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Inside The Mind Of The $10,000/Day Income Earner

Since I discovered the power of internet marketing, I was fascinated with how can those people earn such ridiculous amounts of money online, these numbers $10,000/day boggled my mind, it’s a huge chunk of money, are those people have super powers? Are they super smart and talented, do they have million dollar connections, I mean…

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The Fundamentals Of Building A Profitable Online Business – 4 Steps To Freedom & Living The IM lifestyle

 Most people fail at internet marketing because they are overwhelmed with the amount of information, they  don’t have a solid strategy and daily method of operation in place, they jump from product to product, from  one model to another, and most importantly they don’t really truly understand the FUNDAMENTALS of  building a profitable online business.…

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Is Ezine Advertising Dead Or The Fastest And Most Profitable Way To Get Instant Traffic And Leads?

ezine advertising

Would you like to get 1,000+  targeted visitors to your landing page and generate hundreds of leads in 24 hours and do it for free? Of course you do, and that’s what possible with “ezine advertising”, or buying solo ads, the same thing. Many marketers say that ezine advertising is dead because they have been…

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Best Copywriting Courses On The Market – Why It’s Essential You Master Copywriting?

Quick story: Not too long ago I was buying many different internet marketing courses and trying to implement all of this stuff and I was speaking with a guy who is my neighbour in Israel and buit a solo ad business earning $2,000,000 in 4 years, he said to me Vitaliy just stop buying all…

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Best Home Businesses To Start in 2014

If you’re asking yourself what are the best home businesses to start, it means you’re ready to make a decision and start a home based business, you just want to make the right decision. It’s a decision that can transform your whole life, make you financially free and live life on your terms. Some of…

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3 Surprising Things I learned From A $100,000/Day Guy

Recently I was watching a recording of affiliate millionaire summit held about 4 years ago by a guy named Saj P. who was makng about $100,000 per day at the time, I like to learn from those kind og guys, so in the first session of the 2 day even he was sharing a couple…

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Attraction Marketing Secrets – How To Build a Following Of People Who Buy Your Stuff

Many new internet marketers mistakenly think that they need to master different marketing strategies, tools and tricks to get results and they don’t understand those attraction marketing secrets that I’m sharing in this video, because those are just the tools and what’s really important is that you believe in yourself that you are a leader…

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Some Golden Nuggets I Learned From Live The Dream 4 Event

Live the dream…if everyone was living their dream we would have a much happier world. Aren’t we born to be free to choose what we want to do with our lives, to live the dream? I believe we are, we have so much value to give to others, you have greatness inside that is waiting…

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Share Your Message With The World And You’ll Build A Profitable Online Business

If you’ve been marketing online for some time, trying to build your online presence and brand, you know that it’s super important to consistently get your message out there to the world, share your story, be yourself – authentic and transparent and you’ll build a following around you. Whatever medium of communication you choose, your…

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3 Main Reasons Why Most Home Based Business Owners Fail In This Industry

Building a profitable home based business takes a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment to do whatever it takes to succeed and never give up. I just watched a training from one of my online mentors, Shaqir Hussyin, who is making around $100,000 per month or more, and I’ve picked up from his brain the…

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