Predatory SEO Review – How To Rank Your Content On The 1st Page Of Google For Any Keyword

predatory seoSearching for a comprehensive review of Rob Fore’s predatory SEO course to learn how to dominate the search engines and be totally certain in your ability to rank your content on top of 1st page of Google for any profitable keyword you choose?

That’s awesome, you’re in the right place, because getting your web page, blog post, article or video to rank on 1st page of Google or YouTube is one of the most profitable ways of driving massive amounts of highly targeted, highly motivated potential customers to your offers.

You probably already know that, and you may have bought seo courses in the past that didn’t bring you the results you were looking for, and it’s not your fault. Before I bought and gone through the “predatory seo” I knew nothing about how to do seo and I thought it is very hard and the competition is very high. But when I understood all of the pieces of the puzzle, it became very clear what I should be doing to rank any content for any keyword, so it’s more of a science than an art.

Watch my full video review of predatory SEO course by Rob Fore below:

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Predatory SEO - Who is Rob Fore?

You may be wondering who is this guy and why should I pay attention? You're right, I'm very selective too when I'm choosing who to learn from. Rob Fore has been doing internet marketing for a long time, since 1996 he has build more than 5 multiple six-figure businesses, and he did it all by mastering the proven 5-step SEO formula that you are going to learn in predatory SEO.

Rob Fore has built a couple of network marketing businesses, one of them with more than 11,000 distributors.  He makes multiple streams of affiliate income on complete autopilot just promoting stuff from affiliate networks like clickbank. He also is one of the top producers in MLSP, an attraction marketing platform for network marketers who want to generate leads online.

Predatory SEO - Why it's better than Facebook ads and other paid advertising?

Keep in mind that behind every search on the internet is a live person who is actively looking for more information or to purchase a solution to a pressing problem. He trusts that Google or Youtube will bring him the most relevant information, so if your content shows up high in the search results, he is going to trust you and your content too.

In any form of paid advertising, when you're placing your ads your are interrupting people in whatever they are doing. You are trying to grab their attention with attractive headlines and copy, and push their emotional hot buttons to click on your ad.

Take for example Facebook ads. People go to Facebook to connect with their friends,socialize and have fun. Those ads that appear on the right side or in the news feed are in their face and interrupting their experience.

But when you are doing predatory SEO, people are searching in real time and they are coming to you searching for credible information that will solve their problems.

With SEO you do the work once and then you are continually enjoying a steady stream of free traffic, leads and sales. Once you understand how to do predatory SEO - which means eating your competition for lunch, kicking them off the first page of Google so that you rank - you will remain on the first page for a very long time. Learn this skill and you will write your own ticket in life.  Read what Wikipedia has to say about predatory seo.

Predatory SEO - What you will learn in this online SEO course?

Predatory SEO has more than 10 hours of video and it's broken down to 7 modules. I'll cover each individual model but here is a great overview of what you can expect to learn:

First understand that search engine ranks pages and not domains and that you need to create a new page for each keyword you want to rank. There is a difference between a keyword "predatory seo" and "predatory seo review".  In fact, any small letter in a keyword phrase counts, so if you want to rank for it, it's a totally new page. Youtube videos are also pages.

Each page Google assigns a Page Rank from 0 to 10. A new blog that you start is going to be zero PR.

Google ranks pages based on 3 factors:

1) Age of the domain

2) Authority of the domain and page ( PR )

3) Relevancy to search phrase – which includes on page optimization and off page optimization

With age of the domain you can't do nothing about. In the beginning you have 0 PR and no age of the domain. It's going to be very hard to rank a brand new blog versus a blog that has been publishing content every day for the last 90 days. So your best bet if you want to rank in the next 72 hours is promote your content on a page who has a high Page Rank like YouTube or EzineArticles.

On page optimization is what you do on your blog page or video that you 100% control and it allows Google to know easily what keyword this content is best serving.  You should write valuable content that people love and that's going to be easily found on Google. You're going to learn a lot about that in predatory seo.

Off page optimization is all about building a variety of backlinks that are all pointing at your page that you want to rank. Google determines the relevancy of your content by the variety, quality and quantity of backlinks you have. Quality means that the backlinks are on high PR pages. 1 link from PR7 page is worth much more than 2000 links from PR1 pages. So not all links are creates equal.

Backlinks are like votes for your content. you should have a portfolio of backlinks from article directories, wordpress blogs, social sites, pdf sites, social bookmarking sites, social network and web 2.0 sites. Don't worry, it's not that hard to do and you'll learn all about it in predatory seo.

Predatory SEO - 5 step marketing process

The whole method consists of 5 steps.

Step 1 - Target a specific niche market. You have to know who are the people that are most likely to buy your stuff.

Step 2 - Offer products, solutions and value. Whenever you decide to rank your page for a particular keyword, you should have a clear goal in mind - do you want to just build you brand and get traffic, do you want to get leads and build a list, or do you want to sell a particular product? In any case you should always provide great value to your readers.

Step 3 - Do keyword research - critical step, you should know which keyword you have a great chance to rank based on your seo tools set. You will learn about it in module 4.

Step 4 - Create content - Here you publish content and do on page optimization

Step 5 - Promote content to rank - off page optimization, building variety of backlinks.

You're going to master this formula in predatory seo.

Predatory SEO - Modules Breakdown

Module 1 - here you are going to learn the basics of online seo and how Google ranks pages.

Module 2 - here you will set up your blog properly for seo and gain a clear vision where you want your business to be in the next year.

Module 3 + 4 - Diving deep into money making profitable keyword research. Rob teaches also how he uses the Market Samurai software.

Module 5 - Fast On Page optimization - how to tell Google exactly what your page should be indexed and ranked while keeping your visitors engaged.

Module 6 - Deep dive into off page optimization - getting ton and variety of backlinks, building blog networks, distributing articles and stuff like that. Information contained in this module alone is worth more than the entire course.

Module 7 - create your own blog network and dominate the search engines.

Predatory SEO - What I didn't like

In all honesty I can't tell you only the great stuff. In every IM course there are things that I don't like. A Small part of the course is a little bit outdated cause Rob has done the course in the end of 2012, like for example site that he mentioned is no longer available. Also I would liked to learn more about backlinking strategies that what Rob teaches. I couldn't download the modules to listen on my iphone because they are protected.

Other than that I learned a ton from predatory seo and it has opened my eyes to a whole new world of marketing.

When you but predatory SEO you'll get a bonus from me!

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I know you are going to love predatory seo course. It's phenomenal. I know that you can to this stuff too. It's not a rocket science.

I hope you enjoyed my predatory SEO review.


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