How To Multiply Results In Your Business

Alright today I’m going to show you how to take the results that you are having in your business, no matter how big or small they are, and multiply them! 

The way you are going to do that is through the leverage of paid advertising but before you freak out I’ll guide you specifically how you are going to approach it in order to not get broke.

So if you don’t want to end up as many of the people that I personally know who lost their shirt on advertising and now working twice as hard at their jobs to repay the bank loans, pay very close attention to the next 2 super important principles:

Principle #1 – Allocate A Small Daily Budget To Your Advertising 

Especially if you are new and don’t have a lot of experience under your belt, don’t go out and spend thousands of dollars joining co-ops or buying expensive solo ads or putting a lot of money on Facebook ads or banners ads or whatever it is your method of choice at paid advertising. 

Why? Because you are going to most likely lose it. Paid advertising is a skill and you don’t want to throw a lot of money to the universe just to try things out.

Choose an amount that you are COMFORTABLE LOSING. It can be $5/day or $10/day whatever it is for you. 

I remember when I first got started online back in March 2014, I was so excited about solo ads and I found a seemingly very reputable solo ad vendor and I paid $500 for a solo ad. 

To my surprise I generated around 220 leads the very next day which is pretty awesome, but I had $0 in sales. 

Then I spent another $2,000 and another $500 and guess what, I had again $0 in sales. 

Now that got me thinking right 🙂 I then went on to master free lead generation strategies and grow myself as a leader etc. and in the next 10 months I made around $25,000 spending very little on paid advertising. 

Your first solo ad, your first banner ad, your first Facebook ad etc. is probably going to not produce the results that you want. 

So you need to have a small budget running to test, to tweak, to plan, to review and to scale.

Principle #2 –  Take a third of your commissions you generate in your business and put it back into marketing and advertising

Now listen closely, I don’t say take third of your paycheck and put it into marketing, I don’t say take third of your life savings and put it into marketing…

I say third of the commissions that you are generating in your business, and put them into activities that will grow and multiply your business, into growing YOU, into marketing, into generate leads. 

You need to start thinking like a business owner and treat your business seriously. 

Many people think of their business like they are a sales person, they go and spend all the money and they continue the GRUNT WORK.

Or they treat it like a lottery. No you need to treat your business like a real business, as if you have invested $500,000 into it.

Your first goal is to learn what to do. To learn how to advertise.

Your second goal is to replace the income you are making now with the income you generated through paid advertising, so that you don’t need to do the GRUNT WORK again. 

See when you first get started you hustle a lot, and you do whatever it takes to generate income, you talk to people right and expose them to your opportunity etc. 

And you don’t want to do it all the time. You want LEVERAGE, so that eventually you generate all the leads on autopilot and people come to you as customers or almost ready to join right now. 

On our team we are teaching a lot about how to leverage your marketing. We have a couple of millionaires or our team and many people who are making full time incomes and they were new to internet marketing, because we have a team site and we allow our team to use the resources we provide to generate leads and sales. 
Here is an example of a weekly hangout we do for our team, this Wednesday it’s all about how to generate 50 leads per day from YouTube! 
Our goal and vision is to FREE 100 families a year, and my vision is to help YOU break free like I did. 

How To Multiply Results In Your Business 

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  • Justin Barclay

    June 17, 2015

    Great tips here Vitaliy​!

  • Joan Harrington

    June 16, 2015

    Hey Vitaliy,
    Fantastic tips!! I will need to refer back to your post and make sure I am following everyone of your tips 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your value!

  • Lynda Kenny

    June 16, 2015

    Such good advice about setting your budget and how much to reinvest in the future. Thanks for the sound tips and suggestions Vitally