How To Be A High Performer – Top Lessons Learned Attending Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy

What would it take for you to become a high performer in your business and life? Would you like to consistently experience high levels of energy throughout the day, be 10X more productive, be very engaged in the moment, feel fulfilled and joyfully and confidently conquer your highest ambitions in life?

In this post you are going to learn the secrets to living a life of a high performer. I just came back to Israel attending a 4 day “High Performance Academy” seminar taught by Brendon Burchard, the world’s highest paid high performance coach in the world.  

Yes, I flew all the way from Israel to sunny San Diego, California across the world which is 2 days just to get there, not only because I’m a HUGE fan of Brendon Burchard and bought all of his courses and training, but also because I know that to succeed at levels that I want of building a $1,000,000+ per year business online I need to be a high performer. I’m sacrificing my time, my family and kids time, my money ($2K) and energy to learn from the best in the world to provide more value. 
Here is a private training I’ve done for my team right after the seminar has ended to teach everything I learned at High Performance Academy:
It’s so easy to get distracted today. Brendon calls it App Amnesia or Browser blackout.. Suddenly 4 hours gone by and you are still tweaking with the apps or you click on links and websites and you find yourself naked, where did all the time go? 
It’s easy to watch T.V., to caught up in other people’s demands and desires or in your routines and forget who you really are and what you really WANT! 
High Performance means excelling beyond standard norms consistently over the long-term.
You want MORE out of life. You want to be more, have more, achieve more, have more pride in what you do, feel better. 
Standard norms is mediocre, it’s boring. You want to play in the extraordinary realm. Am I right? 
You don’t want ups and downs in your energy and performance. You want CONSISTENTLY to perform as your highest self. You want habits and routines that lasts for a long time.

High Performance living is the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self.

You want to be fully engaged in the moment, being aware, mindful, PRESENT. When you are reading you read, when you are with your family and loved ones you are there, when you are with your team you are right with them. 
If you are multitasking you need to stop that because it’s overwhelming and unproductive. Focus at one thing at a time and give your full attention and energy to it. 
Don’t hope that one day you will feel better, or have more energy. Choose to GENERATE the energy right now and feel good right now! 
Choose to meet life and all of the circumstances with JOY and CONFIDENCE. Bring the JOY! Generate it from the inside. You generate joy and confidence on the inside and any emotion. 
You need to take control of your energetic state to get to a place where you can serve. Be responsible for the energy and the attitude that you bring to any space. 
I talked a lot about how to raise your energy in the top 5 lessons I learned attending $16,000,000 mansion in Miami and I’ll also reveal what Brendon does personally every hour of every day to keep his energy up in a private hangout I’ve done for my team below. 
Here is a crucial belief that you want to adopt – I believe in my ability to figure things out. 
This believe will allow you to enter the realm of the uncomfortable and unknown.
Be ok with being a hot mess for a while. 
When I first started online in March 2014 I was a hot mess, I was clueless to what to do, I had no experience. I searched “how to make money online” because I wanted to get out of my situation. I wanted FREEDOM from working at low paying $6 per hour jobs. I wanted help people grow and inspire people and I was willing to do whatever it takes. 
I was willing to EMBRACE THE SUCK period when you need to hustle and operate in faith. It was hard. I spent 12 hour days and tens of thousands of dollars without seeing any returns for the first 8 months. 
But I believed in my ability to figure things out. Fast forward to today and I made over $90K in the last 7 months online. You can do it too if are willing to hustle and with I’m willing to mentor you if you are serious about your success. A good place to start is to watch my “$10K per month Freedom Acceleration Formula”  webinar.
Here are a couple of videos that I’ve shot in the Jacuzzi in the morning after I woke up in the hotel where I share some of the biggest nuggets I learned during the event:

Always Go For Your Dreams! 

Take Back Control Of Your Life 

5 Lenses Through Which To View The World 

There are 3 kinds of life: 
The Caged Life – This is when you feel trapped and stuck like a free animal put in a cage.
Take any large animal like an elephant and put it in a cage and at first it’ll want so badly to set itself free and rock the bars. but after a while and many futile attempts it gets resigned, feels frustrated and gets back into the corner.
That’s how most people live their lives. They live by what society dictates to them. They feel stuck. They are resigned, frustrated, upset and bitter about life.  
They say and think “no one understands me” so they don’t ask for help.
They are working at low paying jobs and think they can’t get out of the rut.  They feel so lonely and detached.

The Comfortable Life – That is when on the outside everything looks great but something is missing. You want more. 

You have cars, garage, nice job that pays pretty well, you have a loving spouse. You have every reason to be happy. But you are not fulfilled… 
When people ask you how is it going you say it’s fine… How are kids? Great. How is your wife? It’s great you know. 
The worst 4 letter words.. There is no enthusiasm in fine. You want more out of life.
Something about you saying that’s got to be something more. Maybe you want like me to live a freedom-preneur lifestyle. To travel the world with your laptop and make money from home. I don’t know what is your ambition. 
The Charged Life – This is when you have heightened level of enthusiasm. You are excited for the next moments. You have different level of engagement. You have higher level of energy.
You are fully charged. You have physical vitality! 
You have the discipline to focus on your habits and routines that are important for your growth. 
Being free doesn’t mean that you are doing whatever you want without any discipline or schedule, because that’s called avoidance. 


The more organized and disciplined you are, the more freedom you get.

One of the things that you want to be disciplined about is your MORNING ROUTINE/RITUAL. 

Your Morning Ritual – Own Your Day

The most important thing that I learned from the whole seminar is BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR DAY. OWNING YOUR DAY. 
Your day is IMPORTANT. How you start your day dramatically affects how productive you are going to be and how you are going to feel during the day. 
It all starts with 7-8 hours of good night sleep. 
If you sleep even 6 hours instead of 7 it was found that you function as if you are legally drunk. 
Don’t miss 7-8 hours of sleep, it’s golden. Cool the room. Shut off your devices an hour prior to sleeping. Think about what you are grateful for, what you have accomplished during the day. Integrate your successes. 
I recommend that you go to sleep at 10pm and join the 5am club! Trust me, most people don’t get anything productive accomplished from 10pm to midnight. Usually it’s distractions, T.V., junk food and things that don’t move you forward in life. 
Imagine waking up at 5am because you are excited to meet the day with so much enthusiasm and energy. If you do what I’ll show you, then you can get accomplished by 9am what most people can’t do their whole day. You’ll have clarity, focus and energy. 
Here is what I recommend: 
Wake up at 5am or 5:30am after good night’s 7 hours of sleep. Get up immediately. Go to the bathroom and splash water on your face. Say how awesome you are and pump yourself up. Brush your teeth. 
Then immediately go outside and start walking. While you are walking listen to music, or even better listen to your VISION as you have recorded it in your own voice. So write down everything you want to have accomplished during the next couple years and record it speaking out loud.
Next STRETCH. Move your body. Do Yoga or Chi Gong. Listen to personal development. I listen to my audiobook from Audible. I listen to MLSP wake Up Call
Then after that MEDITATE for 5-10 minutes. Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. You can do Release Meditation Technique taught by Brendon Burchard. You can add binaural beats music if you want. 
Then think about WHAT YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR. Make gratitude a practice in your life. When you are grateful you are rich. What you focus on expands. Be grateful for all the abundance coming your way. 
Then VISUALIZE your life, your successes and your vision as though it’s already true and happening right now. Do 10 seconds of insane happiness. Pretend that you have won the lottery and jump from happiness and excitement. Visualize your dreams coming true. Visualize the experiences you are going to have. 
Visualize also all the things that you are going to do during the day. Visualize yourself taking the action steps. Doing the difficult things. Getting outside of your comfort zone. 
Then READ FOR 15-45 MINUTES. Yes this way you will get your mind SHARP. Imagine reading an inspiring book every week. In a year you will read 52 solid awesome books that will help you in your career and life.
I met a guy in San Diego his name is Arthur Tubman and he is reading 3 weeks every week! He already planned what he is going to read in the next 12 months! He has an excel spreadsheet and he tracks all of his books. He reads 45 min in the morning, 45 minutes in the evening and 45 minutes in the afternoon. No wonder he is so successful.
Then EAT HEALTHY. Eat a good breakfast. Eat something fresh, fruits and vegetables, feel your body with nutrients and energy so that you will not think about food for the next 6 hours maybe apart from snacks. Do a green shake. Eat oatmeal. Add berries. 
Then Finally PLAN YOUR DAY IN ADVANCE. Figure out what are your top priorities, and who are the people you need to reach out and what you want to get done today no matter what.
Then begin your day with the most challenging and top priority thing to do on your list. 
Schedule BLOCKS OF TIME to work on your most important priorities! 
That’s it, if you do exactly that you will have an AMAZING DAY!  
Here are the areas as a top performer you want to work on: 
1) Psychology – Your mindset, your attitude, your life’s philosophy, your identity. How you think. 
2) Physiology – Taking care of your physical temple, your body. Eating right and exercising. Having the energy. Moving your body right. 
3) Productivity – How are you getting things done, how you schedule your days and weeks. 
4) Persuasion/People’s skills – How you are influencing people. How you deal with people. The team is watching, adopt the role model mindset.
I can’t go into the full blown details of a 4 days seminar in just one post. I promise I’ll be writing more.
Here is what I want you to remember: You’re going to make this day count!


You own your day. It’s your day. You have a gift. You’re responsible for it. You’ll bring the joy. You’ll make your days intentional.


You’ll meet the day with full engagement, joy and confidence! 

Hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to leave me a comment and share with your friends!








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  • Lynette Bledsoe

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    I think VISUALIZATION is a huge one this was such a GREAT share Vitaliy thanks for sharing!!

  • Dereco Cherry

    March 5, 2016

    Man what a great post Vitaliy! I like were you touched on stop multi tasking. I learned about that a few months ago and have been applying that to my daily life and business. Makes a very big difference. People think that cause they are doing so many things at one time they are productive. What type of results would you get if you gave 110% focus and energy on just one task at a time. Good stuff thanks for sharing!

  • Jack Later

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    I am also Grateful for my opportunities.
    EN has been great to me!

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  • Lynda Kenny

    March 4, 2016

    Super awesome post Vitaliy. No wonder you are having such great success with the attention you pay to your development and your business, in addition to taking the action you do.
    I love Brendan Burchards work and your recent trip must have been so brilliiant.
    Thank you for sharing what you learn and your experience with us.

  • Edna Keep

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    Really great post, Vitaliy! Full of so much important info as always. Thanks for sharing!

  • Paul Hutchings

    March 4, 2016

    Excellent post Vitaliy.. I laught out loud ad the losing track of time, and finding yourself naked part.. ha ha.. You’re already a high performer and I can’t wait to see what happens as you apply what you learned at Brendan’s event. You rock!