Ready, Fire, Aim!

On today’s 6-Figures Show #452 I’ll share with you how important it is to adopt this mindset of ready, fire and aim.

As you transition from being an employee and stepping into the world of online entrepreneurship, as you are striving to grow, to stretch yourself, to become better,
to step into the unknown, your mind will do anything in its power to keep coming up with things you still need to learn and get done before you launch the company, or launch the project or product, or create a website or start shooting videos or run your own events.

Those are all limiting beliefs, fears and doubts showing up.

What you need to realize is that nothing is going to be perfect ever. You just need to do it.

I didn’t wait until I had all the money in the bank I needed until I started the business, I borrowed the money and got started.

I didn’t wait until my English was perfect by studying another 3 years, I started writing and speaking in English and improve as I went.

I didn’t wait until someone granted me the permission to start creating inspirational videos, I just started.

Be prepared to fire everything you have got and then keep adjusting your approach.

There will be a lot of fears and uncertanty, but you will keep moving forward.

Take a leap of faith and know the net will appear. Jump from the cliff and know that you will either find something solid to stand on or you will learn how to fly.

Heck I messed up in the beginning of this video saying ready, aim fire instead of ready fire and aim, so what. I could have recorded this video again or I could leave it like that and let it be the permanent lesson that you don’t need to be perfect but just do it.


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