How To Create Your Own Lead Magnets To Generate More Leads & Sales

If you are building an online business from home how would you stand out from everyone else and attract the ideal prospects and customers to you? 

On today’s 6-Figures Show #362 I’ll share with you how to create your own lead magnets to build your email list and generate more leads & sales for your business and this is one of the most important skills that you can learn and master online, why?

Because everybody else like 99% of the marketplace are doing the same thing, they are promoting the same capture pages and the same offers and they are not standing out from the crowd, they are not branding themselves online and they are not adding unique value so therefore getting below average results..

Don’t be just an affiliate like everyone else, because if you do you are doomed. With your own lead magnet you are going to stand out from everyone else and build trust very fast with your prospects.

What is a lead magnet? It can be called a gift, a Freemium, a freebie, something of VALUE that you give to your target market in exchange to their email address. 

Watch the video below where I share 6 if the most important things every great lead magnet you must have.

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It can be in form of:

  • Video Training
  • PDF Report or eBook
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Audio or MP3 download
  • Case Study
  • Resource List
  • Blog Series
  • Webinar
  • Interview or series of interviews


I’ve created lots of lead magnets, here is an example where I give away 5 Step Blueprint on “How To Easily Sponsor 1-5 New Team Members DAILY On Facebook & Generate 6-Figure Income In YOUR Business…“(Like A Top Earner & Without ANY Paid Ads!)

In this lead magnet I’m showing home business owners a strategy they can use to grow their network marketing business on the Internet using free strategies. 
Here is what I elaborate in the video what every great lead magnet must be able to do:
  • Offer ultra specific solution to an ultra specific market
  • Must convey you actually have a solution to their pain
  • Promise ONE BIG THING (versus many little things)
  • Speak to a known desired end result (what your target audiences WANTS and give them what they need)
  • Must give your prospect instant gratification
  • Have a high perceived value
  • Have a high ACTUAL value
  • Must be fast and easy to consume
  • Must be SPECIFIC – prospects must know exactly what they are getting and in what format they will be digesting your lead magnet

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