How You Can Quickly And Easily Set Up A Professional Blog That Will Brand YOU And Drive Unlimited Amount Of Leads & Sales

If you want to make a long term and sustainable multiple 6-Figure income especially in the network marketing and home business space and you want to leverage your time and create freedom in your life than you absolutely must have your own blog that will brand you and today I’ll share with you the best way to set it up very easily and how to turn your blog into a profit machine. 

First Of All Why To Blog In The First Place?

If you don’t have your own blog with content that attracts your ideal customers, than you are doomed to pound the phone forever and hustle to find the customers forever. 

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t hustle in the beginning to get the business going and get into profit but do you want to hustle forever? Do you want to start every month from scratch and sift through a ton of people to find the right customer and spend all of this time while creating absolutely no leverage for yourself? 

I don’t think so right? See it’s when you become a source of value and you are educating people on a consistent basis then people will start to SEEK YOU OUT. You elevate yourself to an expert status by providing value.

Yes you can provide value on Facebook, or Instagram or YouTube and build following there but you don’t own any of those sites and in a moment’s notice they can shut down your account, PLUS there is too much distraction on social media and in one second they can be gone to something else. You put something on Facebook and in 3 hours everybody forgot about it. 

There is so much leverage on the Internet, you can have multiple streams of income and your blog is the cornerstone of your business. 

Your business online is your list of prospects and customers who know, like and trust you, meaning your email list, and your blog. That’s the only thing that you own (as long as you keep paying to email services and hosting services)

See MLM companies come and go and they can close the doors to business, but if you have built your brand online and you have a following you are immune to this. 

Your blog is the central hub online, it’s your virtual home that you will keep inviting people to it, to share your story and to provide value and to share what solutions you have available for people. 

With your branded blog you become the authority, you become a messenger and you stand out from anyone else in the marketplace. 

How You Can Quickly And Easily Set Up A Professional Blog That Will Brand YOU And Drive Unlimited Amount Of Leads & Sales

Hot Off The Press – Announcing MLSP Sites And How It Can Help You Build Your Brand Online

Yes it just happened, the most powerful “All-in-1 solution” to launch your WordPress blog to the world in 24 hours or less even if you are brand new online. You will learn everything you need to learn in record time and set up a blog yourself and others will think you paid $1,000 for a designer to do it. 

See when I got started with blogging I knew nothing about it and I had to spend months figuring this out and scrapping pieces all over the Internet. You don’t have to. 

So why MLSP Sites is so different? 

  • Built on WordPress – Sure this is fundamentals and trust me this is the ONLY blogging platform yuo want to use, period. 
  • Self-Hosted and on your self branded domain – go and get a domain from GoDaddy that will brand you and then you own the content.
  • Enterprise grade hosting that is super fast that produces awesome experience for your blog readers – you would have to pay $500 – $1,000 a month separately for this level of hosting! 
  • Professional 89 paid-for plugins that are already pre-installed for you – WOW, this is huge, instead of spending $3,000 plus recurring monthly fees you get it all for free.
  • Save TON OF HOURS on setting up your blog and all the plugins and settings – EVERYTHING is ready in a click of a mouse, all the plugins installed and settings configured! 
  • Premium and “paid for” themes like Divi, Genesis framework themes and other WP Premium themes to choose from – That’s like again a $1,000 in value comes for free. 
  • Ongoing an updated SITES HD training portal with hundreds of 3 minute video tutorials that cover EVERYTHING – no more guessing, everything has been put together for you to create an amazing blog!  
  • Bulletproof security that you can trust 
  • No more hosting fees and tech mambo-jumbo, it’s ready to go to start blogging! 

Yeah that’s right all of this is available to you now and it has never been available before! 

It’s something I WISH I had when I got started blogging a year and a half ago. But I didn’t and you are lucky. I see people who have blogs and they are turing them off and switching to MLSP Sites right now because it’s much more effective! 

Don’t worry if you don’t know how to blog or what to blog about or how to drive traffic to your blog or how to monetize your blog. You are going to have the best training about how to do it coming from a 7-figure blogger and industry earner. 

That’s right we are going to teach you exactly how to drive traffic, leads and sales from your blog and how to build your brand online. 

For a limited time only you can watch this exclusive webinar replay that turned the industry on it’s head where you will learn exactly how you can create your awesome blog in no time. On this webinar you will learn how to build your authority blog. 

Here you can go and directly sign up for MLSP and you will get MLSP Sites as a bonus! 

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Hope you got value and you are either part of MLSP Sites or you are going to capitalize on it, cause it’s definitely worth it’s weight in GOLD! 

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  • Daniel

    November 10, 2015

    Powerful Platform, I would have been sold at 89 profssional plugins that are worth 3000. Nice post

  • Liz English

    November 7, 2015

    Great post on MLSP Vitaliy, I agree that we need multiple streams of income, when my main business multiplies I will add more. I appreciate you sharing your success story Vitaliy.

  • David Thompson

    November 6, 2015

    Great post on how and why to build a blog Vitaliy. Your blog is your hub that you control and create your brand from. Thank you for sharing.