed them, they have faith.

So I would teach them for example the following things:

Step 1 – How To Create Your Own Lead Magnet – That’s what I cover on today’s webinar

Step 2 – How To Generate Traffic & Leads 

Step 3 – How To Brand Yourself Online – I’ve showed how to create an Authority Blog that brands you and generates leads right here on this detailed hangout

Step 4 – How To Follow Up With Your Leads & Make Sales

When you do it like this, their trust in you will go up and their desire to buy will go up!

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