Rare Interview – How 21 y/o Ex-Construction Worker Shaqir Hussyin Went From 0$ To $300,000 Per Month ( Part 1 of 2 )

Shaqir Hussyin

Shaqir Hussyin

I had a chance recently to listen how Daegan Smith interviewed Shaqir Hussyin on exactly what it took for him to go from 21 years old punk, broke, construction worker kid to making more than $300,000 per month, and I want to share with you all the golden nuggets of wisdom that I learned that are going to BLOW YOU AWAY 🙂

Imagine how your life would be different if you achieved even 10% of that – making $30,000 per day? I don’t need to say that your lifestyle is going to change a lot.

He is now able to go anywhere he wants in the world, sometimes pinching himself because of his ability to create money out of thin air 🙂 What are his secrets? Does he have some super talents that you don’t have? No. He started just like everyone else, with no experience, no money, no marketing knowledge, but with a HUGE desire to succeed.

Now that he doesn’t really “need” the money, he operates from a higher place of creativity, serving people and I’m very proud of him.

His success can be summarized in 1 sentence, mastering getting traffic and the art of converting leads into loyal buyers.

This is part 1 of 2 parts, where I’m going to focus more on the mindset behind his success ( which is by the way the most important part ) and on the next post I’ll break down more down-to-earth practical and implementable marketing strategies ( so stay tuned….)

It’s not always been like that for Shaqir, in fact quite the opposite.  Here are some of the challenges that Shaqir had – at age of 21 he never read a book on marketing and done no internet marketing online. When he got started, he was bombarded with emails from all those spammy marketers from clickbank and warrior forum that wanted to sell him a different system every day. Of course he began buying a lot of those courses and at the end of the day, as you can guess it probably, were totally overwhelmed with the amount of information.

Can you relate to that?

He was overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, and was struck by very popular ailment – ‘paralysis by analysis’, that led to him not making any money for 9 months straight.

Friends and family laughed at him as he was telling them about his big dreams. No one believed in him really, he was suffering from low self-esteem and questioning himself from time to time “Can I really do this?”.

Luckily for us Shaqir haven’t gave up. He recognized that this journey consists of us facing challenges every single day.

80% of your success is the mindset that you have, it’s how you’re thinking, so Shaqir invested in himself every single day. Here is what Shaqir has to say about mindset:

1) You have to manufacture your own optimism.

The reality is that majority of home based business owners lose hope, they quit, and primarily because they lose belief that they can do it. That is usually because of lack of support from their friends and family.

That’s why you need to stay focused on your goal, write it down, and be closed minded to any input from the outside that you can’t do it. What Shaqir used to do is listen to Tony Robbins tapes and incant to himself over and over “I’m making $10,000 a month, I’m making $10,000 a month…”

I used to do it as well by the way. I love Tony Robbins and drink wisdom from him.

The goals will drive you to success. you have to find strong enough reasons why, that will keep you awake at night, get you wake up earlier and work harder.  He used to be glued to the computer screen hours and hours every single day.

So write your goals daily. Also ask yourself – “am I setting it because of people around me or I truly want it”?

Whatever your goals are there are people all around you who already has done what you want as a goal. You just need to learn what they are doing.

You need to put your excuses away, like Shaqir did, and set for yourself some BIG goals that are going to drive you, challenge you and push you.

Another thing is Shaqir didn’t compare himself to other gurus…

He was focused on what he can do, and how much value he can provide…

2) Be grateful where you are at.

Tony Robbins used to say – if you’re grateful you’re rich, so true!

If you’re are grateful, you are fulfilled inside. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances, you are grateful for what you have. You are not attached to the outcome, what you’re focusing is on giving value.

What Shaqir does is focusing on being grateful every single morning, he wakes up and writes 5 things he is grateful for today. Take it to heart.

3) Speed of implementation

That’s something that I learned from Eben Pagan like Shaqir did, when you learn something valuable go and implement it As Soon As Possible. The recipe is you learn what’s working, you do it yourself and then you share it with your followers, with the marketplace to create value.

Shaqir asks himself what are the top 3 things that I do that give me money? He primarily does only things that give him money, the high leveraged activities and hw outsources the rest to other people.

Learn skills that you know will last, that you can leverage and that will bring you money, like getting traffic, email marketing and doing webinars for example.

Look out of all the different strategies that are available and pick one or two methods that are most suitable for you and master it.

Another huge tip is to execute 80% of the time and learn only 20% of the time. Be a producer and not only a consumer, as Shaqir likes to put it.

It’s only when you take massive action you get the results.

One of the highest leveraged activities for Shaqir is sending email daily, even sometimes two emails a day.


So here you have it, change the way you think and approach your business and your life is        going to change.

Those are some of the most important mindset components that will you move you forward.

I truly believe that your mindset, the way that you think and perceive the world, your attitude is responsible for your success cause everything else you can figure it out.

Watch out for tomorrow as I’m going to reveal some of the best kept secrets of Shaqir about how he operates his business on a day to day basis, cause I want you to get results.

Know that you can do it, I hoped that Shaqir’s story has inspired you and you’re committed to make your dreams a reality and generate healthy amounts of income online to live the lifestyle that you want.

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PS. This kind of income that Shaqir has is not typical and is not possible without having a really good high ticket affiliate program.


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