How To Generate More Leads & Sell More Affiliate Products With Videos [6-Fig Show #379]

Do you want to learn what is the strategy how to generate the most highly quality targeted leads for your business and sell more affiliate products by doing very simple 2-3 minutes videos?

On today’s 6-Figures Show #379 I’ll share with you a couple of tips how to do that effectively. 

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How To Generate More Leads & Sell More Affiliate Products With Videos

So in this video you learned that there are 2 primary methods to generate leads & sell more affiliate products: 

  1. Ranking Your Videos On YouTube
  2. Facebook Video Ads

Both methods can generate you very high quality and laser targeted leads online. 

When someone is searching for something online and type in a specific keyword and they find YOUR video on the first page of Google and you give them exactly what they are searching for, they will follow your lead, it’s very powerful. 

People who have specific problems and are looking for a solution typing in specific keywords and you can provide them what they want and need. 

With Facebook videos ads you can target very specific interests and also generate high quality leads because they saw YOU on the video before they became your lead. 

Also you learned about the G.R.I.I Formula and G.T.I formula for creating videos that I learned from Jon Penberty who is the creator of Tube Traffic Mastery course and he generated over 114,000 leads from YouTube. 

G – Grab people’s attention, say the keyword you are targeting in the first sentence, ask a question, do something unusual, interrupt the pattern. You have 5 seconds to grab their attention

R – Relate – relate to their pain and problems by showing that you yourself struggled with it,  very short story on how you found the solution that works well for you. Be relatable so people can know, like and trust you more. Be genuine. 

I – Intrigue – show proof of results, intrigue them that the solution is simple enough for them to implement. 

I – Invite – Give them a call to action and tell them exactly what they will see when they go there. Do it in a non pushy way that people appreciate and if your video connected with them they will click on your link. 

For more tips watch the episode and search my blog for “video marketing”, “videos” or “generating leads” and you’ll find a ton of additional tips and strategies. 

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