How To Leverage The Power Of Facebook Groups To Sign Up People To Your Business In About 1 Hour a Day!

How would you like to never again run out of quality prospects to talk to about your business? Well on Today’s Daily Inspirational Show #213 I’m going to show you how to leverage the power of Facebook groups to sign up people into your business effortlessly in about 1 hour a day! 
Is that cool with you? 
Now I know what you are thinking right now…come on Vitaliy those Facebook groups are all filled with spammy posts, people are pitching about their business opportunities all the time, nobody really reads any of this stuff and nobody cares…
Well yes, it’s true, but I will show you how you can TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT 🙂 Let's Party!
Those people who have their business opportunity scratched on their forehead are the ones who are screaming for help the most, because they have no clue how to effectively market their business online.
I want you to imagine Facebook groups as like big social parties, networking events, mingling cocktail parties where you go to have a lot of fun! Imagine those people on the parties are having their signs where in one hand they have a sign “I’m in XYZ deal” and on the other hand they have a sign “Please help me”
If you are going to be the guy who is OFFERING HELP and VALUE to those people, you win.   
Now watch my video below where I walk you on my computer screen and show you…

How To Leverage The Power Of Facebook Groups To Sign Up People To Your Business In About 1 Hour a Day! (ScreenShare)

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It All Starts With Your Personal Profile 

When people will message you they are going to check out your personal profile. It really all comes down to 3 things:

1. Your Sexy Banner 

This is a big piece of screen real estate Facebook gives you. Make it about YOU, your lifestyle, your family, showcasing who you are, maybe your slogan or motto, or favourite quote or you are mingling with leaders at live event. 

Make sure that you have your picture crystal clear there. 

Common mistakes people make: They advertise their companies here. Don’t do it! You look very amateurish.

2. Your Sexy About Me Section

Put in some details about you, your contact information, your blog site address.  Put in that you are social media expert, or online marketing mentor, or whatever you want to call yourself. 

Common mistakes people make: They write the name of their companies there. Don’t do it! You are making everybody clear what your deal is and people can just go and google about your deal, they don’t need you. 

3. Your Sexy Posts

So post value on your profile, engage people, arouse curiousite, share lessons, tease people, provide inspiration, post lifestyle images. I shared 4 tips on what type of posts to post in my previous blog post here

Common mistakes people make: They pitch about their business and provide links without any value.

Use The Search Graph To Find Targeted Groups Where Your Prospects Hang Out

So you go and search “home business” or “network marketing” or different relevant phrases and find a ton of groups. 
You can find a leader you admire and see what groups they joined, you can type “groups joined by Vitaliy Dubinin” and see all of mine. 

What makes a group great is where there is interaction and engagement, an active admin, and a lots of prospects. 

BIG TIP: Make friends with the admin of the group and 3-5 very active people in the group and you will bypass “the other folder” when direct messaging to people because they probably know or friends with a lot of people in the group.   
Now introduce yourself to the group, engage people, be fun and interesting, be yourself. This way you can immediately start conversations with people.  
And provide VALUE to the group. Post your blog posts and videos that are educational, that teaches people something and you will stand out from everyone else! 

Direct Messaging People 

Alright so now you can start conversations with people who engage with your stuff, or reach out to people and say “Hey how are you doing, we are both part of XYZ group, I saw your post that you are in XYZ company I’m curious are you using the internet to generate leads and build a team for your business?” Or “I’m curious what is it that you do online?”
and OFFER HELP. Build rapport. Ask questions. 
Never blast a link just like that. Have them ask you for the link. It’s even better to schedule a short skype call with them and really connect with them. 
A lot of people are struggling with lead generation for their business online, so I might send them to and help them like that. I might send them to a blog post of mine or a video of mine to provide value and solve their problem. 
The key here is to be solution provider and offer help. Be real and talk like you are in the networking social party. Have fun! 
Hope that you got a lot of value here! Let me know in the comments below what value you got, maybe a tip you learned or how are you using Facebook groups? 

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  • PHC-BR

    July 22, 2015

    This is priceless Vitaliy and I know it works because we apply a similar strategy for our business. Great info and thanks for sharing.

  • Tara Woodruff

    July 21, 2015

    I JUST Started Using A Group To Help me promote My Business!! Well its REALLY about providing Value, I dont Actually Say “Join Me ” LOLOL I Am Siked to Get Your Tips!!

    • Vitaliy Dubinin

      July 22, 2015

      That’s awesome Tara! Great way to build your business!

  • Jelena Ostrovska

    July 21, 2015

    Hey Vitaliy!

    Great walkthrough on how to take advantage of the groups on Facebook. Haven’t thought about contacting the group admin. Will definitely do that! Thank you!

  • Earth Tower

    July 21, 2015

    Groups can be very targeted. Thanks for sharing how you use this strategy!

  • Joan Harrington

    July 21, 2015

    Awesome tips Vitaliy on the power of FB groups and how you can leverage those……definately will be bookmarking 🙂 Thanks for sharing the value!!