How To Generate Massive Amounts Of Leads With Video Marketing By Following 4 Steps

video marketingToday you absolutely must learn how to utilize video marketing to generate leads, because it’s one of the best ways to to build relationships with your prospects, get them to feel like they have know,n you for a long time, generate this bond of trustworthiness. If you pay attention you will notice that every 6 and 7 figure earner uses video in their marketing. I want to share with you how to get better results with your videos and actually generate leads and buyers in your business. I have videos that I created months ago and they still generate me leads.

Step 1 – Know Your Target Market

I made a whole blog post sharing with you how to identify your customer avatar, in essence a group of people that share certain characteristics, demographics, values, hopes, dreams, problems, etc. 

That is always step 1. You need to know who you are marketing to. Different people will respond to different messages. You wouldn’t recommend a nice juicy steak to a vegetarian right? So the same goes with video. You want to know your customers so good that your video speaks directly to them. If you can describe their problems, their frustrations, their dreams better then they can themselves, they will automatically listen to you. 

A good place to start is with yourself. If you believe in what you are marketing and if you believe in what you are marketing, then you are a good target prospect yourself. Some of the questions that you should think about – how old they are? What are their pains and struggles? What are their hopes and dreams? What are their worries and fears? What are they searching for online? What phrases do they actually type in the search engines?


Step 2 – Create Captivating Videos That Grab The Attention, Compel Them To Watch And Take Action

In another blog post, I’ve shared 7 video marketing tips to generate hot leads, and basically you want your videos to stand out, capture their attention, reflect who you are, build relationships and compel them to take action. 

In the first part of the video you introduce yourself and a great way to capture their attention is to ask a question that they can identify with because it reminds them of their pains and struggles. For example “Are you struggling to generate leads online?” , “Would you like to quit your day job?” etc. 

Next you want to state what they are going to get, make a big promise, hook them to stick to the end of the video, because when your viewer knows exactly what problems will be solved after watching the video, they will stick around. 

Next you want to give value. This is the content portion of your video. Some people ask what will I say and talk about? And here is the answer. you talk about what you learned yourself, you talk about what is in the notes that you took while you were watching other trainings and webinars…Your notes are like uncashed checks, remember that. So you give them a couple of tips, not too much, make a short video, keep it interesting and don’t rumble in your thoughts…

Next you want to agitate the problem – it’s important to remind them of their pains and struggles. This will prepare them for the next part of the video which is…Dam Dam Dam…The solution!

Here you want to be very specific how your solution can help them solve their problems. Share your personal results if you have them. Talk about the solution. 

And…Give call to action at the end of the video. Tell them exactly what to do after they watch you video. Click on the link to learn more for example. 

Step 3 – Upload the video!

Well, there is no point of it staying on your computer isn’t it? 🙂 What platform you want your video to be found on the internet?Upload you video to your  YouTube channel, on Vimeo, on paid video hosting sites like wistia, stick it on your blog, put it on Facebook. Different platform require different types of videos.

For example if you are doing Facebook video ads, then the video should be very short and direct to the point, there is almost  no time to teaching in this video. On Instagram you have only 15 sec!

Step 4 – Always send your viewers to a capture page!

The whole point of a lead generating video is to send your target market somewhere to get more information about what you covered in your video. Your video serves to warm the traffic so to speak when they visit your capture page, they already know you, they know what value they will get on a capture page, and it helps increase conversions and get more targeted leads. If you wonder what tools I use to create capture pages it’s either leadpages, or MLSP typically. 

So really there is nothing more to it, if you simplify everything. That’s how you create lead generating videos. 

If you found value in this post, I appreciate you sharing it with others and leave me a comment below what your thoughts are about video marketing for lead generation. 

– Vitaliy Dubinin

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