PPV Traffic Secrets Revealed – How To Get 50+ Laser-Targeted Leads Per Day For Free?

PPV traffic

PPV Traffic Secrets Revealed

Searching to discover how you can master ppv traffic so that you can get massive amounts of targeted traffic for pennies, get endless supply of fresh hot leads and make much more money then what you pay for advertising?

That’s awesome.

Because “ppv traffic” can be the best lead generation and affiliate marketing strategy for you IF you do it right.

If you don’t learn how to do it right, you can very quickly see your hard-earned money vaporize with nothing to show for it.

Keep reading to find out what ppv is, best ppv traffic sources, how to build a profitable ppv campaign and everything you need to know to make ppv work for you to generate traffic, leads and sales and make a good ROI on your investment.

PPV Traffic – Foundation

PPV stands for Pay-Per-View ( also CPV ) and basically you are charged each time YOUR  pop up lands in front of a set of eyeballs.

Imagine people in your target audience literally search for some solution in Google, and when they click on one of the websites in the search results  – YOUR ad pops up in a new window. Cool ha?

In other words, suppose you know that your best potential customers visit a particular website, you can have your ad pop up in front of their eyes each time they visit that website!

So why would you choose to master PPV traffic generation strategy?

  • It’s a very cheap and targeted source of traffic. You can get as low as 0.015$ per view.
  • Not many people know about it so there is little competition.
  • Every newbie internet marketer can do it.
  • You can get traffic and leads very fast and it requires very little time so set things up.

Watch my video to learn some cool ppv tips and tricks:

[svpVideo v=1]

PPV Traffic – How Does It Work?

Who are those people that your ad pop ups in front of their eyes when they are browsing online? They may not even know about it, but they agreed to be advertised to when they installed a specific toolbar or downloaded a certain game. This is called Adware.

Each ppv traffic network has its own way to add value and get people to install those toolbars. TrafficVance for example have a website gamevance.com where they allow people to play cool free games and win prizes. That’s how they get millions of people that YOU can advertise to right in front of their eyes.

Best PPV Traffic Networks

There are many different ppv traffic networks that you can advertise on depending on your budget. I would highly recommend that you advertise on the BEST networks to get maximum results.

2 of the best networks out there are LeadImpact and TrafficVance. Both require an initial deposit of minimum $1,000 and all of that money goes to your advertising budget. So if for example each view on average costs $0.02, with $1,000  you can get 50,000 visitors who watch your ads! That’s a LOT of traffic.

Don’t  get cheap when it comes to building a profitable online business. This initial investment with those networks serves to sort the serious marketers from amateurs, and it also creates less competition so it’s good news for you. To make the big bucks you need to play like a big boy.

If you don’t have $1,000 to start with, you can go to 50OnRed and start with like $50. Get your feet wet and start playing with PPV.

PPV Traffic Strategy

First you must know who you are targeting, what are their problems/needs/frustrations/fears/wants, which websites do they go to and how you can serve them the best and what solutions you can offer to them. This is the foundation to marketing, it will help you craft your copy so that it grabs their attention while they are surfing and gives them exactly what they need.

There are people who use ppv to drive traffic directly to an offer. I would never do that and I would not recommend it to you. What you want to do is build your most important asset online – your email list, and build relationships with your list over time so that they get to know you, like you and trust you.

Rarely people buy right away from someone they don’t know, like and trust yet. So you need to collect their email in exchange for valuable content and keep sending them valuable information to earn they trust and only then you can truly profit from 90% of the people who will not buy your stuff right away.

So before you go to spend money on advertising you need to have a good optimized sales funnel in place. Basic funnel consists of a compelling landing page you’ll build for PPV, a free valuable content you’ll give them, irresistible offer on the front end that is 10 times more valuable than the price for it, a good auto-responder follow up series that give value and at the same time monetize your list by bringing them back to the irresistible offer and after that some congruent back end offers ( higher commissions ).

I use Aweber autoresponder to follow up with my leads, it’s cheap, very reliable and integrates with many tools and softwares.

This post is not about creating sales funnels, but be aware that you need to have one in place.

Then you want to pick a marketing angle and customize your landing page and target URLs for this angle. For example if your target audience is affiliate marketers you can pick one traffic generation strategy, like solo ads, and build your whole campaign around that.

A very good idea is to buy a niche specific and relevant domain for your ppv campaigns.

The more specific and targeted you can get so that it will speak directly to that person, the better conversions you will have. Good conversion rates for PPV traffic are 5-10%.

PPV Traffic Tools

I use a couple of tools that help me build the best ppv campaigns in minimum time.

PPV Traffic Affportal tools

Affportal tools are best for PPV Traffic

To get very targeted URLs to bid on ppv networks I use AffPortal.

AffPortal has a variety of tools for PPV. It has Search Scraper that gathers both organic and paid listings based on your keywords. It can scrape up to 50 pages deep in both Google and Bing and returns a list of URL targets for you to plug into your PPV campaign – so that you don’t have to do it manually – it saves a lot of time. 

It has Competitor Scraper that allows you to find up to 500 direct competitors based on the keywords they rank for – it means that you can find very quickly similar URL targets for your PPV campaign.

It has URL shrink that allows you to quickly shrink the URL to the root of it, it has landing page preview so that you know exactly how your lander will look like before you go live, and there are so many other cool benefits that it worth the investment.

After you’ve gathered your list of targeted URLs, using AffPortal or manually or using some other URL scraper tool, and you’ve built your landing page and sales funnel, you need a way of tracking precisely your campaigns.

Tracking is absolutely mandatory. You must know the exact statistics for EACH and EVERY URL you are targeting – how many views, the conversion rate to leads, the cost, how many sales it generated etc.

PPV traffic stats

CPV Lab stats for 1 target



There is no better tracking tool specifically for PPV then CPV Lab. It allows you to pinpoint exactly which targets are performing, it allows you to rotate different landing pages and offers for split-testing purposes and optimization.  It’s easy to set up and and if you’re serious about using PPV traffic, you definitely want to invest in CPV Lab.

I personally host CPV Lab domain for tracking my PPV campaigns with BeyondHosting. They have very robust servers and they will install your CPV lab software in a matter of minutes for you. They also respond very fast to you requests.

How To Build A Profitable PPV Campaign?

Once you build your landing pages that fit into the 800*600px pop up window, and you’ve built your sales funnel and tested it to work ( meaning you know exactly what path your lead will go through ), and you set up tracking for your campaigns with CPV Lab, now it’s time to gather those URL targets.

You can use Google Keyword Planner to brainstorm some ideas and pick a marketing angle as I discussed earlier. Then use Affportal tools and get at leat 500 URLs to start with. Then monitor closely your targets and delete those that don’t perform on a regular basis.

It’s ok initially to set $5 per day budget and set a minimum bid for each target. As you discover profitable URLs, you can scale up and bid 1st place for these targets. You’ll get more traffic and it’ll be a bit more expensive but if you know your numbers you’ll be in profit big time.

Learn How To Use PPV Traffic To Create Multiple Streams Of Income Online

Recently my colleagues and friends Mark Harbert and Frank Marino taught in a special advanced ppv traffic webinar how to get 53 Leads Per Day and Earn $2.02 per each lead, and how you can use the same system they use to get similar results. I invite you to take notes and implement these strategies in you business.

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