The Fundamentals Of Building A Profitable Online Business – 4 Steps To Freedom & Living The IM lifestyle

fundamentals Most people fail at internet marketing because they are overwhelmed with the amount of information, they  don’t have a solid strategy and daily method of operation in place, they jump from product to product, from  one model to another, and most importantly they don’t really truly understand the FUNDAMENTALS of  building a profitable online business.

Different techniques may come and go, but fundamentals NEVER CHANGE. You cannot build a skyscraper  without having a good foundation, and you cannot build a highly successful online business without  focusing on the fundamentals.

I may not be an internet millionaire yet, but I do start to get $1,000 paydays and more importantly I’m learning from my mentors every day who are making some of them $70,000/month and others up to $300,000/month, and I pay good money from my own pocket for it, so that you can trust that the information that I’m sharing with you is actionable and it’s proven to work if you apply it.

Before I dive into the overall framework, the bird’s eye vision and fundamentals of building a profitable business, I want to remind you that you can do it no matter what your circumstances are, it’s up to you to DECIDE that this is your time and today is the day to COMMIT to do whatever it takes DAILY to make it work for you and to NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams, TAKE MASSIVE CONSISTENT ACTION until it’s ingrained with you and your life is transformed.

Alright, so let’s jump into the main part of today’s post.

4 Steps To Fire Your Boss And Gain Time, Location & Money FREEDOM

In a nutshell here is what you need to do to succeed online:

Step 1 – drive targeted traffic (=people) to your website.

Step 2 – Build your email list.

Step 3 – Build relationships  with your subscribers by providing valuable information and gain their trust.

Step 4 – Promote congruent offers to your list and make $$$.

And then rinse and repeat. That’s it. That’s the fundamentals, that’s the recipe for long term success online. You master those 4 steps and you can make whatever amount of money you want.

Why you have to always focus on building your email list?

People check emails every day. Email is a very personal medium of communication. If people are subscribing to your email list they give you permission to communicate with them over and over until they decide to unsubscribe.

Email list is a direct access to targeted audience, it’s the best source of traffic and is always available to you. If you take care of your subscribers and give value, people will keep opening your emails and read them.

Your email list is your audience that is following you. If you build your audience elsewhere you can’t control it, for example your Facebook fan page – what if Facebook decided to shut down your account? It happens all the time. Counting on YouTube audience? What if YouTube decided to shut down your account? Again, you don’t own YouTube they can do it without explanation.

Each subscriber on your email list is worth on average 10$/year. However if you treat your list right it will be worth much more than that.

Step 1 – Drive targeted traffic to your website.

I’m assuming here that you already have chosen which niche you’re going to serve, and that you know what products you want to promote in this niche. If not, don’t worry I’m going to cover it in future posts.

I’m in internet marketing/home based business/affiliate marketing/make money online niche, my audience is people who are looking for freedom, make a lot of money, spend more time doing what you love, and that’s who I serve. Hopefully you are craving for freedom and live life on your terms.

So the first step is targeted traffic. It doesn’t mean that you start here, you have to have all of the components in place in step 2-4, but without traffic you have no business.

You can drive traffic to your website in a variety of different ways, some cost more money and less time, some cost less money and require more time, and some are even for free.

When you first get started I highly recommend to focus on 1 traffic strategy at a time, learn everything you can about it and apply it immediately. Each traffic strategy requires you to understand the ins and outs of it, and there is no good to dabble in different strategies and get little results.

After that you will need to diversify your traffic sources, to not keep all the eggs in one basket.

I’m not going to dive in this post on the specifics of driving traffic ( like FB PPC, blogging, SEO, solo ads, video marketing etc. ), remember this is the fundamentals overview.

Step 2 – Build your email list

Now that’s the most important step. You can build your list in two ways: 1) straight from your blog and 2) lead capture page.

The main purpose of your blog is to be a lead generating machine for your business by providing great content, it’s a place where people get to know who you are and engage with your brand. I’ve created a video training on how to setup your blog properly step by step to generate leads, click here to watch it now.

Lead capture page is the front door of your whole business. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of them, its purpose is to give something of value for free to your visitors or arouse their curiosity enough to collect their email address.

Your lead magnet should be a specific solution to a specific problem for your target market, it should be consumed easily and have a very high perceived and actual value. You want them to consume it fast, get value and being able to apply and get immediate result and relief of one of their pains.


There is no need today to hire web designers to create high converting landing pages. I use personally for the most part because they have very good designed landing pages and you can create one literally in minutes, even a child can do it. Also they have a tracking system and split testing capability which is awesome and you always need to track your results.

If you’re in network marketing or high ticket affiliate program another really good option is to use already built for you capture pages that MyLeadSystemPro provides you. They also have all the tracking built in and the capture pages are already done with professional copywriting done for you.

The main thing is to always focus on building your list, I can’t stress it enough.

Step 3 – Build relationships with your subscribers by providing valuable information and gain their trust.

Having an email list is awesome but if no one open your emails and actually read them, then it’s of little value. And they will not open your emails if all you’re doing is pitching them that they should buy the product that you’re promoting.

It’s similar to dating. When you’re seeing someone for the first time you take the time first to tell about yourself and what you stand for and you ask questions the other person, it’s give and take dynamics. You don’t ask the girl to engage with you on the first date.

Similarly you first gain their trust by providing great information that soles their problems, by overdelivering, by communicating on a daily basis, by telling about yourself, what you stand for, what you hate, share personal stories and ask questions.

This way you position yourself as the go to guy when it comes time to buy. I call it “value cycle” – you’re giving value 3-5 emails ( and make money in a subtle way, more on that later ) and then you promote something in an obvious way, then go back to giving value. This way you “earn” your right to promote to your list, because you’ve given them so much value.

I always take care of my list, and I would never send them something that I didn’t tried myself and was 100% sure that it would get them results, and you should too.

Step 4 – Promote congruent offers to your list and make $$$.

Now here is where the money is made. If you done everything right up until now, you have given value and positioned yourself as an authority in your niche, you’ve developed relationships of trust with them, you hooked them up on reading your emails because they are so good, now is the money time. This is when you send an email with the whole purpose to market a specific product. It could be business opportunity you’re involved with or a certain affiliate product you find valuable.

Your ultimate goal is to grow your list on autopilot, develop a series of high converting emails that will go out on autopilot and get sales and commissions on autopilot. Of course you will never automate everything 100%, but you can get pretty close to automating 80% of your business.

It’s a good idea to have a variety of products to promote, ranging from low-ticket front end products ( 7$-97$), mid range products ( $100-$500 ) and high ticket products on the back end ( $500 – $30,000 ).

That’s in a nutshell the whole process of building an online business. In a beginning when you start out I would recommend to find a proven and high converting product to promote, learn to generate traffic and build your email list and promote that product. Because usually those type of products have a high converting sales funnel that you can’t build when you are not experienced internet marketer. After that you can launch your own products.

Building an online business is not THAT hard but it requires you to commit, to focus, to execute a proven strategy and learn a couple of important skills. Now you should always remember that the FUNDAMENTALS NEVER CHANGE!

I hope you got a lot of value from this post, and if you do please share this information with your friends, tweet it and share it on Facebook. I’d love to hear your comments below.

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