How To Turn Ice-Cold People Who Don’t Know You Online To Your Hot Customers & Raving Fans

How do you turn people who are ice cold, who don’t even know anything about you on the Internet land, who are not aware that you can help them solve their problem, and then warm them up so they buy into you and your vision and then turn them into your hot customers and true fans? That’s a big question and I’ll give you a lot of clues how to do it in today’s 6-Figures Show #360. 

This is the goal really of all Internet Marketing. When you have 1,000 true fans, you are free pretty much for the rest of your life, even if you have 100 fans and each give you at least $100 a month, you can generate a 6-Figure income easily.

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I learned this concept from Russell Brunson, he is one of the top Internet Marketers in the world and I’ve been a raving fan of him for a long time and I’m a member of his Funnel University which you can get a totally free access. 

You need to speak very differently to people who are cold, they are not aware of you and your brand, they are not aware of their problems lots of times and not aware of the solutions and that the product or service exist for them to help them.

So firstly you need to provide value to people on a regular basis and create content through different platforms – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Periscope, Instagram, Your blog. That’s a given.

When people are going to check you out and see that you have a ton of content on your blog and different social media platform and that you already  have a following and fans, you have social proof, you are branding yourself and you are teaching, they are going to warm up to you and trust you more.

Business is built on TRUST, your first job is to do anything in your power to prove to people that you are trustworthy and that they are going to be happy to become your customers. 

In the beginning it’s going to suck to create a lot of content regularly and not get a lot of results initially doing so, because it takes time to create a momentum.

 Russell paid a whole bunch of money to pick Neil Patel brain, as he is a 7-figure blogger and drives a ton of traffic for free. Neil said you gotta blog every day and Russell said well it sucks I don’t want to do it.. 

And Neil said it’s going to suck in the first year, but now I generate 1,700 leads consistently every day for FREE from my blog.. That’s a lot of free high quality leads 🙂 

Then you need to understand the concept of a BRIDGE or pre-frame as this is one of the most important concepts that you can learn. 

Everything in marketing is about the next step. 

What is the frame of mind that they come to your capture page and to your world? 

If they have seen your videos or better yet a person praising you and giving you a testimonial and then they come to your funnel, it’s a whole different mindset! 

Then about your funnel it’s how you generate leads and then create customers. 

The most expensive activity is to bring customers in the door in the first place. 

You need to be able to break even when you bring new customers in. So for every $100 you spend on advertising you make $100 back, this way you build customers base for free! 

Then what happens on the back end is going to be pure profits! 

There is so much I can teach you about funnels and capture pages, in fact on my next 6-Figures Mastermind training I’ll be doing a workshop about funnel creation, capture pages and all of that stuff.

But if you want to dive really deep about what Russell is teaching and understand how to whole process of creating a funnel works, then I highly recommend you check out Russel’s Funnel University. 

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