Proven 5 Step System To Become More Productive, Profitable And Results Driven Entrepreneur So You Can Create Your Dream Year In Business In 2015!

Do you want to kick life’s challenges in the tail and radically transform your life and home business in 2015? Do you have the passion, the fire in the belly to achieve your dream life through the vehicle of owning your Home Business? What was the dream you had the day you decided to go for it and start a home business? It’s time to make your dream a reality!

I remember when I started my business I had a vision of what the business is going to do for me and my lifestyle, the level of passion, enthusiasm, joy, excitement and fun I’ll have on a day to day basis working with people all over the world and it’s happening right now! 

Do you want to travel more around the world? Do you want to give back to your community? Do you want to spend more time with your family, with your loved ones? Do you want to fire your boss and quit the job that you hate, that you overworked and underpaid in? How about designing your life in a way that you don’t need to escape from because you love it so much? 

Have you set HUGE goals this year? Awesome. What about the year before in 2014? Have you wildly exceeded your goals in 2014? If not why not? What has stopped you from achieving those goals? I’m going to CHALLENGE YOU to start thinking bigger, and becoming the best version of YOU in 2015.


Me and Adam Chandler

So I’m going to share with you Simple 5 Step plan to conquer your dreams that I learned from my friends and industry leaders Justice Eagan and Adam Chandler, and you can come to my webinar I’m hosting today Monday 19th, 2PM EST where we are going to go in more detail into these 5 steps. 


Step 1 – Create a Crystal Clear Vision and Definable Goals

Without a vision people perish, like it’s said in the bible. Do you truly know what you want? If time and money were not an issue what would your life look like?  What would you do? How would you spend time?

Is your vision BIG ENOUGH? Does it include other people too beyond yourself? So really take the time to write down your vision on paper the way you visualize it yourself. Visualize it every day for 5 minutes at least.

And based on this vision, write your goals and then reverse engineer those goals so that you know what you are going to do on a monthly and weekly basis and daily basis. 

If you remove all the distractions and give more ATTENTION and FOCUS to your goals and dreams, you will crush it. 

Affirm what you want every day. Like for example you can affirm “I am the leader that other people are looking to work with” and you will start living into this truth every day! (Watch my Daily Inspirational Show Ep. 62 it will help you step into leadership role)

So build your belief in yourself and build your VISION bigger. 

Step 2 – Create a Marketing Plan

First you need to understand the difference between active and passive marketing strategies.  Active strategy is going out and meeting new people, starting new conversations with people who are in your niche and building relationships and guiding them to some training and information that will help them and setting up appointments and following up. This type of activity can bring you income right now while you are building more leverage. Passive strategy is creating content and marketing it, it’s more of a long term strategy that will yield massive leverage and results when it’s compounded over time. But it will take some time to see results. 

So you can leverage social media to find targeted prospects, and I’ve done a very detailed training on my FREE Facebook Marketing strategy that you can find here

Create valuable content on a consistent basis to build authority and attract prospects to YOU. I’m big on creating content, I make sure that every day I create something, whether it’s my Daily Inspirational Show or other content. You can ask yourself “If only I knew then what I know now” to come up with endless content ideas. Teach the YOU of yesterday! Because that’s where the people are at!

Put it on paper, what is it that you are going to do on a consistent basis? For me, it’s writing blog posts 2-3 week, doing at least 1 webinar a week, create 1 training every day for my membership site, create 1 daily Inspirational show video, connect with at least 10 new people every day.

Step 3 – Create and Reinforce better habits

Habits and routines are everything. You need to be obsessed about your habits and routines. Because consistency creates momentum! 

You need to schedule those activities on your calendar, schedule your month, your week and your day. And you need to track your activities! I have a little app on my phone – My Habits Coach – where I track all of my habits that I want to get done on a daily basis.

Sometimes I do batch processing. I record my Daily Inspirational Show videos in a couple of hours for the entire week. This saves me switching cost time!

Step 4 – Monitor and Adjust Your Associations

Do you allow naysayers to influence you? Do you have friends and family that drag you down? You have to understand that your associations, the people that you surround yourself with and listen to their advice influence so much how you think and ultimately your results. So you need to associate yourself with great leaders and mentors who will encourage you along the path to conquer your dreams. 

Find a mastermind partner who you can bounce ideas off of is also very important. 

Step 5 – Commit to stepping into the bigger version of YOU

This is your year! Imagine being the leader that other people are looking to join. You have to step into the other side, and stop being only the consumer of information and start bring lots of value into the marketplace. 

Vitaliy Dubinin

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