How To Attract Lots Of Customers To You “Moving The Free Line”

How do you attract lots of customers flocking to you in your business? How do you build a big email list of people who are hungry to learn more from you?

On today’s 6-Figures Show #386 I’ll share with you how to do it and teach you about the concept that was first popularized by Eben Pagan called “Moving The Free Line”.

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Give Away Cool Stuff for FREE That Your Ideal Customers Want 

The way you attract customers to you is by giving them exactly what they want for FREE, something of immense value. 

The cool thing is that today the cost of creating and delivering value in the DIGITAL world in massive scale cost nearly $0. 

How much does it cost to create a PDF report, an eBook, video series or a webinar? Nothing, except your time. 

How much does it cost to deliver it? Again minus the cost of servers it’s pretty much free. You create it once and then you can give it away thousands of times to as many people as possible for free. 

Another name to it is LEAD Magnet. I recently have done a workshop on how to create your lead magnet and design high converting landing pages  you can watch it for free here. 

Imagine you are an owner of ice cream store. Let’s say one day a month you gave away ice cream to all the people in town for free..

What would happen is people will be flocking to your ice cream store and you will acquire lots of new customers. 

Get Over Your Justice Mechanisms 

Now people say often why would I give away my best ideas for free? I would rather charge for my ideas. I’ll give it to people who paid me good money for those ideas. 

This is where the fear based internal issues come up. It’s scarcity based. We hate to give something without paying anything in return.

But this is how you build trust and long terms fans and followers.

I’m sharing in the episode an example of a restaurant owner – true story – that he was charging money for wine as what the customers told the waiter and allowed them to drink as much as they want. Some people ripped him off but the line to the restaurant was huge.

Give Immense Value To As Many People As Possible  

So talk about it on social media, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.

Even pay for advertising to give people cool free stuff!


Because every subscriber is worth $3 let’s say on average. If you pay $1 to acquire a new subscriber who is interested in your free stuff, then it’s well worth it.

Try to give at least $100 worth of perceived value.

For example I created “Recruit Daily Online” eBook where I teach how to I was able to generate over $150,000 online and sponsor as much as 51 people in 5 days online pretty much on autopilot. 

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