How To Build A Hyper Active Leads List With Video

There are many different ways to generate leads online for your business, but not all leads are created equal. What you want is the highest QUALITY of leads, hyper active leads list, meaning people who will actually open your emails, read them, click on YOUR links and take action on your recommendations. In today’s 6-Figures Show #374 I’ll teach you how to do it.

The best and highest quality of traffic you can get is when people have SEEN you on the video before they became a lead. 

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There are many reasons for that:


1. Rapport – There is a special bond and connection created when they see you on the video.

When you provide value to them and help them answer the questions they have in their minds you earn their trust.

Then when you offer to them more free cool stuff they are going to become your lead. Like for example I created an eBook “Recruit Daily Online, The Easy Way, Ultimate Blueprint” and I gave a lot of value in this eBook for anyone who wants to build their business online and recruit people effortlessly, and that’s where I can direct people at the end of my videos to check out. 

Then after they become a lead you overwhelm them with awesome value based content and you will win they trust even more, they will anticipate your next video! 

2. They are pre-sold on you –  they are 10 times more likely to open your emails and reach out, because they have seen you on the videos. I receive messages every day from people who want to learn more about who I am and potentially work with and get help from me because they have seen my videos. 

3. Trust – They are going to trust when they see that you are helping them and teaching them in your videos. This is how you create an audience. 

4. Celebrity – Much like the celebrities you see on T.V, by doing videos you elevate yourself to a celebrity like status.  

5. Authority – Prospects view you more as an authority because you are sharing answers to their questions before asking for something, they look up to you. It’s way easier to sign people up when they see you as an authority. 

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