How To Do Email Marketing Right And The Only 3 Things You Need To Do In Each Email You Write [6 Fig Show #336]

I learned early on that your email list is your #1 asset when you are building an online business, it’s the closest thing to printing money if done right, it’s your ticket to feed yourself for life and I’ll explain why in a moment. 

On Today’s 6-Figures Builders Show Ep. #336 I’ll share with you how to do email marketing right, how to build relationships with your subscribers, when to broadcast and when to do follow up sequence. 

I’ll also share with you the only 3 things that you need to do in each and every single email that you write and if you’ll focus on those 3 things you’ll win. 

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Why Email List Is Your #1 Asset Online

If you don’t capture the email address of your visitors then you’ll need to spend time and money on ads all the time to drive the visitors back to your website.

99.5% of the people are never going to go back to your website if you don’t capture their email and they are not going to buy something the first time they see it. 

But if you capture their email address then you can communicate with those visitors over and over again over the next couple years and it’s FREE TRAFFIC. 

When you build relationships with your subscribers then it’s the closest thing to printing money, because you can write an email in the morning and have the money in your bank account by the end of the day. 

Typically you should have at least $1/month per subscriber return on your email list, so if you have 10,000 subscribers you should generate at least $10,000/month. 

For me it’s around $3/month per subscriber because I know how to monetize and run my email list better. You can learn more about how I do it here

The Only 3 Things That You Need To Do Every Time You Write An Email 

If you just do those 3 things you will write amazing emails and increase your profits by at least 300%. 

1.Create Excitement 

Your email should generate excitement in the person who is reading it. Share it in a way that get them to be very excited and curious about what you are writing. 

One of the best way to write an email is a STORY METHOD. Write a personal little story that relates to the product you are promoting or where you are sending them in the email.

Be conversational, be personal, get people to see you are a real human being and always create excitement.

2. Edify and Create Expectation 

You should give credibility and edify the people that they are going to see on the sales page that you are promoting. Edify the person whose product you are promoting. Share a personal story of how you are connected to this person or how you are using the product that you are recommending. 

Also you need to always create expectation of what they are going to see on the next page. Why should they click? And more importantly why should they consume the sales video? You need to prepare them before they click to be in the right state of mind and ready to pay attention and take action.

It doesn’t mean that you need to write long emails. A couple of paragraphs sharing your personal story is enough.  

Remember never sell in the email itself, it’s the sales page job to sell. I see people who are having so many bullet points and all the reasons why they should buy in the email itself. Don’t do it. 

The main job of the email is the following:

3. Drive Clicks 

Yes, you want to get as many people from your email to click on the link and go to your website, being excited and in the right frame of mind ready to take action. 

That’s it, the more clicks you will have the more money you will be making from your emails. 

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  • Jeff Beeman

    February 16, 2016

    As somebody who is diving in deep to email marketing this was a great article to read and video to watch. Point #2 is where I need some work as an affiliate I have to build up who I’m selling for! Thanks!!