How To Craft An Irresistible Hook For Your Webinar That Pulls In Registration And Sales (Part 2)

Have you ever created a webinar that flopped? Today I’ll share with you the #1 critical mistake people make that cause their webinars to fail, and it’s all has to do with how you craft an irresistible hook for your webinar that pulls in registrations and sales. 
On the previous show I talked about why webinars work and why it’s the fastest single way to generate large bursts of income, position yourself as an authority and generate leads and sales for your business, and I also broke down for you the whole webinar process. If you haven’t watched it yet, go here
The reason why people have little registrations and attendance for their webinars is because they lack an irresistible hook and title for their webinar. In other words their title and hook is boring, not attractive and not unique. 
This is biggest mistake people make, because you can have an awesome webinar with unique content and lots of value, but if no one registers and shows up for your webinar, all of it doesn’t really matter. 

How To Craft An Irresistible Hook For Your Webinar That Pulls In Registration And Sales (Part 2)

Most Webinar Lack U.S.P 

If your webinar is about how to generate leads online, or how to make money online, it sounds just like everyone else, it’s not sexy, it’s not unique, it’s boring. 
Proposition – The title of your webinar itself should has a proposition, it should make an offer, it should explicitly make a promise to deliver a benefit. 
What is the benefit people get when they attend your webinar? What is your hook? 
The implicit offer in the webinar titles most people craft is often very redundant and boring.
But it’s not enough to just promise a benefit. The benefit must be unique! It’s gotta be clear there will be a benefit and it’s different than everyone else’s promise.

Unique – The proposition must differ from what competitors offer, it must stand out.

If people feel and it’s pretty clear to them that they can just go to Google or YouTube and get similar content to what you are teaching, guess what, they will not attend your webinar!
Why would they attend if it sounds like they can easily find it elsewhere?

Selling – The proposition must “pull”, it should be interesting and sexy and attractive! It must be something that people actually want and desire to learn and get results. 

I’ll give an example. If your hook is “how to generate leads on Facebook in only 15 hours a day” – Although it has a proposition that states a benefit, and it’s unique, it will not PULL people, because no one really wants to spend 15 hours a day in front of Facebook! 

Now if you say “How to generate leads on Facebook without touching Facebook” it sounds more interesting. 

I’ll say it again, even if the webinar content is unique, if the title doesn’t express that uniqueness, it’s not a U.S.P.
I recommend that you sit down and tale at least 60-90 minutes JUST to craft the title and the hook of your webinar! 
Now as I’ll share in the next video, once you know the U.S.P, you need to embed it and talk about it in all the parts of the webinar funnel. Talk about U.S.P in the registration page, on the thank you page, on the follow up emails, on the webinar itself, in your promotional marketing stuff etc. 

How To Create Your U.S.P

1. Start with the basic core idea ( For example how to generate leads online )
2. Expand the core idea to include angles, “hooks” that hit target audience desires/pain points (For example make more money, more free time, become an industry leader, use done for you marketing system, generate sales on autopilot) 
3. Reword the hook until it’s unique
4. Optional – create a title that precedes the hook, and separate with the colon
Here are a couple of examples: 
– How to generate leads online – it’s not unique, it’s just the core idea.
– How to generate leads online – automatically (it’s more interesting)
– The 100% automated way to generate leads online that literally beg you to show them the plan ( the pain point is people don’t want to do work…they want the result without the effort )
The “Buyer Leads” Attraction Blueprint: The 100% automated way to generate leads online that literally beg you to show them the plan
Now you see how this title is much more sexy? 
Another example: 
– How to get 1,000 Facebook Fans (core idea)
– How To Get 1,000 Facebook Fans in 10 Minutes Per Day For Free (unique hook)
–  “Famous On Facebook For Free”: How To Get 1,000 Facebook Fans in 10 Minutes Per Day For Free
Sounds much better and unique and sexy. 
Another example: 
– How To Earn $3,000 A Day (core idea)
– How To Earn $3,000 A Day in 6 Months Or Less (more interesting)
– How To Earn $3,000 A Day in 6 Months Or Less By Outsourcing 90% Of Your Work (much more unique)
–  The Freedom Acceleration Formula: How To Earn $3,000 A Day in 6 Months Or Less By Outsourcing 90% Of Your Work
Another example:
–  How To Recruit More Reps Online Into Your MLM (yeah, just like everyone else, not unique and specific)
–  How To Recruit More Reps Online Into Your MLM Without Hassling Friends, Family Or Strangers (more interesting)
– How to Recruit 9-14 Reps Online Into Your MLM Each Month Without Hassling Friends, Family Or Strangers (more specific)
– How to Recruit 9-14 Reps Online Into Your MLM Each Month Without Facing Objections, Chasing Friends And Family Or Pestering Strangers (more unique)
– “The Friction-Free Online Recruiting Formula”: How to Recruit 9-14 Reps Online Into Your MLM Each Month Without Facing Objections, Chasing Friends And Family Or Pestering Strangers
Do you see the difference? 
You can steal any of those titles I don’t mind 🙂 
I learned this stuff from my buddy Steve Jaffe, taking his course Webinars Sales Magic, he is a master at doing webinars. If you want to dive deeper and master webinar marketing I highly recommend to get his course here and also get for 30 days free webinar software!
Here are a couple of examples of webinars I’ve done months and months ago:

Sales Funnel Formula – How To Create A Profitable Sales Funnel That Will Make You Sales Every Time No Matter What Home Business You Are Building

I’m not saying they were the best titles, but it was a good start 🙂 

Hope you got a lot of value today and if you haven’t watched my previous video part 1 then go here and watch it now. 

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    Part 2 is as good as part 1… filled with great information Vitaliy… Love how you broke down the U.S.P. and gave great examples… thanks for sharing

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