Is It Really Easy To Make Life-Changing Income Online Or Only Seems So?

Have you ever bought an Internet Marketing course because it promised to finally solve all of your financial problems?

You know what I’m talking about: the latest and greatest technique, strategy, methodology, step-by-step blueprint, formula, SYSTEM that if only you apply it, you’re going to earn thousands of dollars, be successful, have similar results and laugh all the way to the bank.

I see it everywhere. In sales and marketing pitches all the gurus claim they have the answer and it looks so easy and believable that you’re going to succeed or your money back and they make an irresistible offer that is hard to say no to.

Of course they want you to believe that you’ll have fast results and it’ll be easy because they want to sell their products.

But I don’t care how great the course is, you have to take into account the years of sweat, tears and hard work that took them to refine their skills and make it all work smoothly.

The problem begins when you believe that you’re going to have fast results, you develop an expectation to try to see if it works for the next month and if not you either begin to doubt yourself, or search for other quick fix solution or quit altogether.

In internet marketing world, everybody wants to show their results and their successes, but few are willing to honestly admit that it took many years to have an overnight success…

They don’t tell you about the countless hours of practice honing the skills, about those time that everybody else went to party and they stayed at the computer dedicated to improving their skills, about the sweat, tears, blood, self-doubt.

But it’s important that you know in advance that yo path to success probably is going to be bumpier than you think, the journey will be longer than you might want, and you’ll have to work harder than you thought.

If you want to live the internet lifestyle, receive multiple streams of passive income, travel the world and afford top coaching, then you’ll have to pay for it in advance – with countless hours, sweat and hard focused work.

No, you don’t have to slave away 13 hours days 7 days a week. I’m talking about consistent, focused, committed quality, daily work for how many hours that it takes. Sometimes it will mean you sleep only 2 hours, if that what it takes.

Sure, you can cut your learning curve by a lot if you consistently learn from the experts and apply what they teach, but to get the kind of results they get usually you’ll have to put in similar amount of work they have put.

So here are 4 points that will help you to increase your chances of success in online business:

1. Model the champions

If you want to succeed, you have to become a dedicated student of the game, constantly learning new things and applying it. Best way to learn is from people who are experts in their field, who have a proven success record, who make things happen and really care about the successes of their students.

“success leaves clues” – Tony Robbins

Go and find the leaders, subscribe to their email lists and channels of communication, observe how they think, walk, talk and perform. Model the way they do things.

You’ll find out that successful people are thinking about how they can be of service first.

Never stop developing your skills and work on your mindset.

2. Commit to stay in the game for the long haul.

It amazes me how fast people jump from one opportunity to the next, from one business idea to the next in search for an easier solution. They come with an erroneous attitude that they’ll TRY to see if it works and give it a week/a month/a year and if it doesn’t work than they quit.

Many times they quit just before they have dug and found some gold…

This kind of mindset is very dangerous. It sets you up for a big disappointment, loss and failure. Because you never know how long it should take for you to make this first big breakthrough.

You must come to this game with a mindset of “I’m going to do whatever it takes to succeed”, “I’ll never stop, never give up until I see the results”.

It’s easy to quit. It’s tempting to quit. People that surround you might doubt in you, but you can decide to believe firmly in yourself and work your butt off until you see the results.

So see it as a long-term business, and a long journey of constant and never-ending improvement and you’ll succeed.

3. Put in the hours required.

You’ve heard probably that to be truly master at something you need to practice about 10,000 hours. If you practice 40 hours per week, it means around 5 years.

Believe me, if you work at something for 5 years, you’re going to develop a talent and a skill for it. People are going to look at you and say amazing things, and think it’s easy and effortless because you make it look that way.

But you’ll know the truth.

At first I would focus on income producing activities more, and developing the skills along the way.

There are a lot of skills to be learned and master in Internet Marketing world, like copywriting, building websites, email marketing, building offers, creating information products, doing webinars and more.

4. You have to be coachable.

As I said before, to be a great teacher and performer, you have to be a good student first. It means always be open-minded, be flexible in your approach and always strive to learn even more and deeper.

Hire a mentor or a coach, read books, buy courses, listen to audios in the car while you drive.

There is not one day that should pass without you learning something new in your field.

In conclusion, I’ve gotta tell you that it worth it all. Making life-changing income online, making a difference, helping people is what brings freedom in your life.

Freedom to do what you want, how you want, where you want and however you want, knowing that you have the skills that are very valuable in the marketplace.

So get to work and develop those skills, whatever it takes.

To your online success,

Vitaliy Dubinin 

About The Author

Vitaliy Dubinin

Vitaliy Dubinin is inspiring and empowering thousands of regular people to leverage the Internet to build a 6-figure income and win their FREEDOM in life. Vitaliy is an entrepreneur, mentor, father and speaker living in Israel with 2 kids. He is traveling 5-7 times a year all over the world and his vision is to FREE 1,000 people per year to live life on their terms. In his free time Vitaliy loves to play table tennis, chess and have with his family.