Overcoming The Fear Of Making Videos

Have you ever felt a sense of anxiety, discomfort, uneasiness and shot of fear when you wanted to record a video? Trust me I totally get and I felt the same way. On today’s 6-Figures Show #372 I’ll share with you how to overcome the fear of the camera once and for all.

 You know that video can help you blow up your online business. It can help you build your brand online, become an authority, build trust and relationships with your prospects and leads fast, generate consistent flow of the best quality leads, build a following, make a difference.

But why you are not doing more videos? It’s because of FEAR. 

Fear of rejection is a big one. 

What people will think about me? What if my friends and family are going to laugh at me.

Listen after shooting hundreds and hundreds of videos I can tell you for every one person who is going to criticize you, laugh at you or be negative there will be 500 people who will love you and support you and cheer you on.

There will be people who will who will say you have changed my life!

Are those negative people paying your bills? 

Will you allow them to steal your dream? 

I don’t think so! 

It’s time to kick your fears into the curb and start shooting videos!

My buddy Mark is a great example. He was afraid of doing videos in the beginning.  But as he created more and more videos, into the thousands now it allowed him to enjoy consistent flow of multiple 6-figure income online. He created recently a series of videos teaching “How To Get More Traffic, Leads and Sales For Your Home Business In The Next 90 Days…Using A Simple Proven System” I highly recommend you check it out!

-Vitaliy Dubinin

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