Some Golden Nuggets I Learned From Live The Dream 4 Event

Live the dream…if everyone was living their dream we would have a much happier world. Aren’t we born to be free to choose what we want to do with our lives, to live the dream? I believe we are, we have so much value to give to others, you have greatness inside that is waiting to be tapped, I believe you can achieve big things in life.

In September 2014 I’ve committed to fly from Israel where I live all the way to Austin Texas where Live The Dream 5 Event is going to be held. I truly believe that you can’t afford not to go to Live The Dream 5, and not because of the amazing leaders that are going to be speaking there, but because live events like these is where the lives are changed. It’s an opportunity to network with superstars of this game and gain long term business relationships and future joint venture partnerships.

When you purchase a ticket to live the dream 5, you get as a bonus all of the recordings of all the previous live the dream events, which is by itself worth ten times the value of the ticket, so I was listening to a couple of speakers at live the dream 4 event and I wanted to share with you a couple of insights and golden nuggets that I learned, here is the video:

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If I’m flying all the way from Israel to Austin Texas to be at Live The Dream 5 event, and I don’t care how much time and money it is, then you don’t have any excuse not to be there. Let’s go together to live the dream 5 and make our dreams come true!


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Vitaliy Dubinin

Vitaliy Dubinin is inspiring and empowering thousands of regular people to leverage the Internet to build a 6-figure income and win their FREEDOM in life. Vitaliy is an entrepreneur, mentor, father and speaker living in Israel with 2 kids. He is traveling 5-7 times a year all over the world and his vision is to FREE 1,000 people per year to live life on their terms. In his free time Vitaliy loves to play table tennis, chess and have with his family.