How To Follow Up With Leads You Generate Online [6-Fig #353]

So you are marketing your capture pages and generating leads, now what do you do? What are the best practices to follow up with your leads so generate income and produce real results? This is what I’ll share with you on today’s 6-Figure Show #353! 

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 1. It’s Best To Use Your Phone 

Everybody is looking for the magical formula to write emails to cause people to sign up in your business on complete autopilot.

Now there is a lot of room for automation and marketing but we got to get you over the fear of picking up the phone and talking with real live human beings. 

There is no magical formula. This business is all about relationships. Unless you have tens of thousands of leads and you are extremely good at video and copywriting, don’t even think about you can build a home business without speaking to people.

Look, I know people who generate 500 leads a day and still pick up the phone or their assistants pick up the phone.

I’m talking from experience, I’ve generated 6-figure income by connecting with real live people.  

What are you afraid of? Rejection? Well if you are doing it in a specific way that I’ll teach you won’t experience any rejection. 

First no one rejects you, they may reject the opportunity or the timing is not right.

But you are talking to them not to make a sale no matter what they say. No! You are talking to them to connect and figure out what they are struggling with and what they want and genuinely help them. 

If people leave you their phone number, they want to talk to you! 

They are begging for you to call them, otherwise they will not give you their real phone number. 

They are saying “Please Call Me!” , they need help! 

Don’t be a lazy marketer and not call them. You will be surprised people will say or think I can’t believe you called me, this guy on the Internet wow! 

I hope you call them. 

What do you say? Well just say something along the lines of: 

“Hey, I saw you have visited my website, nice to connect with you, I just want to give you a call and see how I can best help you. How is it going?” 

You see it’s simple! 
If you market a capture page without a phone number or they don’t leave you a phone number, then do whatever it takes to connect with them and give you their phone number. 
Ask them in the email are you interested in making money online? Are you interested in learning how to generate leads online? If so reply YES.
Then send them another personal email and ask them for a phone number and promise you are going to call them. Get on the phone with the person! 
Don’t be hungry and get into a sales pitchy mode. Don’t ask them “are you looking for a company to join?”
If you are going to ask them about their network marketing company, they are going to go into a sales mode.
Yes, I’m with this company, it’s ground floor opportunity, I’m working with all those people making million dollars a minute, etc..
You are not going to close someone who is in sales mode themselves. Instead..

2. Find Their Need, Pain, Problems & Their Core Desire 

Be genuinely interested in THEM! Find out what are they struggling with, where they are coming from, if there is a need. 

They are not interested in you meeting your sales targets or what specifically your company does to all of its details. 

They want to see if you are an EXPERT, that you are confident in what you are doing and can help them accomplish their goals, that’s it. 

They want to be HEARD. They want to express their pain, their struggles and their dreams. They want a person to listen to them and guide them. 

LISTEN to them. Pay close attention. 

Establish rapport and ask the right questions. Always leading them and having control of the conversation by asking questions. 

If there is no need then you are not going to present them with an opportunity right. 

If there is no fit to be working with you then hold your posture. Value your time. 

Uncover also their core desires, what do they want? Why they are in the business in the first place? If they made X amount of money, how would their life change? 

Ask This Magic Question: How Are You Doing With Generating Leads Online?

99% of people in home business are struggling to generate leads online. So if you ask this question and then be a solutions provider, you are going to rock. 

What if you said well would you like to learn the exact skills that I learned that allowed me to consistently generate leads online?

Of course they will say YES. Then you can share with them THIS IS WHERE I LEARNED TO GENERATE LEADS ONLINE – Click Here 

You see how simple it is. 

Here is another magical question: 

Based on what you’ve told me, you may consider taking a look at this, BECAUSE… 

Look at how not salesy it is right.. 

You just recommend them something based on what they have said to you. You are a trusted adviser. 

And you give reasons why they should take a look at this, why they should work with you. 

Listen to their language and then feed it back to them. 

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Here are a couple of videos I’ve made to help you further in this topic.

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