How to get hundreds of targeted leads using 1 simple strategy called solo ads.

I assume that you already have an irresistible offer to promote, whether it’s your own product or as an affiliate, and if you don’t you need to get one.

So what are solo ads anyway and why it’s so good to use solo ads to grow your list?

Well I don’t care what type of niche are you in, there are publishers out there who actively build a targeted list of emails in this niche, and many of them would allow you to get access to their entire list of emails for a certain amount of dollars.

A solo ad is basically an email broadcast that the publisher sends to their list with your subject line and ad copy.

With solo ads you can literally see results in a matter of hours and a few days, very fast, compared to many other traffic generation methods, like using videos, blogging and doing SEO.

Think about it for a sec.

Those publishers spent countless hours to build the list and cultivate relationships with that list and you can leverage all of that, save yourself time and money and get responsive and targeted prospects for your business.

You can get 100, 300, even 1,000 leads in a single day with solo ads, it’s just a matter of how much money you invest in buying the solo ads, so it can give you a consistent flow of leads.

Another benefit is that you can get a fairly low price for a lead. Typically you can expect to see anywhere from 0.3$ per click to 2$ per click, depends if this is a dedicated buyers list or not. List of buyers are more expensive obviously.

What I like most about solo ads is that this method is simple, and that’s why it’s so effective. Solo ads is a stable source of traffic, it’s not going to go anywhere and it’s scalable, meaning that if you find a winning ad and source, you can do it over and over again and get bigger results.

Your goal with solo ads is to get the most amount of people opening the email, clicking your link and opting in to your email list. In a moment I’ll show you how to accomplish this goal.

Let’s talk about some common mistakes people make using solo ads.

Mistake #1 – they are buying junk solo ads cheaply and getting no results, and basically throwing money out of the window. There are many garbage solo ad providers out there and they are typically those who offer very cheap solo ads, have very fancy and colorful graphics and they scream at you to buy their deal.

Mistake #2 – Sending traffic to any page other than a lead capture page that you own is a huge mistake. Because your goal is to build YOUR list, so that you can continue to communicate with those people. Most people won’t buy the first time they see an offer, so the magic happens when your list likes you and trusts you and that happen when you focus on building your list and providing value to your list.

Mistake #3 – Having a lead capture page that is not congruent with the ad copy of the solo ad makes people confused. So what you want to do is write in the ad copy the exact headline that you use on your lead capture page, and in that way when people click on your solo ad and see on your page the exact same curiosity provoking message, they naturally get that they landed on the right page and they opt-in.

Mistake #4 – Having a confusing, long and full of distractions lead capture page. Many people overcomplicate things and they write too much, have a fancy layout and even links to other websites on their lead capture page. The whole goal of lead capture page is to get people to opt-in, so avoid any distractions, create a nice and simple layout and write a short and punchy copy that is going to be believable to people and invoke a strong desire to opt-in. Create a very simple lead capture page and you’ll win.

Mistake #5 – Not tracking the results. This is a huge mistake people make because if you don’t track everything, you really can’t make informed decisions in your business and you don’t know what’s really going on. It’s like being an archer and trying to hit the target blindly. You must track absolutely everything – how many unique clicks, what’s the conversion rate and ultimately what’s your return on investment.

Mistake #6 – Not monetizing the traffic on the front end. Your goal with solo ads is to break even on your advertising, so that whatever amount of money you spend on buying solo ads, you get at least 1 penny more. When that happens, you basically build your list for free. The way to do it is to offer something low priced and highly valuable for your subscribers so that they will absolutely love it and think to themselves that it’s an amazing deal.

Mistake #7 – Not following up properly with your list. Most marketers build a list and then hammer promotion after promotion to the list and hope someone will buy. How would you feel if someone just wanted to make money off of you? You wouldn’t trust this person of course and you wouldn’t buy. The proper way to do it is to develop a long term relationships with your list by providing value, training, information that is going to help them for free, and then people begin to trust you and they buy from you. Strive to email your list every single day and you’ll get more ROI on your solo ads.

Mistake #8 – paying for copywriting services. People spend a lot of money on copywriters and they don’t realize that a very simple ad copy that they can write in about 5 minutes will create much greater results for them.

Now let’s talk about the process of finding a quality solo ad provider. You can do it the long way or use a shortcut. The long way is you go to google, type in the search your keyword niche plus ezine, or newsletter or solo ad. Then collect the websites that seem to be good to advertise to their list.

Many sites will have advertise with us page, but not necessarily. Get at least 100 sites and subscribe to all of the newsletters with a new GMAIL account.

See if there are more ads than there is content then disqualify them. If you are not excited to open it on any level then probably no one else either.

Then you contact the publishers and ask them a few basic questions to start building the relationships and estimate the quality and the amount to clicks you will get. So you can ask how fast the list is growing, what size is the list and did anyone else advertise something similar. This will give you valuable information to decide whether to invest with this particular publisher or not.  If they don’t respond to you at all then obviously you don’t place an order.

Once you find a winning solo ad source, you can negotiate a deal with a publisher and get a discount on your solo ads, so that way you secure for yourself a guaranteed source of traffic to automatically grow your email list.

Vitaliy Dubinin

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