Is Ezine Advertising Dead Or The Fastest And Most Profitable Way To Get Instant Traffic And Leads?

ezine advertising

Would you like to get 1,000+  targeted visitors to your landing page and generate hundreds of leads in 24 hours and do it for free? Of course you do, and that’s what possible with “ezine advertising“, or buying solo ads, the same thing.

Many marketers say that ezine advertising is dead because they have been burnt a couple of times and lost money, but is it really? Not at all. In fact if you study some of the most successful online marketers out there, like Daegan Smith who generated millions of dollars online, you’ll find that they’ve built a huge list of subscribers because of ezine advertising.

When I first got started online and knew nothing about internet marketing, I figured out very quickly that ezine advertising can get me results very fast, and I get my first 194 subscribers in less than 24 hours:

ezine advertising

194 leads in 1 day


Pretty good for a newbie online marketer, don’t you think?

Now although ezine advertising can be extremely profitable, there are many things that you should know before buying solo ads, because you can quickly lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

What is Ezine Advertising?

Solo ad is an advertisement placed in someone else’s newsletter, or mailing list – that you purchase. No matter what niche you are in, there are people who actively built a list of subscribers and developed relationships of trust with that list. Imagine you could tap into that list of people and send your marketing message…

This is endorsed mailing, and it’s the most powerful form of traffic. Of course it’s still considered “cold traffic” because people don’t know who you are yet when they visit your landing page, but it’s better traffic then PPC.

3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid With Ezine Advertising

1) The biggest mistake people make buying solo ads is not having a highly converting sales funnel in the first place. A great sales funnel starts with conversion optimized landing page that gets at least 40% opt-in rate, having a front end product to sell for $7-49$ and a strong daily email follow up sequence. Without this you are better not to buy solo ads because it’s a waste of money.

There are many things to consider when crafting a highly converting sales funnel. How your landing page looks, what value do you give to your subscribers, how you brand yourself in your emails and what you sell as a front end product, just to name a few. In this post I’m not going to get into the details of how to strcture all of this, but you have to know that it’s of utmost importance to have if you want to succeed with ezine advertising.

2) Another big mistake is not doing a proper due diligence on a solo ad vendor. Before you buy ezine advertising, it’s very important that you contact the publisher of the newsletter and ask him a series of questions, like these:

– Do you sell solo ads for your list?
– How many active subscribers do you currently have?
– How many fresh subscribers you get on a daily basis?
– What your list is interested in?
– Would you send my Solo by itself or along with other links?
– Do you allow my custom swipe copy or you prefer writing by yourself?
– Will you send my ad out to your buyers list? What your buyer list comprises of ( e.g. 7$-49$ products )
– What sources of traffic have you used to build your list?
– Will you send out the solo ad to the entire email database? Or guarantee a certain amount of clicks?
– What percentage of Tier1 countries do you have?
– Have you sent any Solos to your list about “Enter the name of the product you’re promoting” recently as a primary offer or an OTO past a freebie offer?
– How often do you mail out solo ads?
– What is your average email open rate?
– How much do you charge for a solo ad?
– What is the next available spot? Which days your list is most responsive?
– Where can I sign up for your newsletter?
– How can I submit my solo ad with you?

Knowing the answers to these questions upfront can save you a lot of money.

3) Not tracking properly everything in the paid campaign is another huge mistake. When you buy solo ad, you want to create a new list in your auto responder for each solo ad vendor. It’s important because you want to know exactly if the sales are coming from this particular solo ad. You want to know how many clicks you get, the quality of the clicks, your landing page conversions, your cost per lead, etc.

For tracking my campaigns I use CPV Lab. It’s good for all kinds of tracking and has great functionality. For individual clicks I use ClickMeter and Quality Click Control.

There are a lot of tracking options out there and I’m not saying that what I use is the best of the best, it’s simply what I use and I found it’s the best for me from what I’ve researched.

Ezine Advertising – The Process of Finding Great Solo Ad Vendors

The quickest way is to approach someone who has a vast experience with solo ads and ask for a cheat sheet of great solo ad vendors. I have several lists like that and it certainly helps.

Next is you can search in WarriorForum good solo ad vendors with track record of success and testimonials. Facebook groups dedicated to this topic is also a great way to find good ezine advertising.

But the grandaddy method is simply go to Google, type in “your keyword/niche” + newsletter/ezine/solo ad/blog and manually visit each website and find a way to contact with the publisher.  Contact at least 30 publishers.

Once you will test and find a couple of golden pulishers, you will run your solo ads over and over again with them, say on a monthly basis.

Remember that you goal is at least get your money back that you spend on a solo ad, so that you build your email list for free. If you get even 1 cent more than you spent on a solo ad, you won, cause your list is built literally for free.

It’s important to submit your ad copy yourself so that you have control of the ad, and not have the publisher do it himself, because his job is to get you as many clicks possible, even if it’s not going to be exactly congruent with your landing page.

I hope you enjoyed this post and now you have a better idea of how to go about doing ezine advertising.
ezine advertising

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