Key Marketing Mindsets To Profitable 6-Figures Online Business

Marketing is the KEY money maker in your business and it’s what’s going to allow you to bring lots of profits more then anything else, so on today’s 6-Figures Show #383 I want to share with you some of the key marketing mindsets that you want to adopt when it comes to building 6-figures business online. 

You absolutely need to become very good at marketing and learn how to bring customers, team members and clients to your business. 

Key Marketing Mindsets For Profitable Online Business 

1. Understand Your Customers Needs & Wants 

Before you set up any marketing and advertising campaigns, put up any websites together, you need to get clear WHO is your customer and what are their needs and wants, and desires, and fantasies and FEARS and goals and frustrations. 

You need to understand them better then they understand themselves. Get into their minds and hearts. Feel what they feel. Know what language they use to describe their situation so that you will be able to meet them where they are at and speak this language, being EMPATHETIC. 

2. Marketing Is About Triggering Action.

You need to be able to move people into taking action and making the decisions they need to make to better their lives by buying what you offer. 

People hate to be sold but they love to buy. If you can connect the dots for them and show how your solution is superior to anything out there and how it will solve their problem they will buy. 

You trigger action by appealing to people’s emotions, because people buy on emotional reasons and justify it with logic. 

Some of the primary emotional appeals include: 

Profit – You can make more in 1 year then most make in a lifetime 

Pride – You’ll feel like a million bucks 

Pleasure – your heart will pound with excitement 

Approval – Imagine the look on their faces..

Pain – You don’t have to suffer any longer

Fear – people who didn’t take my advice went bankrupt. I’d hate it to happen to you. 

3. Everything You Do Is A Test. 

We like to think that what we are doing is going to work for sure. But most things are not going to work. Most campaigns are not going to be profitable. 

So if you expect that and just look for what IS WORKING and do more of it and see what’s NOT working and cut the losses you will be way more profitable. 

The campaigns that do work you can use them over and over again! 

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