How To Multiply Productivity And Be Laser Focused Like A Beam

How would it feel like to be MORE productive, to be laser focused, to achieve in a couple of hours what other people it might take entire days? Yes, it’s possible for you. Productivity is essential to your success and it’s one of my favourite topics. 

Most people are not productive. We are naturally wired to be highly distracted. It’s everywhere, from emails, which is nothing more than a convenient organizing system for other people’s agendas, social media – people sit on Facebook all day long, TV, news, smartphones, businesses and marketers that want to grab our attention and buy their products, porn sites…I mean the list goes on and on. 

How do we take control of our focus and our agenda? 

That’s a good question. It’s all contained in this one sentence I learned from one of the top productivity mentors in the world, Eben Pagan:

Productivity happens when your strength is focused on uninterrupted blocks of time, creating VALUE in a situation where you have a big opportunity and doing it consistently over time. 

Watch the video below where I explain this formula to multiply your productivity:

Daily Inspirational Show Ep. #85 – Multiple Your Productivity


Was this helpful? I’m challenging you to be more focused and more productive. 

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