How To Effectively Create Webinars To Generate Leads & Sales For Your Business (Part 1) – Why Webinars Work and 5 Parts Of The Webinar Process

Webinars is the single fastest way to generate large burst of income for your home business, period. However have you been doing any webinars yourself? Have you ever thought about exactly how to effectively create a webinar and how to promote a webinar?  Well starting from this post and the next ones I’ll break down for you why webinars work so good and what is the process of really creating and promoting a webinar that will maximize your registrations, attendance and make you sales. 

The reason I want to teach you this is because whether you want to sell more of your own products, or sell affiliate products and win affiliate contests, sell your coaching services or become a top income earner and recruiter inside your network marketing company, webinars are the way to do it. 


Vitaliy Dubinin (left) and Steve Jaffe (right)

Most people watch webinars but don’t do webinars. It’s time that you start doing your own webinars! 

Because once you become very skilled at creating and promoting a webinar, it’ll become a game for you, you’ll be able to make income on demand. It’s like I want to take this vacation, or buy this car or whatever you want, what webinar should I create next? That’s how you will start to think. 

If you have never done webinars before it’s probably going to be a major step outside of your comfort zone. So what!? You gotta do whatever it takes. Even if no one is showing up in the first webinar you do, keep going and eventually you will become very good at it. 

Webinars played a major role in my success and me building a 6-Figure business from home. It’s because I’ve hosted webinars, and co-hosted webinars, and invited people to other people’s webinars I’ve been able to produce the results I’ve produced, making as much as $6K in a week. 

I learned a lot about webinar marketing from my buddy Steve Jaffe and his course that is not available to the public anymore, but I’ll show you how to get it when you click here and go on the inside. 

How To Effectively Create Webinars To Generate Leads & Sales For Your Business (Part 1)

Why webinars work? 

1. Webinar is a scheduled event and not an interruption marketing.
Interruption marketing is for example Facebook ads or people click in the email to see a sales video. 
But webinars has a specific date and time. It’s like getting to a wedding to your best friend, you schedule it, you prepare, you arrive early and stay till the end, it’s IN YOUR CALENDAR. You know it and you will not miss it! 
When people get to the webinar they have a heightened attention, time is suspended and they are absorbed in your message. Especially if you do things right, like I’m going to teach in on the next videos.   
You are marketing to a captive audience. They are there, it’s LIVE, they can ask questions, they can interact with you. You educate prospects on everything they need to make an informed decision.
You can get them into an emotional state where they are ready to buy. 
2. Highest Conversion Rates Than Any Other Medium
Webinars have higher conversion rates than sales letter and sales videos. Webinars have similar conversion rates to speaking and presenting on stage and then having a rush to the back of the room to fill out the form. You know what I’m saying.  
3. People Perceive You As An Authority 
Even if they don’t register and attend, they see that you are doing a webinar. 
Most people don’t, and those who do automatically are seen as thought leaders, industry leaders, authorities, and someone who knows their stuff. 
Perception is reality. If are going to deliver on your promises on the webinar and show up, that’s how you will win your audience. 
As a side benefit, you will become a much better marketer and communicator and leader as a result of doing webinars. 
Everything you sell will be get more sales simply because you are doing webinars. 

5 Parts Of The Webinar:

1. Planning Phase

Here you are making decisions about what the topic of the webinar should be, who is the target audience, what you are going to sell on the webinar, when the webinar will occur, etc.
As you will learn, the title of your webinar, your headline, can make or break the success of your webinar. I’ll teach you in the next video how to craft an irresistible hook for your webinar so that it will stand out and rise about the clutter and above the noise to maximize registration and attendance rates. 

2. Pre-Event Promotion Phase 

This is a very important phase where a couple of days before the webinar is scheduled to start, you set up your Facebook ads or however it is that you want to promote the webinar and you set up all of your email follow up letters that you going to send to get people to ATTEND the webinar. 
There is much on this topic alone that can take an entire course, how to promote webinars on Facebook. 
Most people they send weak promotions and weak emails and they barely have people to attend and show up on the webinar. 
When you nail this part, this is how you are going to have 85% registration rates on your webinars, 50% attendance rates and 15% – 25% closing rates on the webinars. 
Everything matters. There is a huge difference between making 1 sale on the webinar and 8 sales, if you are selling something for $297 or something that has a long term value of hundreds of dollars. 

3. Event itself 

This is where you are going to do the webinar itself. Remember that 70% of the game is maximizing registration and attendance.  
If you have people ready and attentive on your webinar that is scheduled, game over. Now all you need is learn how to structure and effective webinar. 
Here I made an awesome training on the fundamental framework of how to structure your webinars to make sales:

4. Post-Event Promotion

This is when you are going to be promoting the replay of the webinar, to have people see it those who missed for some reason the live event.
I would also recommend that you get in touch with the people who attended the webinar and talk to them on the phone or skype. This is how you will maximize your results.  

5. Evaluate, Revise/Repeat, Scale. 

This is where you will take a look and see what worked and what didn’t work. You will evaluate the effectiveness of your webinar.
You will take a look at your numbers – what was your registration rate, what was your attendance rate, what was your closing ratio?
You see when you are doing your webinar, you need to take into consideration that your prospect is deluged with all kinds of information and faces event clutter. 
They are being invited to:
– Other webinars
– Google Hangouts
– Conference Calls – Team Calls
– 3-Way Calls 
– Live Events
– Emails sucked them in from different marketers
– Everything else in life 
So your webinar must rise above the clutter and move your prospect to take action. They gotta register and attend the webinar and buy. 

During the Pre-Event Promotion Phase and the Event phase there are multiple steps to making a sale:

They need to:
1. Notice the promotion (Email or Ad)
2. Visit Webinar Registration Page 
3. Actually Register on the registration page ( fill out that form )
4. Open Emails Sent To Registrants
5. Attend Webinar
6. Pay Attention on Webinar (not click the link to other webinar)
7. Be moved emotionally and logically 
8. Stay on long enough to see offer 
9. Click to the sales page
10. Click the buy button 
11. Complete the check out page
So as you see there are a lot of steps, all are very important. 
If they don’t notice the promotion, if the invitation is weak, they will not attend your webinar! 
Telling them that you hope they will join you on the webinar will not cut it. It’s boring. 
If your webinar registration page suck, your sales will suffer.
If they register but the emails you send them to attend are weak, your sales will suffer.
In Conclusion
You should be doing webinars, period. For most people it’s a big step. You learned why webinars work and what are all the steps that needs to happen in order for a webinar to be a huge success. 
On the next Daily Inspirational Show I’ll show you how to craft your irresistible hook to maximize registrations, how to title your webinar.
If you want to dive much deeper into webinar marketing and go through a full blown course that I’ve gone through, you can do it by being a member of MLSP here. There is no other way that you can get this course elsewhere on the marketplace period. 

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