Generating Leads But Making No Sales? Those 4 Strategies Will Help…

Have you ever asked yourself this question: “I’ve been online for a bit, I’m generating leads, BUT I’m not making any sales, what am I doing wrong?” Well you are not alone my friend. A lot of people are struggling with making sales, in fact this is the same question I’ve seen asked on stage a week ago on Live The Dream 6 seminar I attended. So you want to make more sales in your business? Keep reading…

My question to you is how are you generating leads today?

Most people are paying for traffic and sending it to a capture page, and then to a sale page and hoping somebody will buy..

Well hoping is not a good strategy…

It’s a totally different story when somebody is searching for something, they have a problem and they are in pain trying to figure out how to generate more leads and make more sales let’s say, and they are finding your videos, your content, on Google, Facebook, Social Media, wherever, and they are watching it and getting a ton of value…

Then they start following you around, they watch more of your videos, they get on your list, you provide them with even more value, you share your story, you encourage them to reach out to you, you invite them to a FREE webinar you put together where you teach and share with them even more valuable and actionable stuff and invite to go even deeper with you and they become your customers.

You see how it’s different? Or what if you actually picked up the phone and connected with them one-on-one and found out about they pain, their needs and wants? Ahhhh. But that’s not what most people do…

You see there is a HUGE difference between being an employee and a home business owner!

As an employee you reactively do the work assigned to you and you get a pay-check by the end of the month… You don’t worry about getting customers or anything else.

As a business owner you need to PROACTIVELY get customers into your business. They will not just show up and buy from you. I know, it’s a shock for many starting entrepreneurs.

You need to go out there and get the customers, boldly ask for the sale. You are going to get paid based on how many people you help solve their problems.

As a business owner your main function is marketing and sales. Marketing is an ongoing ever-growing process where you put stuff out there designed to give value and attract the right people to your websites and offers.

So let me give you a couple of tips that will help you make more sales:

Tip #1 – Create Valuable Videos Consistently And Put Them All Over The Internet

There is nothing like creating videos on a consistent basis to help you make more sales, because videos are the best and quickest way to win their trust, to build rapport and responsiveness, to help people see the value you provide and how they can benefit by joining forces with you.

When people can see you being real, authentic, sharing your story, your results, and they can feel that you care and they are getting value from your videos, they will start to reach out to you for help.

Put your videos all over social media, put it on your blog, uppload it to YouTube, Facebook and all over social media in as many places as possible.

Check out some of my other training about making videos. 

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Generating Leads But Making No Sales? Those 4 Strategies Will Help…

Tip #2 – Do Live Webinars And Hangouts

Webinars and hangouts create more conversions and sales than anything else you do, more than any sales video, except talking with people one-on-one, but it’s just a very leveraged way of connecting with your prospects.

It’s very similar to speaking on stage in front of hundreds of people. There is so much power in group coaching, it elevates you to a whole another level immediately.

Webinars are live scheduled events and people love them. They show up, they attend. 

If you can capture their attention, provide lots of value and energy, share your story, teach them something cool and actionable, you win. 

Even if you don’t offer something at the end of the webinar, they will be more responsive to your emails.

Now if you provided a lot of great value and you demonstrated the benefits and you make an irresistible offer, you will make a lot of sales doing webinars.

You can leverage also the webinars other people are doing for you, to not only generate leads but also to make sales. For over 10 months I’ve been leveraging the webinars that MLSP is putting together every week, to educate my prospects and make additional $6K – $7K monthly residual income. 

Tip #3 – Email Your List Daily

Now it doesn’t mean that you send them to a sales page and you pitch them about your business in every email…because if you do that you will not make sales and you will burn any trust you might had with people on your list. 

What’s I’m saying is provide value in 90% of your emails, like telling empowering stories, being entertaining, sending them to your blog posts and videos.

Even if you are offering something, you can do it in a way that provides value. You can send to register to a free webinar, or watch your video where you EDUCATE and then offer something. 

9/10 provide value. nurture the relationship, win their trust, share your story, be genuine, be honest.

I recommend that you do email broadcasts every day. 

Now on top of that you want to have your email sequence in place. Use auto-responder and set emails going out on day 1,2,3,5,7,9 let’s say of them joining your list. 

Now in those emails you want to introduce yourself, set up expectations of what they can expect from you, and sharing your story, and sharing your best content – videos and blog posts you have done. 

Encourage people to reply to your emails and connect with you on Facebook or skype, and schedule appointments to talk to them. 

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Tip #4 – Actually Talk To People One-On-One

Yeah, it’s a very strange thing that people want to make autopilot sales right from the start of their online home business career. Because that’s what is being advertised and drilled into their head. 

But remember what I said previously – you need to proactively get customers? Yeah, so as a business owner you want to find out what your prospective customers need, want and desire and what are their pains and frustrations from first hand experience. 

There is nothing that will help you make more sales than talking to real people live on skype or on the phone, because you can understand them and get into their heads and find out exactly what they want and position what you offer as the solution to their problem. 

When you are talking to people who follow you, like you, your email subscribers, people who have been watching your videos, then if they are in your target market of course, you can find out exactly what their core desire is. 

I now developed a methodology that allows me to sign up 80% – 90% of people I talk to into my business. 

It’s basically 4 steps:

1) Building rapport and responsiveness

2) Uncovering their core desire

3) Pre-qualify them for your time

4) Give them a clear call to action

I’ll go into more details on it in my upcoming product I will be releasing. 

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  • Lynn Brown

    August 12, 2015

    These are great tips and advice Vitaliy for generating leads. Traffic is getting more competitive out there and doing things differently are key. There are so many ways to get traffic, but driving them to value rather than always trying to ‘pitch’ them is something I’m finding is much more effective. thanks for sharing your insight!

  • Louisa Pieterse

    August 11, 2015

    Good article, Vitaliy, just because we are on line doesn’t mean we can’t talk to people. Thanks for outlining your strategy.

  • Julie Syl Kalungi

    August 10, 2015

    I used to do live webinars and hangouts for a program I used t promote I kinda let it go to hibernation. Burn out I guess. But Yup you are very right Vitaliy, Webinars are a super resource to grow one’s online business and team.

    Calling and following up is essential, people, actually love it when you call them coz they dont expect it, those with a great positive mindset anyway!

    I must say I email my list 3-4 times a week. I believe everyone deserves their weekend off 🙂 Yet I was indeed impressed upon to email daily. Its something I did in the beginning as well.
    Loved your article Vitaly!

  • Christian Carpeso

    August 9, 2015

    I’ve been wanting to try #2 but still hesitant. 😀
    Great article by the way. Thanks for sharing Vitaliy.

  • Ron Deering

    August 9, 2015

    2 and 3 are my favorites…. but they are all awesome…. great post Vitaliy.. thanks for sharing…