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18 Hypnotic Headlines & High-Converting Capture Page Secrets ( Part 1 Of 2 )

What is the most important asset when you’re building any business online? It’s your email list, your subscribers, people who know, like and trust you, people who are opening your emails. Everything you do online should be focused on building your email list and developing relationships of trust and authority with people right from the…

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Why 95% Of The People Never Achieve True Financial Freedom?

It’s true. From every 100 people you take who reached age 65, according to statistics only 1 will be wealthy. 4 will be financially independent, 15 will have some savings put aside, and the other 80 will be dependent on pensions, still working or broke. The question is WHERE DO YOU WANT TO BE IN THOSE…

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8 Must Have Mindsets To Successfully Build a Profitable Home Based Business

If you don’t think in a certain way as a successful entrepreneur, it doesn’t matter what strategies and tactics you have, you will not succeed. It’s important to work on your mindset daily, just like you brush your teeth and go to shower. In this video I’m sharing with you some of the must have…

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Rare Interview – How 21 y/o Ex-Construction Worker Shaqir Hussyin Went From 0$ To $300,000 Per Month ( Part 2 of 2 )

Yesterday I’ve shared with you how Shaqir is thinking, his mindset that allowed him to go from being 21 y/o broke punk kid, working at construction job, to making more than $300,000 per month, and if you haven’t read it yet click here to read it right now. As Tony Robbins always says 80% is mindset…

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Rare Interview – How 21 y/o Ex-Construction Worker Shaqir Hussyin Went From 0$ To $300,000 Per Month ( Part 1 of 2 )

I had a chance recently to listen how Daegan Smith interviewed Shaqir Hussyin on exactly what it took for him to go from 21 years old punk, broke, construction worker kid to making more than $300,000 per month, and I want to share with you all the golden nuggets of wisdom that I learned that…

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7 Powerful Tips To Convert More Leads Into Loyal Buyers & Raving Fans With Email Marketing

We can summarize everything that you do to build a profitable online business to 2 things – 1) Getting consistent flow of leads and people who follow you and 2) Convert those leads into your buyers who trust you, want to do business with you again and again and even talk about you to their…

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List Building Secrets – How To GET PAID To Build Your Email List

You may know that a huge part of online success comes down to building an email list in your niche and developing relationships of trust with your list. But have you ever asked yourself how you can build your email list for free, better yet how to get paid to build your email list? It’s…

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Inside The Mind Of The $10,000/Day Income Earner

Since I discovered the power of internet marketing, I was fascinated with how can those people earn such ridiculous amounts of money online, these numbers $10,000/day boggled my mind, it’s a huge chunk of money, are those people have super powers? Are they super smart and talented, do they have million dollar connections, I mean…

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The Fundamentals Of Building A Profitable Online Business – 4 Steps To Freedom & Living The IM lifestyle

 Most people fail at internet marketing because they are overwhelmed with the amount of information, they  don’t have a solid strategy and daily method of operation in place, they jump from product to product, from  one model to another, and most importantly they don’t really truly understand the FUNDAMENTALS of  building a profitable online business.…

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Is Ezine Advertising Dead Or The Fastest And Most Profitable Way To Get Instant Traffic And Leads?

ezine advertising

Would you like to get 1,000+  targeted visitors to your landing page and generate hundreds of leads in 24 hours and do it for free? Of course you do, and that’s what possible with “ezine advertising”, or buying solo ads, the same thing. Many marketers say that ezine advertising is dead because they have been…

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