Inside The Mind Of The $10,000/Day Income Earner

you can be top income earner tooSince I discovered the power of internet marketing, I was fascinated with how can those people earn such ridiculous amounts of money online, these numbers $10,000/day boggled my mind, it’s a huge chunk of money, are those people have super powers? Are they super smart and talented, do they have million dollar connections, I mean what is it about those guys that allows them to dominate affiliate contests and be on the leaderboards?

It’s not that I focus only on making money, I’m motivated primarily to empower people to live the life on their terms and be a person of contribution to society. The interesting thing is after spending some time studying these guys, buying their products and reverse engineering what they do, it’s now obvious to me what separate them apart from everybody else.

To my surprise I learned that they are not super smart people, and they don’t possess special talents that ordinary people don’t have or can’t acquire.  If you met those guys in live, you would know that they are ordinary guys just like you and me, so what’s the difference that makes all the difference?

How can someone like Shaqir Hussyin, start from nothing when he was 21 years old, and after 5 short years earn more than 5 Million dollars online and make more than $10,000 per day?

Here are a couple of common elements, and if you want to be a top producer yourself you must do the same thing.

1) Mentors – they all had more than one mentor that they could reach out, communicate and consult with. The power of mentors is huge, because those people have walked the path you want to walk and they can shortcut your success, save you from painful mistakes and lose of money. Be careful who you are listening to for advice.

2) Passion and Obsession to make it work – they all struggled at the beginning, but they were determined to do whatever it takes to succeed, to never give up, no matter what the price is they were willing to pay it. They were “glued to the computer screen”, sometimes sleeping for 2 hours, because they wanted success badly enough.

3) Determination to become the top expert in the field – they all determined that they are going to master a particular skill, a particular strategy, a particular marketing angle. They wanted to be “the go to guy” or “the go to girl” when it comes to X. It’s spending hours upon hours mastering their craft, getting better and better at what they do. Shaqir Hussyin for example mastered the process of buying solo ads ( renting other people email lists ) and I’m directly learning from him these skills. Michelle Pescosolido mastered Facebook marketing. John Chow mastered blogging, etc etc.

4)  Going to live events – networking is a big part of their success. That’s the kind of environment that they met their mentors, their JV partners and built social proof by taking pictures and making videos. That’s why I’m constantly going to live events, the next one is going to be Live The Dream 5 at Austin, Texas, where I’m going to meet top earners in MLSP community.

5) Focusing on high leveraged money making activities and outsourcing all the rest – they all know that their time worth a lot, they were thinking about it even when it wasn’t worth a lot in reality, so they hired other people to do the more laborious, the more menial boring tasks, and themselves focused only on high leveraged income producing activities that only they can do and nobody else. Take Shaqir for example, he has a team of people who goes out and contact different players in the IM space who have a list of subscribers, negotiate deals with them and then hand over to Shaqir to speak to them on the phone and build relationships = high leveraged activity.

6) Constant students of the game – they all invested lots and lots of money and time into their personal development, into hiring mentors, into buying courses and learning new skills. Particularly they invested into MARKETING skills. That’s super important that you continue to learn and become more valuable in the marketplace. The more you invest in yourself, the more you can earn because you increase your value.

7) Massive action takers – They all consistently produced over an extended period of time, day in and day out, implementing new ideas as fast as possible and testing new stuff. As much as they consumed information, they produced even more. Yes, it means at the beginning you’re going to be overwhelmed with the amount of information and things to do. And it’s normal, you’re learning new stuff. But it’s important to stay away from overwhelment by APPLYING the information as soon as possible. When NOW is a good time, is a good mantra 🙂

So here you go, these are the 7 of the most important things that separate the top income producers from the rest. Hopefully you’re going to take it to heart and really think about it, and apply it, so that you can become the top income earner and leader that other people are looking for. If you got value from this post, please share it to you friends on social networks 🙂

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Vitaliy Dubinin

Vitaliy Dubinin is inspiring and empowering thousands of regular people to leverage the Internet to build a 6-figure income and win their FREEDOM in life. Vitaliy is an entrepreneur, mentor, father and speaker living in Israel with 2 kids. He is traveling 5-7 times a year all over the world and his vision is to FREE 1,000 people per year to live life on their terms. In his free time Vitaliy loves to play table tennis, chess and have with his family.